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chinese zodiac sheep

Sheep Chinese Zodiac Sign

* Refered to as The Goat Chinese zodiac sign as well, sometimes even the Ram.

The Sheep is the 8th in the roster of Chinese astrology Animals. The next time this sign will appear in the sixty year cycle of animals will be in the year of 2015 to 2016. The individuals born under this sign are known particularly for their creativity and peace loving nature. They also have a great gift for knowing what is fashionable. The sign is roughly equivalent to the sign of the Crab in Western astrology. The Element associated with this sign is Fire, although the Sheep is considered to be the weakest of the Fire elements. Fire Elementals are ruled by the Planet Mars.


They are considered a very loving individual. He or she has been wrapped in love from infancy and responds the same way.  Their love may even express itself as sympathy or empathy in a large degree to others. In the romantic sense, these individuals love to nurture a loved one and the center of their existence is the home. they are often a gourmet cook. They love things having to do with nature and like nothing more than to live in peace and harmony with loved ones. A romantic and flowery lover will win the heart of the gentle and somewhat self-centered Sheep.


The Sheep Rabbit love compatibility and the Sheep Boar love compatibility are the best pairing for the gentle and artistic Sheep.

Under all circumstances, according to Chinese astrology, a Sheep Oxen match should be avoided. The Sheep and the Rabbit are both gentle and calm creatures so that a match between these two individuals is not likely to set off sparks of anger.

The Sheep Pig combination is also a preferred one. The Pigs lack of exertion and ability to be content in most circumstances fits well with the this signs desire to nurture those around him or her.


The main aspect to the their Personality is a desire for peace. They want to go about their life without needing to take a leadership role in it. They are often an oasis of calm in the midst of turmoil. You often find these individuals in a nurturing role, helping to take care of others. They enjoy being in the company of others, but never on stage. They prefer to be on the sidelines or applauding from the back of the room while others take the limelight.


Their career does best when the individual finds a niche in the artistic or creative fields . They may not be one who can do well in a job with strict deadlines or precise rules to follow, preferring to daydream the afternoon away. They will shine at a career that provides them the opportunity to create art, music, or even beautifully arranged space in the home or office. People born under this sign are not very practical when it comes to money matters and may occasionally say the wrong thing to others. No one could be more apologetic when such a gaffe occurs.

goat zodiac sign

The Famous Goats!

Chante Moore, Benicio del Toro, Lili Taylor, Kurt Cobain, John Wayne Bobbit, Talisa Soto, Liz Phair, Noel Gallagher, Nicole Kidman, Pamela Anderson, Vin Diesel, Carrie Anne Moss, Faith Hill, Mira Sorvino, Toni Braxton, Julia Roberts, Zhang ZiYi, Mena Suvari, Norah Jones, Kate Hudson etc.

Years of the sheep

1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027

Elemental Goat/ Sheep

The Metal Goat:
Talented and determined, this confident Goat has a better sense of sense of self-belief than most Goats, and works to achieve his objectives with diligence, usually very capable of succeeding. Beneath this calm and assured front however, is a highly sensitive and vulnerable soul with a penchant for the arts and music, who craves security both financially and emotionally, sometimes turning possessive and over-protective of his loved-ones when this aspect of his personality is in fear of losing control.

The Water Goat:
This appealing Goaty likes things to stay the way the are, cooperating with others easily to keep the status quo. Popular with children and his friends, he is never without supporters, and often attracts people who want to look after and “mother’ him, much to his delight. Innately opportunistic, this goat is also prone to a persecution-complex, seeking those who can better his welfare, cater to his whims and let him have his way.

The Wood Goat:
This kind-hearted and sentimental Goat has profound trust in those he believes in, and will do anything in his power to please humankind, even if it is to his detriment. A champion of stray animals, beggars and the less-fortunate, he shines most in looking after people and often allows others to take advantage of him. With high moral principles, his good deeds are rewarded by unexpected financial help and luck in a lot of his affairs.

The Fire Goat:
Courageous and creative, this energetic Goat is most concerned with his personal comfort and indulges himself in creating a lifestyle which reeks of wealth and grandeur, of elaborate parties and social events – which he revels in. Consequently, he frequently finds himself in financial dilemmas because of his extravagant tastes and over spending, but he dislikes the humdrum of reality, and when pushed to accept it could turn gloomy and unpleasant – preferring to let his imagination and flights of fancy dictate his life.

The Earth Goat:

More independent than the rest of the herd, this Goat’s loyalties lie with his family, taking his responsibilities of providing for them financially and emotionally seriously. Although more sensible when it comes to money, he is still a sheep, and therefore will not deny himself of the pleasures he deems as necessary even if from the outside it is sheer extravagance – and saving for that rainy day is not as important. Optimistic and helpful to those in need, he also doesn’t take criticism well, reacting with a over-defensive attitude.

2020 Goat Horoscope


You share the same place with the Grand Jupiter this year. So, you luck won’t be very good. It is volatile. To overcome the bad luck, you will need to plan your year probably and execute your plan with determination.

Career (2/10)
You will experience a lot of work pressure this year. You will face many obstacles. The progress will be slow if there is any. If you can overcome all the challenges this year, you will have a prosperous year in 2004.

Money (7/10)
Despite the many bad luck you may have, your income is actually very stable this year. Frugal is the key in creating wealth this year. Don’t gamble with your money or you will lose it all.

Health (2/10)
Watch the hygiene of your diet carefully. It may contract with diseases. Be careful when you are traveling, you may meet an accident.

Love (10/10)
This is a good year to start and involve in a relationship. It can be very fruitful for you. If you are married, your relationship will strengthen. If you are still single, you will meet a person who you cherish and love.

The next zodiac animal: The monkey

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.


  1. libra rose says:

    The Goat is the 8th Chinese zodiac signs among all the 12 astrology signs that are formed on the basis of the Chinese lunar calendar. The goat or the sheep symbolizes creativity, intelligence and dependability and calmness. They are extremely loving and giving people but border more on being shy from people. They prefer pondering over problems and situations alone with the help of their own analytical skills. They do enjoy being a part of a

    The Goat Chinese Astrological Sign

    group belonging to people but rather would not be the center of attraction. They are perfectly okay being on the sides helping other people. They are extremely giving and caring. People with zodiac signs or star signs as goats are selfless and quite reserved because they mostly keep to themselves.
    They are homely creatures and feel the most comfortable in the vicinity of their homes. They are of artistic nature which is also one of the reasons behind the possible solitude or vice versa. They are not pompous and run behind materialistic things. Goats prefer simplicity in whatever they do, wherever they live. They really spend a lot of time with themselves so they really don’t care. Goats like being with people rather than being alone when they are going somewhere. It is only when they are at home that they want solitude. They do like finer detail in life but they are not at all pompous or snobbish or a showoff.
    Goats are serious creatures and hence have little health problems. They outward appearance might make them look delicate to you but they are tough creatures who can take extremely good care of themselves and the others. Romance does not suit them well and gives them troubles which is why they might suffer a little health problem from time to time. This is because since they are very secretive people who mostly like to be on their own. The goats find it hard to open up to people, even to their own partners. This creates trouble in a relationship. However, they are the ones who decide which way the relationship is going to be, they really end up taking wrong decisions and make their partners and themselves miserable.
    They have very little people they can call as friends however they are selfless and want only the best for the others. They are hard working at work too but will assume responsibilities only when asked. Otherwise they are happy working in the back ground. They are the most compatible with astrology signs or zodiac signs Rabbits and pigs and seriously uncomfortable with Rat and Ox. Goat has a soul of the artist, the gentle & good natured character. Goat has the refined taste and pictures him/herself well surrounded by expensive carpets and silk. Hardly do you see the Goat working very hard: work bores & annoys them. Instead, Goat likes idling their time away and it will be good to have somebody to take care of them. Goat dreams to live under protection of the extravagant patron, which offers them all necessary conditions of manifest their talents fully and without any material restrictions.
    Goat is handy and likes to work with their hands – in case, it is about art; however the Goat loses the interest immediately while it comes about tidying around their house. Even simplest every day pursuits are the punisher for them. All the Goat wants is finding the correct person for dealing with the “annoying details” as well as make necessary decisions, however to know how you can flatter and offer them the fresh grass daily day. Goat’s imaginary universe, where everything is ” beauty, luxury, peace as well as sensuality”, is very far away from the reality. When Goat comes down to the Earth, they are like victim of the bleak pessimism & become stubborn, moody & sad. Home & alone is where the Goats feel comfortable. There they will express themselves artistically, no matter whether it is by painting, cooking and participating at whatever artistic endeavors that they enjoy. The Goats prefer couch as there they will relax & explore their minds. Also, they do not need any elaborate furnishings; just items reflecting the desire for art.
    While traveling and seeking entertainment, the Goats prefer groups and venues that hold lots of people. The Goats spend their money on the fashions, which give them the first class appearance. Though Goats like spending money on finer things in their life, they aren’t snobbish.

    1. Melissa Martinez says:

      Thank you for your take on this from the Goat perspective libra 🙂

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