1. I’ve been with my cancer guy for 5 months already, and we haven’t had a single fight yet (highly unusual for teenage couples). He’s the sweetest person I have ever met, I have never felt so happy and secure and cared for. We’re both over-emotional, clingy, needy, and insecure so we both understand each other more than anyone else. He’s incredibly romantic and is always trying to go that extra mile for me :) He’s everything I want and need.

  2. His bit: my girlfriend and I met 14 months ago in a bar. It’s fair to say I was punching well above my weight when she agreed to a 4th date…5th…6th…what’s happening here I asked myself. So as the story goes things got very intense very quickly. I don’t know about other star signs but put two cancerians together and you easily out shine any star! My girlfriend and I have an intense feeling if understanding of one another…so much so we can predict what the other is thinking/will say next. It can’t all be roses you ask?! He’ll no! Someone previously commented that knowing their partner and knowing what triggers their emotions was very much part of their relationship. I for one believe that this is true within the first twelve months of any relationship regardless of your star signs however one you know, you know. I’ve never met someone that knows me better than I do in a period of 14 months…in a way I must admit I do love it. I do love her after all…here’s to the future

  3. i have been dating my cancer boyfriend for almost nine months and he is amazing, we have not fought once, which as mentioned above, IS incredibly rare for teenage couples, i am a straight honest to goodness cancerian, some have variations of our respective traits but i got all of em, honey and not for the best either, i am overly emotional, sensitive, moody and mushy-gushy romantic but my guy takes this all with a grain of salt, he loves me for who i am, and he contrary to the article is the voice of reason when i begin to act irrational, i agree with guest lulu its hard to maintain a cancer-cancer relationship but by god, its worth it!

  4. I’m a male cancer and dated a female cancer twice both relationships started off great but ended very bad. With both women i ended up finding out that the relationships started out with lies while we were together. While i wouldn’t intentionally date another cancer woman ever again i can honestly say that just being friends with a cancer female is much better because of the sincerity

  5. My boyfriend of 4 months is a cancer and so am I. We fight here and there. He is more of the stable one and is emotional, but I’m more moody and emotional than he so when I’m being irrational he definitely brings me back to my place. I love him and he loves me. We are in love and have admitted this all. We want a life together. We are both 20 and 3 days apart are our birthdays. This article is true. When it’s good it’s great and when it’s bad it’s bad. We get through it though. It’s worth it. :)

  6. I have dated two Cancers. One I was with on and off for 6.5 years. He was the love of my life, and when he softened and let me in, it was wonderful. It really did feel like we were meant to be. Most of the time, though he wore a hard persona, cold hearted, unemotional, distant and afraid of getting close. The other Cancer man was a total player and cheat, he would string several women along and thought there was nothing wrong with that. I will never willingly date a Cancer man again, they seem so cold and distant. Perhaps it is a defense mechanism against their intense feelings (they completely shut them off).

  7. 1love2hearts says:

    Well I recently met a cancer guy! his birthday is the day before mine our emotions clash because as the article states we are just alike we handle situations with actions rather then words. In the beginning it was amazing the conversation, emotional connection, the ability to ACTUALLY understand one another all the way to the first kiss. I knew from that moment we were are going to make history. We argue (with emotions ) & after we both have set them aside we manage to make it thru. We are very careful about what we say to one another because we know how emotional and misleading a conversation can & will go without thought.. but the article was wrong we often have a stronger bond with our fathers.. Not mothers.. In my opinion 2Cancers together make the best relationship.

  8. Anonymous Amy says:

    This Cancer man I deeply care for, him have known each other for about four or five years, when we first met we were so attracted to each other and so connected. I was very shy with him so only after a year we actually began to grow closer. Unfortunately I was involved with someone else while he intended to try and hang out with me, and pursue me into taking me out to eat and everything so I had to turn him down. Now, he has a girlfriend and he still acts the same way to me flirtatious and caring and I could tell him anything, but I think this is wrong because he has a girlfriend and now I have a boyfriend and we had become physically involved with each other a few times. I still care about him. It would seem like hes just fooling around with me, but for some reason my intuition tells me that he does it cause he still cares for me too, after all, he had wanted to pursue me in the past. it sucks, being stuck with the past and present simultaneously.

  9. So Ive been dating a cancer for going on a year in 15 more days and we were friends at first, but we both wanted to be more. YES we do have our ups and downs like any relationship does; its normal. The thing is he is super emotional, like Ive never met a guy that shows his emotions so much. I mean I can be moody and stubborn but he gets his feeling hurt easily..I on the other hand don’t like to show any emotion sometimes and act ruthless and careless towards him when we do fight.. I guess I’m not use to it. He’s the only cancer Ive dated and my second serious relationship. I AM TRULY IN LOVE WITH HIM THOUGH. He is the one for me no doubt. We get along very well and are both honest towards each other. Sometimes we just bump heads and don’t agree on everything..also I didn’t mention he lives an hour and an half away from me. We are both busy with school so it can be challenging for us, but that to me just shows how much we really care and love one another. We are not going to give up :)

  10. I am a female cancer born on the fourth of July and my boyfriend is a male cancer on the 19th. It was crazy when we first met even though we just met it seemed we knew each other forever! We have our moments hes just as hard headed as I am and I must say I wasn’t ready for that. Once I started reading on cancer men it all made sense. And when I came upon this site for cancers with cancers it all makes sense. I love him and know we can be good for each other if we just put our guards down. And if anybody knows CANCERS ARE THE BEST LOVERS!!!! And cancer with cancer sex is the best!

  11. When I first met him I didn’t know we were the same sign I just always got along with him as my childhood friend no girlfriend boyfriend relationship just us hanging close everyday throughout school but when I saw him as an adult when I looked in his eyes I felt vulnerable and when he touched me.I melted and when he is in my present I’m at home. The way he is there for me is stimulating and I never want to let him go out of all the other signs I have had relationship with he is the best when it come to making me happy in every way not saying that he doesn’t mess up here and there but he knows when he has hurt me in some way and immediately tries to rectify the situation

  12. Laurua Bishop Lewis says:

    I am a female Cancer 7/18 and my husband 7/14, I am older by 361 days. We have been married for 23 years!!! In high school I was trying to go through my now husband to try to get with his friend. After several months of getting no where I asked “haven’t you told him that I like him?” My now husband replied, “No, I wanted you for myself”. And that was the clincher, we were married when he turned 18. We can get very emotional and hurt each others feelings easily but making up and fixing things is the best feeling in the world. We have two very active boys and a roomy house as we like to stay in. Our home is our castle! We are truly soul mates and work hard together to achieve the same goals. A Cancer-Cancer relationship is very rewarding when both people give and gain trust together.

  13. We met through some common friends a year ago. The first time we met and his hand touch mine… the connection was undeniable. We spent a beautiful, passionate, FUN month together. Sadly it was ruined by an obsessed desperate girl… and alcohol. I spent months brooding. Somehow we found each other in a new city where we were both alone. Now we are admittedly best friends. Friends who fight often! I have really learned how to handle these mood swings though. Communication is key! I also love when he tries to mend things as well. Saying sorry and using your words is a must. Every once in awhile we spend a week ignoring each other over something stupid but its reassuring to know we will make up soon. He recently asked me to be his girlfriend but I am hesitant. I don’t want to lose my best friend…

  14. I’m a Cancer of July 8th, and let me just say that I cant complain about any encounters I’ve had with another Cancer. My sister, less than a year apart from me is a Cancer of July 17th and she’s definitely my best friend, though we do have our disputes, we normally hug and make up soon afterward. She understands me more than anyone I know. I just met a June Cancer male last year and it feels like we’ve known each other forever. We aren’t dating, and I didn’t find out his sign until a few days ago. We can talk for hours on end and it just seems like he always knows what’s up with me and vise versa. Recently, we’ve been hanging out a lot more and with each moment I’m considering having him in my life more and more, whether best friend or lover I sense it’ll work out. Don’t doubt sticking to your same sign, especially cancers. Our intuitiveness will know how to deal with our own kind and it’ll turn out beautifully.

  15. This is so true for me and my cancer boy. We totally understand each other and we both also care very greatly for our mothers. But there is an underlying tension that some things go unsaid and reading between the lines is often required. That being said the strong understanding we have for each other comes into play and we both know what sets each other off and accept that we are highly sensitive and emotional. It’s hard work but it is so worth it to have that loyal, understanding, empathetic, passionate soulmate.

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