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    It occupies the fifth position in the Chinese Zodiac signs and resembles bravery and fierceness in mannerism and attitude. They are wild, unpredictable and people of their own free will who lobe making and breaking rules on their own whim. They are always geared up for a challenge and are never the ones to back up from a tight spot or a fight. They have extremely high level of confidence and believe in fighting for what they want. They protect their near and dear ones with everything they possess and are sure of the outcome of the fight to result on their side. They might look cool and calm on the outer side but don’t let that calm mask fool you.

    Beneath that appearance is a dragon ready for the kill anytime, anywhere. They are named Dragon for the very reason that these qualities unmistakably match that of a real Dragons’. They are born fighters and very particular about what they want to do and how they want to do it. They can be impossibly stubborn at times if things don’t work out the way they planned. They are extremely generous and open hearted and care a lot about people they love and things they really like. Dragons are always alert, geared for a battle and ready to take up a challenge heads on. However, they are not affected the least by money or power. Virtue and honor though can make them go to any level of sacrifice and commitment.
    Though Dragons are always ready to fight, challenge the stereo types, they always lack in giving themselves the time to replenish their energy and battle up again. This is one reason they might also feel exhausted with everything that goes around them at times. They are born leaders which is why monotonous jobs do not do them well. Dragons love being leaders and the sense of wildness takes them towards jobs of more daring attributes which they seem to perform really well. They are extremely passionate in their relationships and hence you will find them leading the way. They can get a little dominant with their partners and hence it is important for them to find the right person who can get along with them. Dragons are honest, faithful and very brave people with compatible zodiac signs or astrological signs who are not scared of situations. They need strong partners who can keep up with their adventurous streak and be with them always
    Dragon personality is the creature of legend and myth. The symbol of the good fortune and the sign of an intense power, Oriental Dragon is been regarded as the divine beast – reverse of malicious monster, which Westerners felt essential to find & slay. In the Eastern philosophy, Dragon is actually said to be the deliverer of the good fortune and the master of authority. Thus, people who are born in Dragon sign years are honored & respected.
    Years of Dragon
    Fifth in a cycle, The Dragon Years follow Rabbit & recur each twelfth year. Chinese New Year doesn’t actually fall on the specific date, thus it is necessary to check calendar and find exact date in which every Dragon Year begins

    Key to its personality is Dragons are all free spirits of Zodiac. The conformation is the Dragon’s curse. The rules & regulations are also made for some other people. The restrictions blow out creative spark , which is set to flame in the life. The dragons should be uninhibited and free. Dragon is the beautiful creature, flamboyant and colorful. The extroverted bundle of the energy, utterly irrepressible and gifted, everything The Dragons do is on the grand scale – ornate gestures, big ideas, and extreme ambitions. But, this behavior is very natural and is not meant to show. As they are very confident and fearless in face of challenge, almost they are inevitably successful. Dragons generally make this to top. But, Dragon people are aware of the natures. Very much of enthusiasm will leave them totally tired & unfulfilled. Although they are very keen to help when essential, the pride will often impede from accepting same type of the help from others. The Dragons’ generous personalities also give them an ability of attracting friends, however they are rather solitary people in heart. The Dragon’s self sufficiency will mean that she or he has got not any need for the close bonds with some other people.

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