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Chinese Zodiac Rooster

Rooster Chinese Zodiac

The Year of the Rooster is the 10th in the roster of the Chinese Astrology Animals. Virgo is the sign in the Western zodiac that is roughly equivalent to this sign. The next appearance of the sign in the sixty year cycle will be 2017-2018 when it takes its place as a Fire Rooster. The base Element  is Metal. This sign is ruled by the Planet Venus. The Polarity is Yin. The color associated with this sign is yellow and the month is September.


Their love is so strong that he may even harm himself trying to get or maintain the love of the other person. Because the other person rarely can match the ideal person that exists only in the brain of these individuals, there may be a great deal of disappointment for them. They are extremely sincere about what he or she feels for the other individual. When you add the idealistic nature of the sign with the extreme loyalty to the love figure, it can be a wonderful and exciting relationship for both parties. The love match must maintain the excitement in order to keep their interest.


Rooster Snake love compatibility is assured under the Chinese astrology system. Both themselves and the Snake are known for being sanguine. They are also virtually undaunted by life s events. The Snake is shrewd and slippery so that these characteristics are complemented by those of the people in this sign. Rooster Ox love compatibility levels are also very favorable since the Ox welcomes the excitement and animation that the Rooster brings into their lives. The complementary characteristics for the Rooster and its high compatibility levels with the other Animals. The The Snake is wise enough to not be overwhelmed by the ego of the Rooster and the Ox will be strong enough to surround the Rooster with a strong and loving environment.


Their Personality is feisty and obstinate which makes his extroverted personality a prideful feature. On the outside, they are confident and self contained. You can always depend on them to be trustworthy and hardworking. They are highly loyal and will not tolerate dishonesty of any type. They also won t allow mockery of their abilities. The expectation of people born under this sign  is one of strictly upfront behavior from those around. They hold themselves to the same high standards of integrity and honesty. They may slip over from showy to being somewhat of a braggart.


Because of the flamboyance of their mentality, this individual will succeed in a career that provides opportunity to be in the limelight. For example, a  career could include one performing for people in entertainment. They might decide to become a politician or a radio or television personality. They are known for the high level of motivation. They are hard working which means that a successful career is probable from the start. They make wonderful bankers because of their financial strength. They are also good insurance agents, bookkeepers and CPAs

rooster zodiac sign

The Famous Roosters!

Alexander McQueen, Renee Zellweger, Cate Blanchett, Anne Heche, Ice Cube, Cris Judd, Catherine Zeta Jones, Gwen Stefani, Jay-Z, Paris Hilton, Beyonce Knowles, Eric Clapton, Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, Britney Spears, Serena Williams, Michelle Pfeiffer, Melanie Griffith, Craig Daivd, Daniel Day-Lewis etc.

Elemental Rooster

The Metal Rooster:
This passionate fellow has a firm conviction about whatever he does, and carries it through with a positive, determined and articulate manner. Practical, meticulous, and with a penchant for hygiene, this opinionated Chicken has a strong thirst for power and recognition, interested in reforms and social welfare as well.

The Water Rooster:
Cooperative and inclined to artistic pursuits, this intelligent Rooster has a talent in debates, and will easily win any argument with his winning ways. A tireless worker, his clear, systematic mind works in an efficient manner, seeking a state of perfection in the smallest details, a trait that could lead him to be unbearably trivial and almost mechanical.

The Wood Rooster:
This enthusiastic fellow tends to over-work himself, as he passionately believes in progress and performance, and more often than not expects the same degree of stamina from others unrealistically. Virtuous and honest, he is socially popular as he genuinely cares about the welfare of others. This reliable Rooster usually succeeds in life, setting himself high standards coupled with his tireless devotion in achieving it.

The Fire Rooster:
Strength best sums this dynamic Rooster up, as he is powerful in his character, in his convictions, and desires. He pursues success with a single-minded force, knowing early on in life that his unique skills, talent and leadership qualities are above par and could take him far in life – and usually does. Independent, righteous and not likely to take the heed of others, he does have tendency to be fanatical and inflexible, lacking tactfulness to the feelings of those who he feels are not pulling their weight.

The Earth Rooster:
This practical Rooster is rarely interested in all the trimming most fanciful Roosters are enamored with, preferring a simple, down-to earth, scholarly and unpretentious lifestyle. He likes to see himself as a shining example of virtue to his brethren, unafraid of carrying the burden on his capable shoulders, and will not hesitate to preach this with evangelical flair. Strict and disciplined with himself and his morals, his tireless efforts always pay off in the end.

Year of the Rooster

1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, and 2029

2020 Rooster Horoscope

This is a busy and volatile year for the roosters. If you have no misfortune, it is considered to be good fortune. You will have a better luck if you travel to other places for opportunities.

Career (6/10)
If you have a solid plan, this is the year where you go full out and make it happen. When you charge, you still have to pay an eye on the surround because they will be many scams and traps that will hinder your progress.

Money (3/10)
Watch your cash flow this year. Don’t spend on the unnecessary. Beware of scams and cons.

Health (4/10)
You should pay more attention to you health this year. You should rest when you feel tired or else you will get worn-out. Should you not feel well, you should pay a visit to your doctor.

Love (2/10)
Your relationship is not stable this year. There are good times and bad times. Don’t put too much of your energy in your relationship for it may disappoint you. Different opinions on a certain issue will cause argument in the relationship.

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