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dog chinese zodiac

Dog Chinese Zodiac Sign

The 11th of the Animals in the Chinese astrology roster is the Dog. The most recent Year of this sign was January 29, 2006 – February 17, 2007. The Year of the Dog will return in February 19, 2018 – February 04, 2019. The sign  is a Yang Polarity sign. The ruling Planet is Saturn. Earth is the major Element. Just as the characteristics of the animal for which the astrological sign is named include loyalty to the extreme, so the individual born in the Year of the canine will always be willing to be available to listen and sympathize.


The characteristic most desirable to interest them and they love  to gain in a relationship is where there is good balance for both partners in the pairing. They are almost always quite generous and loyal. The love element makes these individuals even more honest and straightforward. The negative side of these people in romantic relationships is that they tend to be worriers. They cant relax and enjoy the relationship. The individual prefers to create a friendship and let it naturally develop into a romantic situation. These people once committed will be loyal and faithful to his or her partner.


Chinese astrology philosophy says the Dog Tiger love compatibility and the Dog Horse love compatibility are each very likely to be successful. The loyalty of the Dog and commitment to making a relationship work pairs nicely with the strength and commanding presence of the Tiger. Another likely combination for those looking for good compatibility is that of Dog Horse love compatibility. The Horse has passion to spark up the relationship while the Dog provides the understanding and comfort that is enjoyed by the Horse.


Their personality is known for a compassionate and giving nature. They are always first on the scene with support, advice and kind words for family and friends. They can listen sympathetically to a friend in need of a compassionate shoulder or an attentive ear. They are the one who knows more about their friends than the friend understands about themselves. This is because they are incredibly attentive listeners. They can be so attentive that they become somewhat overwhelming to others. They may sometimes be viewed as nosy, but the they truly mean well.


People born in the Year of the Dog can be trusted to do what they promise. These individuals can be trusted not to reveal sensitive information. Their successful career path needs a clear job description and the ultimate goal in order to understand the parameters. The reliability and steadiness of these people means that they can be trusted by employers and supervisors to accomplish what they commit to do. With a high commitment level to peace, harmony and amity, they will make groups work better together on the job site. They will function best as a priest, nurse, researcher, social worker or other nurturing type occupations.

dog zodiac sign

The Famous Dogs!

Queen Latifah, Mariah Carey, Vince Vaughn, Redman, Tionne ‘T-Boz’ Watkins, Andre Agassi, Uma Thurman, Naomi Campbell, Beck, Jennifer Lopez, Fat Joe, Fred Durst, Matt Damon, Warren G, DMX, Madonna, David Bowie, Donald Trump etc.

Year of the Dog

1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030

Elemental Dog

The Metal Dog:
Dignified and principled, this confident canine is what the Tibetan’s call the “Iron Dog”- rightly so as this formidable character has an unbendable will and unquestionable loyalty. When decided on a cause he deems worthy, he faithfully pursues it with boldness and conviction, highly critical and on the lookout for any foul play or unfairness – things he despises with a passion. He has a tough mental-discipline, and when faced with obstacles, is able to exhibit a ruthlessness to obliterate anything that stands in his way.

The Water Dog: 1922, 1982

“ The Carefree Dog”
The element of Water has a calming effect on this intuitive Dog, creating a calmer, easy going and liberal character. Less forthright and disciplined than her fellow canines, she tends to over-indulge herself and her loved ones, and would benefit from exhibiting a little more control in her finances as well. She does have a persuasive and attractive way about her however, and will be renowned for her fair judgment and striking beauty.

The Wood Dog:
A country Gent (or Lady) at heart, this refined and honest Dog is happiest when surrounded by the gentle beauty of nature, and his home will often be decorated with beautiful things – comfortable and always welcoming. Warm-hearted, hard working and always seeking to improve himself, he is talented at communicating with people of all walks of life, using his common sense and sincerity to see him through.

The Fire Dog:
This magnetic and drop-dead attractive Dog is the life of a party, immensely popular and idealistic. Not one to pass on a new adventure, he will rebel when hindered or attacked, and unhesitatingly carry out any threats he makes. Courageous and expressive, this go-getter Dog has high ideals and the tenacity to forge a successful career, but would benefit from seeking the advice of an older mentor. Luckily, the Dog within him still manages to keep him humble and grounded despite his numerous achievements.

The Earth Dog:
Dignified, slow-moving and methodical, this realistic Dog is a man of integrity. He speaks straight from his heart with astounding sincerity, and is sought after for his sensible, honest and fair counsel. Talented and astute with his finances, this moral Dog will go far in his career, never letting defeat or glory go to his head. He can be stubborn though, and demand that others exhibit the same dedication and principled attitudes he loyally lives by.

2020 Dog Horoscope

You have to beware of hidden harm this year. The bad energy won’t harm you directly; it comes and attacks like a guerilla. So, you must take pro-active action to prevent bad thing from happening on you.

Career (4/10)
You will face many obstacles in your career this year. Your superiors will give you a lot of work related pressure. There are also a lot of people who are jealous of you will undermine your work. You really have to identify who are your friends and who are your enemies.

Money (5/10)
You have an average financial luck. This is not a good year to invest. Do not involve in any gambling activities. The odd is against you.

Health (4/10)
Generally, this is a healthy year for you. You should rest to prevent worn out. Also beware of infectious diseases.

Love (8/10)
This is a good year to enhance your relationship. Those who are in a relationship may get married in this year. Those who are already married will give birth to a baby. Also, for those who are already married, beware of marital affair. If you are single or detached, you will have many pursuers to choose from.

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Melissa Martinez

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  1. I chose what I would as far as destiny, the one I love dearly and much else, which led to a misunderstanding and I’ve been unable to reach via phone to apologize. On your compatibility report it just said not us two. I will focus my energy and attention somewhere else, we will always be friends hopefully. I always believed in my heart different, however such as life. Thank you for your insight.

  2. libra rose says:

    The 11th zodiac signs position in the Chinese Astrological signs and calendar happens to be the animal dog. These people are supposed to be loyal, warm, friendly and very supportive. They are usually excellent source of motivation and support to people who need them.

    Dogs always have some advice or the other to share with people and are usually very caring about others around them. This is sometimes perceived as being nosy by the others but the dogs have no intention of running your business. They just try being helpful to you and be with you when you need them. They are excellent listeners and offer you great comfort in times of need. For them, money, power etc hold influence and they would rather trade happiness for any of them.Chinese astrological sign the dog

    Dogs are determined people who always finish what they are set out to do. They do not like leaving lose ends and always prefer fulfilling their responsibilities. They are very loyal to their friends and family and have strong moral ethics which makes them different from the rest. As they are loyal people they can be trusted by everyone.

    Cleanliness, being organized, maintaining certain standards etc are all a part of the many traits these dogs share with the world. They like helping people at their work or otherwise. They are very practical people who like to save for the future since they know and understand the unpredictable nature of events that happen in our lives. People with

    Dog as zodiac signs are careful, thoughtful and really like being in company of people they love and care for.

    They might have their temper flares and when that happens, they are best left alone. The usually straighten themselves in some time and get back to normal. Their health issues are directly related with how happy they are at a particular point of time. If they are fighting illness they might go all resilient. Dogs are trustworthy creatures but they do not trust people easily. That is a very big difference. This is what makes it difficult for them to relate to another person easily. This creates a hitch in their personal life with their partners. Dogs are perceived to be emotionally cold and critical which is not true. It is just that they take time in believing in the person. Their partners from other zodiac signs or astrological signs need to be strong supportive people who can handle this. Dogs are the most compatible with Tiger or horse and share the least compatibility with Rooster and Dragon.

    The Dog is the giving and compassionate personality. He gives kind words, advice and support to their friends & family. He is the listener, available to lend ear or shoulder to their friend who is in need. Often the Dogs know little more about the friends than other friends know of them or themselves! The Dogs are attentive. At times though, Dogs must pay little more attention to their needs. In the private, lots of Dog people worry very much.

    Years of Dog

    Eleventh in a cycle, the Dog Years follow Rooster years & recur each twelfth year. Chinese New Year doesn’t fall on the specific date, thus it is necessary to check calendar to find out exact date in which every Dog Year begins.
    Dogs are a little overwhelming, in part to the attentive natures. They will march in & take complete control of the situation, even while it does not involve them directly. This will lead the people to think that Dogs are gossipy or nosy, however in reality, he means well. Status and Money do not matter to Dog people. He is concerned with welfare of their family & friends and can do whatever that it takes helping them out of the tight squeeze or rough spot. Dogs once determine the subject of interest, then they generally master that prior to taking off for the new adventure. They also like to complete what they begin with. They are very honest & trustworthy people, strong ethically & morally kept. They also make the loyal friends & companions.

    People who are born in Year of Dog share some characteristics. The Dog Sign is the abbreviated way to characterize individual’s personality. Characteristics of Dog Sign are all tempered by five Chinese elements of Water, Metal, Fire, Wood, and Earth overlaying the five year cycle of the characteristics on original twelve year cycle.

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