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    The Rabbit zodiac sign occupies the 4th position in the Chinese zodiac signs and deals with people who are calm and serene. They are good people who do not see evil in others. They are also compassionate and creative and prefer being outgoing and being with friends and family. They value friends and family a lot and depend a lot on them. They always want to keep the people around them happy and this is why they usually avoid getting into conflicts which might hurt other people.

    They are calm about issues and like to take time before they make a strong decision. They are cool minded people who think the right way to make a decision is to settle down the mind’s inner thoughts. Since they are such a big shot about bonding and family values, rabbits depend emotionally on people close to them and any conflict that arises in their relationship can upset them to a great extent causing emotional issues. They are silent, serious, serene and calm people who generally like minding their own business and not poking their nose into other people’s business. Rabbits avoid taking risks of all sorts and sometimes can turn out to be very conservative with people they don’t know. They shy away from strangers and do not open up easily. They hate being in tight spots or competitive situations since they do not believe in competitions but rather believe in equal treatment for all. Peace loving people, the Rabbit zodiac are polite, sophisticated and very well mannered.Chinese Astrology sign Rabbit

    Rabbits are very much related to the place they live in, the people they call as true friends and cannot bear to be apart from them. However, they love being at home in familiar surroundings rather than in unknown places with people they barely know. Their stress levels are usually controlled but they find it hard to express their feelings. It is something they need to work on hard to improve. Rabbits are sensual, giving and sensitive in relationships and hence they need to find partners who will never take their advantages or take them for granted. Rabbits do not give up false hopes and expectations to anybody and also keep up their promises and commitments. Since they are polite and sophisticated, they can really do a great job in hospitality, by welcome people, being nice to them, taking care of them and so on. They are the most compatible with the astrology signs pig ad dog and do not work well with rooster and rat astrology signs

    Rabbits are the private individuals, a little introverted & withdrawn. The people who are born in the sign will rather work behind scenes in place of being center of attention at any situation. Don’t misunderstand… Rabbit isn’t the recluse. Actually, he is the reasonably friendly individual that enjoys company of the group of good friends no matter whether at the business dinner or holiday party. The Rabbits like to be the part of a gang as opposed to leader of this.

    Rabbit Years comes fourth in a cycle, and following the Tiger Years, and recur each twelfth year. Chinese New Year doesn’t fall on the specific date, thus it is necessary to check calendar and find out exact date in which Rabbit Year in fact, begins.

    Rabbits, like the animal counterparts, are very calm people who don’t exhibit the aggressive behavior & can avoid the confrontation at any costs. While angry about something, the Rabbit can approach this very calmly and considerately, and hardly raising their voice or else becoming visibly annoyed. Due to the serenity, Rabbits appear to miss things, no matter whether they are totally confrontational in nature. But, Rabbit is very keen and pays very close attention to situations developing to him. He is quick and intelligent and will talk himself in and out of situations without any problem.

    Chinese Rabbit is the most stylish creatures of Chinese Animal Signs & finds interest in various cultures. He is sophisticated and classy, and is found adorning the new fashion magazine cover. Rabbits as ewll like the artistic ventures, like music and painting and are normally quite present in the worlds. They also love the top express themselves that is very evident while joining them in home for the function or cup of coffee.

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