Solar Return: What does it symbolize?

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solar return
Solar Return– Wouldn’t it be great to know where the emphasis of your life will be from birthday to birthday? How useful would it be to know where the focus of the year will be in terms of growth and recognition? There is a powerful astrological tool, the solar return, that tells this information and more.

It  is one of the predictive tools of astrology. An astrological chart is calculated for the time of the year that the Sun arrives at the exact position of the Sun in the natal chart. This happens once a year around the time of the birthday. How about this for a birthday present? The placement of the planets in this specific chart gives an indication of the nature of the upcoming year for the individual who is having a solar return calculated.

The astrological wheel has different energies in each of the twelve sections. An analysis of where the planets fall into the wheel gives interpretation to the nature of the year. The year can show great activity and effort. The year could have many matters already started and these will be seen to completion or difficulty will be seen in beginning changes. Lastly, the year could suggest mental preparation and preparation for things yet to be. Knowing the focus of the year can help the chart bearer to best place efforts toward either pursuing matters, ending matters, or planning matters.

The single most important planetary consideration in a solar return chart is the Sun. The Sun’s astrological wheel position denotes where an individual will most identify the self in the year charted, and where the greatest psychological growth might develop. The position points to where one’s “life force” is most apt to express itself and the place where one receives the most recognition and re-vitalization.

The Moon, companion to the Earth, has the second most important planetary consideration in the chart. The Moon points to where the emotional energies of the year will be directed. Results come forth from the focus of these emotional energies. The astrological wheel position of the Moon shows where the greatest needs, and changes during the year, are located. These are the areas where there will be great activity and many events will transpire, and the areas where the chart bearer tends to be most assertive.

There are other ways that it is interpreted. However, the basic interpretation tools of the return presented here can reveal much about what a year holds for a person. They forecast the developmental nature of the year, where the most growth and recognition will be, and where energies will be focused. An astrologer can read the  chart for this and more information. The solar return reading will not foretell job changes or the purchasing of shiny red cars, but it can show where a person has opportunities for growth and can reveal where old things are to be put away. The focus of a solar return forecast can be ignored or embraced. But who wouldn’t want to know how their year can be made most productive? Remember! Forewarned is forearmed.

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

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