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  1. Spirit of Atlantis says:

    The other night during Meditation and Tarot study, I was making room for a Tarot spread. There was this small 3″ Lapis sphere a friend had given me. ( I think its Lapis) very dark blue with a few Gold Streaks, I needed to move. The light was very subdued, only two or three candles were lit. The moment I picked up the Sphere it just held my gaze. I remember Its feel was nice and solid, and had a nice energy about it. I remember relaxing my eyes and then started seeing this cloud inside the Sphere, and soon afterwards the images appeared. In my mind I struggled with my logical facilities because for a moment I could actually see my hand through the sphere and thinking to myself “This isn’t possible”. I relayed this story to a friend of mine and she told me that I was “Scrying”. Since then I’ve been obsessed with it.
    So now I’m looking for a larger sphere, at least 4″, and am studying up on different minerals and crystals …

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