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Monkey Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Monkey is identified in Chinese astrology as a very clever animal. Its human counterpart, the 9th in the roster of Animals is considered to be shrewd, wise and full of vitality. In the year 2016-2017 this Fire sign rules with curiosity. The base Element for is Metal and the ruling Planet for this Animal is Venus. The orientation is Yang. This animal shines at innovation, inquisitiveness, inventions, flexibility and problem solving. These individuals are also know to be selfish, vain, egotistical, reckless and deceptive. The personality of this cute troublemaker is the most versatile in all the Chinese zodiac.


The most promiscuous of all the Chinese zodiac signs is this one right here.  A  love partner of this sign must be prepared for the flirtatious habits they have . They will often try to attract the attention of others in order to gain what they desire. There needs to be intellectually stimulated in order to avoid boredom. When the they are working on a love interest, it can be clever, manipulative and mischievous. The charming and teasing personality of this sign is extended to their lovers. They can inject a sense of humor along with the sensuality of their intense lovemaking.


In the characteristics of the various Animals under Chinese Astrology, Monkeys don t settle down into a relationship quickly or easily. They are much more likely to play the field. Part of the reason for the frivolous nature is that they are easily bored. Once the true love is found though, the Monkey will settle down for life. The Monkey Rat love compatibility and the Monkey Dragon love compatibility are high in both instances. The intelligence of the Monkey can bring interest and excitement to the relationship. The Rat brings wisdom and the Dragon brings strength.


This mischievous signs  Personality is most of all curious. They are quick-witted enough to catch on quickly to almost every situation in question. They can manage an assigned task and love to be assigned challenging or difficult tasks so that they are stimulated and forced to think. They love to have a good time with friends and family. They have a mischievous nature and love to play trick and practical jokes. Sometimes they will stir up trouble just because he or she is bored. Unfortunately, if the joke backfires, they can be resentful that others didn t understand their playful nature.


They can function very effectively in any of several careers. Their enjoyment of life and curiosity about everything around them means they are likely to become well-known.  The  career for people belonging to this sign is often to be successful simply because of the luck and charm of the  individual. Because these people are quick witted and curious about everything, he or she can function very effectively in a position that requires quick thinking and investigative skills. They are good at identifying risk levels and are excellent at determining financial situations. A career  as a nurse, therapist, bus driver or counselor is an excellent choice.

monkey zodiac sign

The Famous Monkeys!

Christina Ricci, Chingy, Jessica Simpson, Gisele Bundchen, Ashanti, Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Lucy Lawless, Ashley Judd, Will Smith, Steve Zahn, Lucy Liu, Brendan Frasier, Helena Christensen, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Hanks, Diana Ross, Venus Williams, Justine Timberlake etc.

Elemental Monkey

The Metal Monkey :
Tough, sophisticated and independent, this spunky Monkey has a very compelling way about him, and can convince you of almost anything with his easy charm and genuine warmth. He is not afraid of hard work (which he prefers to do on his own, by his own terms), and is wise when it comes to money. He aspires for financial security and social status, with the tendency for behaving overly self-conscious and arrogant.

The Water Monkey:
This perceptive Monkey likes to keep his agenda to himself, and you will seldom know what he is cooking up in that crafty mind of his, as he likes to present a sophisticated persona, original and ingenious. He has a sense of purpose in his life, and carries this through with speed and precision, using his innate understanding of human nature to devise his plan for success.

The Wood Monkey:
Restless and imaginative, this Monkey is constantly on the lookout for new challenges and greener pastures. Innovations and new ways of doing things intrigue him, and he never ceases to strive for more than what is before him – enjoying the sense of risk that he may encounter. Efficient, and a good communicator, this systematical Monkey likes to keep his house and affairs in order, and when his high standards are not met, he tends to become frantic and uncontrollably agitated.

The Fire Monkey:
This lively Monkey is an intelligent and immensely confident chimp, an innovator and idea-machine, bold and commanding of respect. He is a natural leader who thrives on competition and will use his massive inner will to win at all costs. Forceful and aggressive, he can be a stubborn control-freak, behaving in a condescending, opinionated manner with those less assertive than himself. Despite this, this expressive and driven character is the Monkey who is most popular with the opposite sex.

The Earth Monkey:
No rowdy parties or lavish entertainment for this more serious Monkey, he prefers quiet, useful and meaningful activities (like academics), away from the rush and chaos of the world. Solid, dutiful and moral, this genuinely kind primate is a law abiding citizen who will be most generous to the less fortunate and incredibly helpful to his beloved friends. He does like to be appreciated for his efforts though , and if he feels he is ignored, will frequently turn sulky and rude.


Year of the Monkey

1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028

2020 Monkey Horoscope

Your lucky is better than last year. The challenges you face this year can be solve with ease. This is also a good year for you to strengthen the family ties. Everyone will be more receptive of you.

Career (4/10)
As long as you work, you will get result this year. You will have many small successes this year but breakthrough is harder to come. So, it is a year for you to invest and improve on yourself.

Money (6/10)
You have small money luck this year. It is better than nothing. Generally, money comes and goes this year. You must have the discipline to save. As long as you don’t involve in high risks investment, your investment will generate a modest income for you.

Health (10/10)
You have a good year of health. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Love (8/10)
You will have an interesting and fulfilling romantic relationship this year. It also has a lot of dramas. When you feel the relationship is under stress, you need to be understanding and communicate more often to enhance the relationship.

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