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Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign

The next appearance of the Year of the Snake in Chinese astrology will be from February 10, 2013 to January 30, 2014 when it will be the Water Snake that is in the cycle. This sign in the Chinese philosophy is wise and intuitive rather than evil. The closest equivalent in Western astrology is that of Taurus, the Bull. The associated element is Fire which has the planet Mars as its ruling market. This sign is always yin. The cool, calm and collected reptile  is a popular member of the astrological hierarchy.


Their love from the male standpoint consists of charming and romantic traits mixed with an intriguing sense of humor. The female version of this sign is typically successful and attractive. For the person who is selected as the partner of a a person born under this sign, there will be demonstrated possessiveness and jealousy. The person in this sign whose relationship has been left behind may hold a serious grudge if they feel that they have been rejected. They generally requires a great deal of security in order to feel good about themselves. They tend to expect a different level of behavior from their partner than from themselves. This can cause misunderstandings that occasionally become friction points.


The Snake is compatible with several other Animals in the philosophy of Chinese astrology, but the best pairings are Ox, Rooster or Dragon. The Snake Ox love compatibility is excellent due to the dependability of the Ox. The wise and calm Snake interacts with the Ox to form a solid and serene partnership. The Snake Rooster love compatibility level is also high. The Rooster is not afraid of anything and forms a good partnership with the Snake individual, making a connection where each individual builds up and improves the characteristics of the other. In either case, the ideal pairing for a Snake individual is one who provides freedom, yet also gives them security and adoration.


Their  personality is the most refined and collected of the Animal roster. They don`t become flustered under pressure. They are able to be exciting in a dark way. They are not outwardly emotional, but can seem reticent and cunning since he or she will plot and scheme so that the the course of events proceed as intended by the Snake. They  do not communicate very effectively, but will act in a very possessive manner when they are working in the interest of a friend.


Their career generally falls in the fields of professor or teacher, astronomer, personnel officer or clairvoyant. The money attracting abilities of these individuals are almost legendary. They tend to be extremely lucky ,  they don`t spend valuable time worrying about finances. They can almost always find a couple dollars when they need it. Their  personality insists on working solo. Because they are organized,logical and they are quick learners in new situations. They are able to absorb the requirements of a new job very quickly and succeed in it. These people make good linguists, psychiatrists and personnel officers.

snake zodiac sign

The Famous Snakes!

Dr Dre, Robert Downey Jr, Liz Hurley, Shania Twain, Moby, Bjork, Ben Stiller, Gong Li, Liv Tyler, Edward Furlong, Thierry Henry, Laila Ali, Ludacris, Kim Basinger, Bob Dylan, Audrey Hepburn, Aristotle Onassis, Pablo Picasso, Delia Smith etc.

Elemental Snake

The Metal Snake:
This is a solitary Snake, who keeps to himself to safeguard his secrets and plotting. Calculating, shrewd, intelligent and ambitious, he craves luxury and power, devoting his his life to the pursuit of this with willful determnation – and anyone who gets in his way will be dealt with quickly and without mercy. Suspicious and mistrusting to the point of paranoia, this lone Snake has a close-knit circle of friends whom can also be most generous and endearing to if he chooses.

The Water Snake:
Soft-spoken and bright, the water Snake has an excellent memory (which unfortunately also enables her to hold grudges for a very, very long time), a love for the arts and a thirst for knowledge. She has a keen eye for detail, and her inquisitive mind has the patience and ability to achieve her objectives. Materialistic and charismatic, this snake is very loyal to her loved ones.

The Wood Snake:
This wise Snake has an almost prophetic understanding of human nature, and expresses it masterfully, easily attaining that he desires most – approval and admiration from those around him. He appreciates the finer things in life and will shine with a career in the fine art, music or theatre, where he can stretch his intellectual freedom to the maximum.

The Fire Snake:
This intense Snake is the sort most seen in campaign posters, or on a stage. Fire adds to this fellow’s charisma, and he has a gift for being a public figure with his confidence and natural leadership abilities. Beneath the politician’s toothy grin though is a suspicious and uncompromising personality, coupled with an almost megalomaniac-like need for power, fame and success. His ruthless perseverance does get him to the top, and once he reaches it, he will never let go.

The Earth Snake:
This more scrupulous Snake is amiable, cool, and an incredibly charming character. She has hoards of supporters and is sensible and reliable, adept at working with groups, unlike many of her sister Snakes. She refuses to be intimidated by the crowd however, and adheres to her own principles, taking her sweet time in making decisions. She knows her limits and refuses to overextend herself, and her systematic and effective work ethic will find harmony in careers such as banking and real-estate.

Years of the Snake

1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025

2020 Snake Horoscope

Your luck in the year of goat is volatile. Most of the time is not good but occasionally, you will get a break. Watch what you say this year. Avoid argument with people. Even if you win the argument, you will lose the friends or business.

Career (6/10)
You have to be patient this year. You will have many disagreements with your superiors and peers. You must learn how to handle the situations. If you handle it well, you will have a chance to be promoted or else you will need to find a new job.

Money (3/10)
It is better to be safe and conservative in money matter this year. The odds are against you. Don’t involve in high-risk investment, speculation and gambling. Keep your money in the bank; it is safe and sound there.

Health (5/10)
This is an average year for health. You should exercise regularly to maintain your fitness.

Love (4/10)
Don’t be over self-indulged in relationship. You may attract opposite gender with hidden agendas. Be ware of cheaters. Generally, this is not a good year to start or have a serious relationship.

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