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Are Cancer and Cancer compatible?

This is one of those combinations that when they first start dating don’t realize that they have the capability of making this relationship one of the best they’ve ever had. There’s usually a very high success rate of these two making it together.

The Cancer sign could be one of the most complex or difficult signs of the zodiac. They have a lot of emotional energy that just radiates from them.

So this would be one of those times that the saying “it takes one to know one” is best suited for. In this case you have two people that are born under the same sign that can both embrace and grasp the complexity that each of them are.

Both of them in their day-to-day lifestyle have quite intense emotions,  where at any time their moods can swing from a high to a low. This is one of those situations where it’s good to have somebody that completely understands how your feelings are and how you react to outside stimulation.

This is a couple that really love the coziness and comfort that a home life has. If they were to have an ultimate dream it would be that they would want to have a very loving family that they share together, and a home that offers them both security as well as comfortably that they can just immerse themselves in and get away from the rest of the world for a bit.

How are Cancer and Cancer in love?

They are  a couple that will be bonded by their compassion, whether it’s for life itself, or their partner.  Addtionally their compassion for other projects or people is a trait that they both love that they share.

There will also be a very deep affectionate connection between them, which will be established easily due to the fact that they’re both intuitively and sexually compatible.

This is a couple that believes that their loved will take them to a level of pleasure that they’ve never had with another partner before.

They will go through a lot of ups and downs together, due to the fact that they do have a lot of emotions and feelings that they deal with on a day-to-day basis. This won’t just be felt in their relationship, but also in their everyday life.

If there ever was a saying that truly embodies who this couple is, it would be “home is where the heart is”.

It’s their affection and love that they shared together as a couple that really makes their compatibility even stronger. When you have that love and the communication together you can take everything to where you need it to be as a couple.


Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: Two peas in a pod (as long as you both feel secure – both financially and emotionally). Enjoy many tender moments together!

Celia: Keep a big box of tissues handy.

Jenn: The two of you may have a shot at a long lasting relationship since you both tend to be very domesticated and share the same goals and ambitions. The only problem is that you both of you are very moody and complex individuals. It may be hard to get this relationship started since your shy qualities may keep either of you from making the first move.

Lidia: Nobody can understand Cancer like someone of the same star sign, so this relationship gives you a great deal of insight into each other’s feelings. Cancer can be crabby and moody and draw into themselves a lot of the time. It is open communication that will enable this relationship to turn into something completely beautiful for both of you. You tend to lock feelings deep into your heart and keep them there, for fear of getting hurt. Space will help you both to remain sane, as you can be very stifling and clingy, slipping into the same routines and seeing the same people all the time.

It is important you have separate sets of friends to have fun with. Sexually, your relationship should begin on a very passionate note, as you share and follow your desires. But like the rest of your life, if you don’t keep changing situations and routines, you will soon become bored and start to look elsewhere.

Laura: A Cancer and Cancer couple may never leave the house, but they won’t need to with all the warmth and love in this relationship. As long as one person in the couple has the wherewithal to bring home the bacon, they’ll live in bliss with little unwanted interference from the outside world. Not that they don’t care about socializing, it’s just they don’t need it as much as most couples do. These two also can’t resist the urge to mother those who appear to be in need, most people won’t mind, in fact many are flattered by this refreshing approach to humanity.

Tracy: A union of two Cancer individuals could be wonderful or terrible. With two such emotional signs it could be difficult to keep peace. Yet romantic Cancer may form a joyful bond if they keep their emotions in check. Cancer and Scorpio have much in common, and if they manage to avoid bottling up bad feelings could form a wonderful relationship.

Heidi: Physically there’s no problem in this relationship, however, emotionally there could be a strain. Similarities of this twosome is incredible, and not necessarily a good thing. Since Cancer can be sensitive, somewhat demanding, and requires attention, they both can become bitter towards one another unless both are willing to learn to give as well as take.

Keley: This is a very secure and stable relationship, as each person will understand the other’s need for family, security and stability.

Marcus: This sign is ruled by emotion. Double whammy for this combination. The mood swings alone between this couple could make you dizzy. It’s a good thing Crabs love Crabs. To them they finally found someone they could come out of their shell for, someone compassionate and completely in tune with their emotions. These two feel safe with each other and tend to latch on quickly. Shotgun weddings are very popular so strong is the need to bond for these two.

David: You’re both romantic and responsive, so go for it. But beware of full moons –  you both feel the emotional pull. Still, another Cancer is a highly compatible sign for a Cancer.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman

A Cancer man and Cancer woman couple is the perfect couple. Both share the same modest, calm and humble nature and both the members know each other well. The relationship is a perfect one and if there is economic stability, then there are no conflicts. The couple enjoys a lot of happy times with each other. The only problem occurs when one member tries to dominate the other one or if one of them tries to keep secrets from others. This may result in loss of trust and leads to conflicts but such situations do not last for long when both are calm-natured cancers.

Cancer and Cancer Friendship

A good bond can form but beware of turning insignificant comments into big issues.

Cancer and Cancer Relationship

As lovers:

This will work well if one of you is more assertive than the other.

Long-term relationship:

A good outlook for this relationship if you both got on well when you first met.

Short-term relationship:

Great fun can be had by both during the honeymoon period.

Cancer and Cancer Sex

If the balance between sensitivity and lust is right you will be a roaring success between the sheets.

cancer and cancer sexually compatible



Cancer Compatibility with Cancer Over all Score:


overall score 85%

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