1. My mother-in-law and I are both Arians. We are not getting along. She is indirect in her communication, which a total surprise to me. I’ve never known one to be indirect. I’m at a loss for how to handle it. Upon looking at her chart, I’ve learned that she has Mercury in Taurus rather than Aries. That explains it. It explains why she’s so damn stubborn about how she communicates, too, insisting that I have to do it her way.

  2. This is full of picture-perfect flirting and courting sessions in the beginning, but these don’t last because we hit the sheets so soon, and since this relationship started with sex, the “relationship” fate had been sealed when the two fools met. I am an Aries and I highly suggest other Ariens to choose other signs for ANY type of a relationship.

  3. Charlise A says:

    I met a fellow Aries and it was a short lived but whirlwind romance. I was sure he was the love of my life, we were an exclusive couple within a week of meeting but both knew we only had a few weeks together. We attempted to rekindle what we had a few months later to no avail. I still reminisce the amazing times we had together and rarely remember the negative. We were perfect together while it lasted. I feel as though he could still be my soulmate, but this love match article makes perfect sense. I’m not sure if I should just leave it as the fling it was or pursue it again. I’m not even sure my feelings are still strong. Aries and Aries can be amazing but I recommend not jumping into it too quickly, or it will be over before you even realize.

  4. Marriage between an Aries with another Aries……. I’ve been married to my Husband (he’s an Aries) for 2 years and a 1/2. It is very difficult at times… because we’re so alike. I’ve never met a person that thinks, feels just like me. We’re the perfect couple to all of our Family and Friends but in reality we fight and argue every day!! It’s a good relationship to be in for a long time…. but it might just come to an end….. :/ My husband and I just can’t keep trying to make this relationship work! You need to put a lot of work into it and at the end you argue or fight over the same thing the next day!! Take my advice, if you are planning to get married with an Aries “be prepared to put a lot of work into the relationship, and don’t expect the same back”. Good luck

  5. Short encounters, but great attractions. I’m an Aries female and when I deal with other Aries females, there are times where I question my own sexuality. These women are dynamic, some are loud and domineering, some are quiet, cute, and active. They get the job done and we always work great together. Considering I’m a quiet ram, I tend to let other Aries females blow off their smoke in an argument until everything is calm, then I make my point and case when they are level-headed enough to listen. When things blow up, however, I try to show that arguments don’t ruin our friendship, and they are just as forgiving in the end. I’ve never been brave enough to make a move, but if I ever do, all of Mars is gonna shake. When it comes to the males, however, I find absolutely no chemistry nor cooperation. Even if something HAS to be done, it seems as if we clash without spoken words. They do seem to respect me when I prove I can accomplish things without them, but unfortunately it’s never mutual.

  6. I’ve been with another Aries for 14 years. While it has it’s ups and downs like any relationship, we always seem to work through it. I think you have to look at each person’s entire chart, not just sun signs. One reason that our relationship continues to work is that the sex has always been really good, and we’re really attracted to one another physically. We work out conflict well, and each do our own share of compromising. Our biggest obstacles seem to be with our careers getting in the way of one another, but that is clearly indicated in other parts of our charts. I’ll stick with my fellow Aries, Seems we’re made for each other.

  7. I’m an Aries female and I met the most wonderful Aries male at work. There was never a dull moment. He made life beautiful for me, soon I realized this man is amazing. When he was trying to court me I was reluctant because of the situation in my life but eventually I realized he truly is my soul mate. I became addicted to him and his love for me and he enticed me everyday that we were together. So in other words we created magic when we were together and we’ve both had relationships but we knew this relationship was like no other. The attraction was mesmerizing he would look at me from across the room and I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest to reach his. This feeling was felt by both of us and in the identical way and thats knowing each other after 1 year. So yes I do believe an Aries and Aries can have a lifetime together because they will soon come to realize the other is worth it and it truly is magic. I wish him all the happiness in the world always and forever.

  8. Kathryn Lane says:

    Me and my boyfriend are both Aries and we cant be anymore perfect for eachother. We never fight because we have the same interest. He does treats me like a princess. I love him and that’s not a easy thing for me. He is my love and I adore him. Promise ring and all.

  9. After weeks apart and both of us time to cool down, he thought a lot and has modified his behavior a bit. he’s not drinking as much, we are not fighting as much and he realizes he could lose me. that’s the key. Aries men (especially) need to know that you are not afraid to be w/o them so he would challenge me but I did not break. finally, we seemed to have come to a mutual understanding and respect. he said he would “follow me if I lead” and I feel the same about him. he likened us to a king and queen. things have been really good but when they are bad, they are bad. alas, he has not been as much of a flirt and I am in love with him and I stopped fighting it. there was always be a bit of drama, that’s Aries, but we both always come back. I’m with someone else seriously but I know if I choose the Aries guy, life will never be dull! :) with this Aries he understands me like no one else. i know it probably won’t last forever, but I’m enjoying the ride right now, Carpe Diem

  10. We are perfect. We laugh together play together and enjoy each other. Our only arguments have been about his friends. He hates losing friends and his ex just so happened to be one making things hard on us. We argued over her enough that he let her go for me and our son. He has an amazing personality and he says the same for me. He is super funny and I’m the brains of the relationship. I last dated a sagitarius which was a 98% match the ended horribly. It has only been 4 months but it feels like we have known each other longer.

  11. We argued constantly and always bumped heads…we were friends before, now we are nothing. Hate-love relationship that ended horribly.

  12. I’m widowed. My husband was an Aries. We had great sex, we were together all of the time, even going to grocery stores, clubbing, you name it. He worked super hard and if he was ever down on his luck I became his super woman. The only bad thing is that we were both very stubborn. However he gave in to me all of the time. His patience was of a saint. He was a cool headed Aries and I was a hot headed one. Together we balanced each other it perfectly. Lastly the loyalty. He was the most loyal man I’ve ever met in my life. He was so in love with me that if you were to see us on the streets you could just see the love flowing.

  13. KristaLSIMPSON says:

    I’ve never dated another Aries. I’m thinking maybe I don’t know many male Aries. I think it would work. See I get along with every Aries I’ve met. Even if we argue, we patch things up in less than a minute because we understand each other and we are not hypocrites

  14. Im dating an aries now…i he is ok i like him alot but we are both stubborn headstrong and have bad tempers…but other than that we are ok

  15. Kendra love says:

    Hes a March Aries, I’m an April Aries. Been together 8 years. We drive each other nuts sometimes but wouldn’t change him for the world. We both work our asses off for what we want and love each other to no end. Just went on a 2 week adventure to see the states.

  16. felicciabomb says:

    Y’all are the same. When its good its great because we love hard. But when its bad its dangerous because we have tempers and we are stubborn and etc. Just think do you want another you.

  17. Been dating one for 21 yrs we have our ups and downs cause of the fire in us but threw it all we love each other and he let’s me get my way most of the time he has a little more patience then I do wouldn’t trade him in for the world

  18. Liked: The passion, the connection, the understanding, the sex, the communication, the spontaneity.

    Disliked: Butting heads, stubbornness on both parts.

  19. Nate Evenden says:

    DON’T DO IT!!!if you can handle someone IDENTICAL to yourself such as mood swings, selfishness, and a attitude of its all about me.

    1. My AriesAries relationship is the best I’ve ever had. No games no BS. We don’t fight instead we converse. It’s awesome. First healthy relationship I’ve ever found

  20. I had to fall back and let him lead. Hard for an Aries woman to do.. We’re straight

  21. Melinda Massey says:

    We but heads a lot. But we make one hell of a team!!!! We’ve been together.for 2 years this month, and we have a gorgeous little Leo. We are both very passionate about everything from our kids, to each other, to our self worth as well.

  22. Pamela Reid says:

    We fist fought too much cause he was doing stupid shit than left his daughter at 2 1/2 months and said he didnt want her. Lets say i was the only loyal one.

  23. Hell no it’s not, mine is 3/21 n my husband is 4/1 n it’s hell, always fighting over stupid shit half the time, we have are days that we get along tho

  24. Gr8 match if the 2 ppl are mature enough to handle conflict. Both people shouldn’t be the storm, one should be the calm to make that thang work harmoniously and balanced. I was the storm and he was the calm in my Aries love relationship

  25. Best match me and my girlfriend are both aries and been together for 8 months and now happily engaged together got engaged on the 23rd of this month

  26. I’m 4/1 and my fiance’s 4/18..we do compliment each other and fill each other’s holes… There is the stubbornness or strong willed attitudes and we both possess however I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

  27. Joseph MG says:

    Sex is great, but definitely would have to be willing to work on the relationship. Like major work.

  28. Zack Denis says:

    Having a relationship with an Aries is only great when the way forward is singular in thought and action, and the relationship is stays first. Difficult, both control freaks!

  29. Never really dated a female Aries just had some good sex with them so as an Aries I really can’t say how a relationship would turn out.

  30. Omg these comments ? I’m trying to date an Aries I’m 4/11 he’s 4/16 he wants to be in control & I’ll let him ? we use to argue all the time now we don’t but we’re both so dam stubborn

  31. question is can you be in a relationship with yourself, more or less? me, no!

  32. No one knows you like another aries. I think I’ll stick to dating aries from now on.

  33. Elizabeth Ambrosino says:

    Me 3/25 and my husband 4/18. It can work. Been with him over 10 yrs.

  34. Francisca Marie says:

    Mentally and physically a great match only issues I had was that he was the male version of me and I knew we’d butt heads lol

  35. Lucy Foster says:

    Mines is 4/1 and my baby daddy is 4/11. N I swear that was the worst ever. Sex game was good. That was it. I really hate that man now. I could write whole story. He beat me. He was a drunk. All we did was fight the whole time and I mean fight. Even when I was pregnant he didn’t care. He didn’t listen. He thought he knew everything. Let me stop. Forget where I was for a min.

  36. Alisia Morgan says:

    I think it can be good BUT it’s a battle sometimes definitely ..the sex is AMAZING !!!!.

  37. Chad and Laura says:

    For all of you’ll that ask is Aries and Aries relationships good. Well ours is wonderful and we just got engaged!!! ? I’m 4/18 and my fiance is 4/4. We are so happy!!! I’m marrying my soulmate and my best friend!!!

    1. Melissa Martinez says:

      Congrats to you both :)

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