2018 Aquarius Horoscope – Daily and Yearly

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

  • Aquarius Horoscope for Friday, December 13, 2019

    Although your intellect is always strong, right now you`re deeply in touch with your passionate side as well. As a romantic, you`re superhuman. As an animal, you`re perfect and alive. Lovers, athletes and artists in perfect form exist for these moments. What starts as a platonic relationship has the capacity to blossom into something much more exciting, Aquarius. Enjoy everything that the day has to offer before it`s all just a memory.


Yearly  Aquarius Horoscope

When you look back on it, Aquarius, you’re likely to regard 2017 as having been a year of enormous opportunity. However, as you’re living out its days, it may seem that, more than anything else, its events are nothing but a disruption. Try to keep this in mind during the year and, instead of regarding unexpected events and situations that demand that you reorganise elements of your life as a disruptive nuisance, you’ll have a more positive attitude. And in some cases, you may actually recognise their potential when they arise.

With Jupiter, which is the planet of both expansion and good fortune, positioned in the mid-heaven angle of your chart for most of the year, until the end of November, events that come from out of the blue, ideas, offers and changes in existing circumstances could all transform your life. However, because what Jupiter brings is frequently sudden and sometimes completely unexpected, those changes could be very different from the images that

come to mind when you think about the word ‘opportunity’. What is most distant from what you’d envisioned could, ultimately, turn out to be best.

Also, with Jupiter forming a series of powerful aspects both to Saturn and Neptune, which is positioned in your sign, and to your ruler, Uranus, throughout the year, there won’t be one single event, but a series of developments, each of which either reveals something important about existing situations or brings you an opportunity beyond anything you might have expected. Obviously, therefore, 2017 is not a year to make a master plan and stick to it. Rather, you’ll want to take one day at a time.

It’s also for this reason that it may not be until you view situations in retrospect, perhaps even from the perspective of 2017, that you’ll realise how far you’ve come or how much you’ve accomplished. While Jupiter may be the planet of opportunity and good fortune, that fortune often appears in unusual ways. You may be expecting existing plans to be fulfilled or finally to realise long-cherished dreams, when opportunities take the form of completely unanticipated change. Not surprisingly, this will trigger serious thought and reflection about your goals and objectives, and about who and what is worth your time.

With eclipses actually crossing the angles of your chart that have to do with your resources, in mid-March, and on 7 and 22 September, you’ll need to consider whether the people and activities you’re investing your time and your heart in are worth your while. You may need to say no to certain ventures or perhaps even call a halt to existing arrangements. Or, alternatively, you may need to rearrange your finances or devote your time to something new, not only because of changes but because of your own shifting priorities.

The same goes for the activities you enjoy. While you know perfectly well what you like to do, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you’ve always meant to do or ambitions you’ve always hoped to achieve. Keep these in mind during 2017. While events could take you in a completely different direction from those you’d intended, you may still be able to see those goals fulfilled, although in a different way or unexpected setting. Consequently, even the most unexpected of events could give you an opportunity to come one step closer to these, if not actually begin the process of achieving them.

However, for each of these steps forward, you may need to let go of some element of the past. In some cases these will be activities you’ve been doing out of sheer habit, ways of organising your life that you don’t even think about – but also don’t think of altering. In others, changes will be the result of arrangements that were set up when they made good sense. But now that life is different, you’ll realise that keeping them as they are could actually hold you back.

If there’s any challenge, it will be what you say to others – those who ask questions about what your plans are. Ordinarily, you know exactly what you’re doing, and therefore, know what to say. However, because the continual shifts and changes, both in circumstances and in your perspective, mean that plans will be changing constantly, you literally won’t know what to say. And that could be embarrassing. Consequently, the wise Aquarius will adopt a flexible viewpoint and will tell others what they think they’re doing, but will refrain from making any sweeping statements about your plans. Similarly, tell others that for you, life is all about discovery, particularly in the year of 2017.

Knowing that, therefore, you’ll embrace the possibility to meet exciting new people, to learn in a way that you haven’t since a child and, most of all, to discover a world that will form the foundation for your life for years to come.

2017 Aqaurius Love Horoscope

Happiness with your life mate.

What would you think about getting married this year. It would a good idea; make sure you are well choosing your date of engagement. The possibilities of happiness in the marriage and in the union life are enormous. Delicate periods are indicated with the Lion. Avoid them and you will be fine for all the year, and during many others

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