Children Of The Zodiac

Aries Children

Aries children are full of excitement. They are constantly on the go and can make great noise when they are playing due to their excitement. Aries children love to be independant and in control and are very kind and affectionate. Their greatest gift is their imagination so books and games that are about fantasy and adventure will surely interest them.

Taurus Children

Taurus children love to be receivers of kindness and love. Both genders enjoy surroundings that have peace and harmony. The girls love beautiful things such as sweet smelling perfumes and soft colors. The boys love to eat with family around the table. You will find that as these children get older they will become very adventurous and have a great love for the outdoors.

Gemini Children

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and the term “mercurial” is very apt. Geminis are always on the move, mentally quick and very inquisitive. There is always something to say, something new to investigate, something new to ask. Parents need to be prepared with plenty of answers and energy. Geminis are also famed for being able to do more than one thing at a time, they are fast learners and will want to read early on. Words come naturally to Geminis, as do writing and solving puzzles and riddles. Computers are a heaven-sent invention for Geminis. They are also pretty clever with anything requiring working with their hands, and may have a fondness for medicine or the healing arts. Geminis usually get along well with their siblings, the more the merrier!

Cancer Children

Cancer is the sign which is ruled by the Moon, one of the great symbols of ancient mythology and folklore. Cancer children can be emotional, sensitive and always variable; they can laugh and cry at the same time. Cancer children love their home and are always open to friendships, but quickly discard those who are cruel or uncaring. These children have retentive memories and usually excel in sports. They often find themselves working in business and also have a strong affinity for the sea.

Leo Children

Leos are ruled by the creative force of the resplendent Sun, they are the trendsetters of the zodiac, the creative idea people full of fun and games. Leos have a sunny friendly disposition and enjoy being the center of attention. They are most comfortable being in charge. Leos enjoy the limelight at school and respond well to a challenge. Their ability to see the whole picture makes them excellent leaders. Leos can also be creative beings. Leos appreciate the finer things of life.

Virgo Children

Virgo children are uncannily well behaved. They will listen and learn whenever given a logical explanation for how things should be done. Tidiness is second nature to most Virgos, they don’t like things out of place. The thing about Virgos of any age is that they know what’s best, they really do. The demanding world of school and academics is generally no threat to little Virgos. They work quietly and efficiently toward their goals. They are natural collectors and can lose themselves for hours in their hobbies.

Libra Children

Libra children value an environment that is peaceful, loving and soothing to their delicate little soul. They find comfort in all the good things of life, flowers and paintings, perfumes, bubble baths, music and books, paintings and good cuisine. Creative subjects and artistic hobbies are food and drink to Librans. The main difficulty they face is making a decision. Debating the pros and cons of any issue is irresistible to Librans, making them lively and stimulating companions.

Scorpio Children

Scorpio babies are determined little creatures and you will need a sturdy playpen or harness to contain them. Strong in both body and spirit, they make loyal friends and conscientious workers. They are the best kind of people to have on your side in a crisis. With a wisdom that is beyond their years they can become exemplary students in school. They are the scientists or brave soldiers of tomorrow, but always remember that emotion rules them.

Sagittarius Children

Sagittarius children like to feed their sense of adventure through lots of outings, discovering different places and people. These are the adventurers of the Zodiac, both in mind and body. They have a sunny nature and love a good party; they enjoy people with wit and intelligence. Sagittarians are know for their love of pets and people and above all their honesty. They have no time for cheats or dishonest people.

Capricorn Children

Cagricorn children are steady, dependable, with a natural air of authority about them, Capricorns seem to take life pretty seriously a lot of the time. They like to be involved, in fact they prefer being in charge and are planning and wondering just how to go about getting their way. Capricorns love the home and prefer a quiet outing with their parents to roaming around with a gang. These children are mostly well behaved and have an air of authority and sense of dignity about them. The often become the “authority” in their chosen field.

Aquarian Children

Aquarian children are extremely sensitive and intuitive. They are great listeners and are passionately interested in people and what makes them tick. They are the up and coming counselors of the Zodiac. Their minds are constantly working and they are very inventive. They make excellent artists or musicians, but above all, they like people. They handle people who are anxious or upset very skilfully.

Pisces Children

Pisces children are peaceable, sensitive, poetic and modest, these are some of the most endearing characteristics of the Pisces child. These children have their own life rhythm, and schedules and routines are not high on their lists of priorities, and sometimes they need encouragement to get started at school. Pisceans can excel at literature, poetry, art, dance and the theater.

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Melissa Martinez

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