2020 Pisces Horoscope – Daily and Yearly

Pisces Daily Horoscope


  • Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, October 01, 2020

    Focusing on one issue isn`t exactly your strong suit. Daydreams take you away from the things you should be doing, but you can`t even concentrate on them for very long. Give yourself a break and take some time away from work or family responsibilities if possible. A long walk in the park or a soothing bath may help you regain your focus and center your energy, but try not to overdue any type of strenuous activity. With these Stars, you`re much more suited to soothing sounds and beautiful scenery than you are to any type of chaos.


2o2o Yearly Pisces Horoscope


When you look back on it, you’ll recognise 2020 as having been a great year. While you’re living out its days, however, you may feel that situations are unfair and the going very bumpy. This is primarily because of the dramatic changes in circumstances on the domestic or career front triggered by clashes between Saturn and the uncompromising Pluto during the year’s first half. But judging by more upbeat aspects to both the innovative Uranus and your ruler Neptune, for whatever goes, something far better is coming. It’s just that you won’t know the full potential of these developments until the year’s close.

That being the case, the wise Pisces will discuss every idea and get to know every intriguing person that appears in your life. Some will be merely interesting, others worth your time. A few, however, will lead to the exciting ideas or offers that will make 2020 such a memorable year.

Love & close relationships
February’s events prove pivotal with close emotional ties. Take chances then and you’re unlikely to regret it. Still, in certain matters, decisions are yours alone.

Finance & business
Focus on exploration and investment, not reaping rewards. Be restrained in your spending – in terms of time as well as money – and the year will prove profitable in many ways.

Health & well-being
A healthy body, happy mind and nourished spirit are all vital for well-being. Achieve these and you’ll feel on top of the world.


Pisces Love Horoscope

Love and affection are contagious.

The year starts strongly. You are foreseeing an optimistic relationship. People who love you, wants to be with you. You release magnetism, which makes other people feel good. Love and affection can be contagious! If you are lonely, show your happy side and you will attract the best one on your side. But rare are this sign’s natives that will be alone this year!

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