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chinese zodiac horse

Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign

The seventh Animal in the Chinese astrology roster is the Horse. This sign reigns next during the 2014-2015 period. The signs fixed Element is Fire with associated Planetary body as Mars. These individuals have a life style that is full of activity and energy. The theme of the individual is honesty, but extroverted and animated. They prefer the color red and is at his peak in the Summer season. The circulatory system and the heart are the areas of the body that are most significant to the Horse individual.


The  Love is a spontaneous and open minded with this individual who floats through life with a young at heart attitude. They are always ready to take on the next adventure. They as lover are affectionate and totally charming. They love with vigor and imagination, utilizing wit and intellect to spark the response from those around them. They are much in demand for the Saturday night activities. Marriage to a person under this sign means an energetic relationship that is totally spontaneous. They can even be somewhat forceful in moving into a relationship. If the other party doesn’t match their enthusiasm for the pairing it can be painful for the stallion of the Chinese zodiac.


Horse Tiger love compatibility is excellent. They are each adaptable, friendly and exciting personalities who love being around others, yet appreciate being individuals as well. The Horse Tiger pairing is one with never a dull moment, yet rewarding to both parties.

The Horse Sheep love compatibility range is extremely good.

The Chinese astrology philosophy recommends that a Horse Rat pairing be avoided since it is likely to be disastrous for both individuals. The important element in a pairing where the Horse individual is involved is to keep things moving and exciting.


Their  personality is always open-minded, friendly and trustworthy. They are  a great friend who always is willing to be honest with you.  These individuals are great party people and wonderful friends, but they also love to spend time alone. They are typically independent even to the point of being totally stubborn and self absorbed. A  friend born under this sign are intuitive to the point of almost being able to read your mind. They are gifted individuals who love to be the center of attention, but who prefer genuine interest rather than insincere flattery.


These people at work are willing to try almost any job and are quick to learn new skills and perform them with competence. Their career should not be one that requires taking orders or of sticking to a strict set of rules and regulations. These people need to be associated with people in their work as well as in their social life. A career in the communications field is a great choice for their personality. These individuals are exciting and dynamic speakers who can easily persuade other people to his or her point of view. Good career choices for the people born under this sign are language teacher, journalist, bartender or tour operators.

horse zodiac sign

The Famous Horses!

Sean Connery, Calvin Klein, Barbra Streisand, Chris Rock, Tatjana Patitz, Janet Jackson, Halle Berry, Shirley Manson, Salma Hayek,, David Schwimmer, Daisy Fuentes, Kiefer Sutherland, Tia Carrere, Michael Crichton, James Dean, Harrison Ford, Jimi Hendrix etc.

Elemental Horse

The Metal Horse :
Bold and unruly, this impetuous filly is more stubborn and self-centered than her fellow horses, with nothing as important as her independence and liberty. Constrain her in any way, and she’ll resent you and then suddenly take off when you least expect it. Forget responsibilities, she’s off to seek new adventures and challenges – for that was what she was born to do.

The Water Horse:
With eternally itchy feet, this dapper horse cannot sit still, constantly engaging herself with new activities and projects. Her wicked sense of humor and ability to talk to people from all walks of life, on any subject imaginable, makes her a delight to have around. She welcomes any change with relish, as she herself changes her mind and direction about fifty times a day. A total sports and travel enthusiast, this amusing horse’s life is bound to be filled with many friends and parties, provided she strive to be considerate to others’ feelings.

The Wood Horse:
More reasonable, systematic and conscientious than other Horses, this friendly chap will work hard, and be very active and popular in social affairs as he has the gift of gab. Though cooperative, he still resists being dominated and can often vie for an unconventional lifestyle. He has a vivid imagination and a distaste for sentimentality, often seeking out new ideas to add spice to his life.

The Fire Horse:
This hot-blooded, thrill-seeking horse is a literal fire ball. Destiny has tapped him to lead an extraordinary life, where he can wield power through the sheer force of his character. Flamboyant, witty and resourceful, this hot-blooded horse is most effective when doing a million things at once, and watch as he pulls it off with captivating flair. He cannot live without variety, action and zest in his life, and will be most contented living a double or even triple life (and innocently find nothing sinister about it), or having several hobbies and professions.

The Earth Horse:
It is a rare thing to find a horse who can settle down, but the Earth Horse will prove the punters wrong and even learn to cooperate with authority when necessary. This congenial chap is less decisive though, hedging his bets and considering all sides before acting. Still, he possesses the business acumen of the Horse, and can bring about a new lease of life to any sagging venture.

Year of the horse

1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026

2020 Horse Horoscope

You are in the recovery mode from direct conflict with the Grand Jupiter last year. Although tired, you have a better luck than last year. You will overcome the obstacles presented to you in this year.

Career (4/10)
You have to plan and pace your move this year. Luckily, you have people who are willing lend you a helping hand this year. To overcome the lack of luck, you will need to break the status quo and be innovative this year.

Money (4/10)
You have to watch your investment closely. Generally, you don’t have much lucky with money this year. If you want to invest, you must act due diligently. If you come across an oversea opportunity, grab it.

Health (6/10)
You are in the recovering mode, you are growing stronger day by day. Don’t over eat or your recovery will be slow.

Love (5/10)
Your stubbornness may harm your relationship. When there is an argument in the relationship, you should handle it will compassion and understanding. If not, your relationship will go down the alley.

Next zodiac animal: Sheep ( Goat or ram)

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.

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  1. libra rose says:

    The horse occupies the 7th position in the Chinese zodiac signs and share common characteristics with people like being free spirited, willful, a person of their own mind, very outdoorsy, adventurous etc. The horses are people of animated nature and are usually excited about everything that is going on around them. They love being in the spotlight and always are looking for good times to spend with people. They are witty and talented and know how to handle large gatherings with their public skills of managing such a mob. The horses have superior grasping skills and they can learn things super quickly. However, this does not work well with them because they always keep changing their places, always keep rearranging their lives and it becomes difficult to keep track of all of it. The horses can multi-task but they usually leave their projects midway before they have a chance to complete them all because they find another opportunity coming up. They are completely honest and very friendly creatures that plan to have a good time always along with horses They are fun loving and entertaining too.
    The horses usually have an athletic built and are very outgoing and sporty. They need more space to work and enjoy life and appreciate its finer perspectives from a different angle. A horse cannot work better in confined space and become suffocated if forced to work that ways. They prefer working on positions where they can interact with a lot of people however, do not take orders from them since they are really willful and spirited. They end up being good communicators and can guide people effectively and become good leaders in very little time since they learn very quickly. However, they are rarely given a chance to lead people because of their own instability towards their own job. The horses are a different matter when it comes to real life relationships. The horses fall for people easily, hard and very quickly.
    They share and give everything they have to a relationship and are optimistic in the beginning. They are open and passionate. However when they realize that it is not working, they move to another person and finally get exhausted. This exhaustion comes to an end later in real life when they meet their match in the end. The relationships formed at a later part in their life are more strong and durable and teach them a lot about stability and commitment. They are the most compatible with zodiac signs or astrology signs of a dog or toger and least compatible with rat or monkey.
    Personality of Horse
    Famous literature in West speaks about “men being from the Mars and women from Venus.” In the Chinese astrology, Horse is linked with the male and complementary sign, Sheep, with the female characteristics. Independence is “male” characteristic is epitomized by Horse. Anybody who likes cowboy films knows first thing the cowboy does on riding in the town is tying up the Horse. You are likely adventurous, enjoy outdoors and fun loving and other sports. It is not any chore getting you to go to fitness center, however you completely enjoy combination to work out & being outdoors— jogging, hiking, rock wall climbing and biking.

    You are the human dynamo. Moreover, you may stay in the action mode longer than rest of us. Others see you as the vivacious person because of the high energy level. it is not just your vitality that actually catches the attention and wins respect. You are quick in mind and body, and cut the dapper and colorful figure when you rush out of the lives. Generally you need to have the things in your way—now. Occasionally rash and impatient, you generally tend to engage in the impulsive behavior more than rest of us. In the truth stability isn’t the strong suit. You are very fickle, particularly while it comes about fashions
    Horse In Relationships
    You are the fun member of a team and possible to be found where action is. Yes, although you are independent, you like to be around plenty of people. Catch is that is you who choose when & where party is. Nobody ever said that you were totally afraid of making the decision. It will not be very surprising in case, you are accused of being very headstrong. Add to the stubborn streak and a little of the temper, and you are hard to be around.

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