Crystal Scrying or Gazing

Crystal ‘Gazing’ or Scrying


Scrying is the name given to the ancient technique of gazing into an object such as a crystal ball (or skull) for the purposes of divination. Although some people can achieve visions from gazing into flames or even a shallow bowl of water or black ink, the clear quartz crystal ball is the most common method.

Most genuine crystal balls that are used for divinatory purposes are made of clear quartz, but many other types of crystal that have naturally reflective surfaces can be just as effective (once again it depends on the individual) One in particular that comes to mind is obsidian which I have read Nostrodarmus used for his divination purposes. Some other crystals that I can think of that are effective for scrying are Beryl, Tiger’s Eye, Moonstone, Sunstone, Opal, Labradorite, Agate, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst just to name a few.

I have to also add here that it is also possible to successfully scry with an Austrian crystal ball (glass). I have personally found that although they certainly don’t have the same vibrations and energy as genuine quartz crystal, the visions received can be just as clear. It is also quite possible to scry with crystals that have a flat surface as long as there are no surface scratches which may shift you focus from the inside of the crystal.

The reason that different objects as well as different stones can be used for scrying is that it is your own inherent abilities to see into the past or future that you are tapping into. The crystal ball is simply a tool that provides a focal point for these abilities and amplifies them in a way that allows you to see a visual representation of your psychic mind. Some people will see symbols that they will then have to interpret, while others may see scenes, as if they are looking at a miniature television screen. It is possible to get instant results the very first time you attempt scrying, but some people can practice for years before they see anything at all. And as I have found, just because you see something the first time doesn’t necessarily mean you will see something everytime you try, so patience can be a real virtue!

Often the strength of your desire to know the answer to your question will affect the speed, intensity and clarity of the answer you receive. Trust your subconscious because this is where your true natural abilities manifest. You may not even see anything in the scrying tool, you may receive the answer to the question in your mind as if by telepathy, or the answer may come to you later, perhaps in the dream state when the conscious mind is less of an obstruction. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and your abilities – believe it will happen, and if your intent and belief is strong enough, it will happen.

After choosing your scrying stone, it needs to be cleansed and if you prefer programmed for the specific purpose of scrying. Smudging with sage is a wonderful method of cleansing scrying tools, as is leaving them in moonlight. Two things I feel very strongly about (but others might not) in regards to scrying crystals is that leaving the crystal in sunlight should be avoided, and that only the owner should touch the crystal. The reason being that psychic abilities and intuition are very strongly linked with the moon and I feel that exposing a scrying crystal to the sun would counteract the moons influence, and therefore lessen the ability to connect with the psychic mind (the full moon is particularly good for this purpose – all you need to do is hold the crystal ball up to the moonlight using both hands while visualizing the moons light filtering through the crystal and attuning it with your own energy). Allowing the crystal to absorb other peoples vibrations is likely to interfere with the psychic connection that I have established while working with the crystal and for this reason I don’t let others handle my scrying crystals.

Once the stone has been cleansed, it can be wrapped in cloth when it is not being used. A natural fibre such as muslin or silk is appropriate, and as to colour – go by your own instincts of what you feel is right. I have seen many different colours mentioned as the ‘preferred’ colour in the various books I have read on the subject. I use a deep blue cloth, but others use black, white, yellow or red. It is important to handle the stone frequently and if it is small enough, try keeping it on you for the first few days. If it is too large to carry, you could try leaving it under your pillow or right next to your bed so it will be in close proximity to you while you sleep. If you use a stand for your crystal ball, it is best to use one that is made of wood or a non-conductive alloy such as silver or brass.

How to start Scrying

It is recommended to attempt scrying at night rather than during the day as it is the night that rules the psychic mind, and more practically, there is less chance of interruption. Everyone will have different ideas on what is the right way to go about scrying, but the most important thing is to choose (or develop) a method that feels right to you. Some methods can be quite elaborate involving detailed ritual or ceremony, but from my experience I can say that if you don’t feel comfortable doing an elaborate ritual, your scrying can be just as effective without it, and is likely to be less effective if you are uncomfortable doing a ritual that you have been told is necessary. On the other hand if ritual is very important to you (and it certainly helps to focus and clear the mind, then by all means do it. It is what feels right to you that matters.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you are not going to be disturbed so that you can focus your whole attention on what you are doing. You might like to light some candles, an oil burner, incense or sage or maybe put on some quite music that you normally use for meditation (without lyrics as they may distract your concentration). You might surround yourself with your favorite crystals (particularly ones with psychic properties such as Amethyst, Kyanite, Labradorite, Fluorite or Herkimer Diamonds are all very good). If you have been working on your chakras, you might like to open them before you star, particularly the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It is best to start in a darkened room because this will reduce the surface reflections on the crystal which can be distracting.

You will need to experiment a bit to see which works best for you, so first try have a point of light (such as a candle) coming from behind the crystal then move the candle so that the flame is next to or behind you so that the light is shining onto the crystal rather than through it. If this doesn’t work, try placing the crystal ball on a black surface (or hold it in your hands in a black cloth so that only the front surface is exposed for you to view.

Once you are ready to start, relax, breathe deeply and close your eyes. Ask for guidance and protection from your Spirit Guides, Angels, Power Animal, or whoever you feel comfortable with. Ask to be shown the information that you need to know, for the highest good of all concerned (for yourself it is a personal question or for the person you are asking about). If you have a specific question, ask that the answer be revealed to you. If you don’t have a specific question, ask to be shown something from the past or the future (the past may be easier at first). If you can, try to visualize what you are actually asking about because this will help to focus your mind. If you are using a natural crystal ball rather than glass, you will find that it will warm up in your hands. This happens because your personal energies are being released into the stone and at the same time, your hands are absorbing the energies of the stone.

The mindstate that you are trying to achieve is very similar to meditation, so it helps if you can keep your mind focused on what you are doing – if others thoughts enter just acknowledge them and then release them (and don’t get frustrated).

Look into the crystal – if it is a transparent stone look inside of the stone, into the depths. If it is an opaque stone, I have found that gazing at a part of the stone that has a reflection allows me to achieve a soft focus. Don’t stare, and blink if you need to (if you don’t blink your eyes will dry out and get sore, so just blink normally). What you are trying to achieve is a ‘soft focus’ of your eyes – you need to gaze at the crystal rather than stare at it. If you can see auras, it’s a similar focus, otherwise, try remembering what it is like to be really tired and having to keep your eyes open to stay awake. What will happen is that your focus will change from normal focus to a soft almost blurry focus, although it is the surroundings seen in your peripheral vision that is likely to be blurry rather than the point on the crystal you are focusing on.

The first time you try scrying you may see nothing at all, or you may start to see the crystal clouding over. I can’t explain this any better because I don’t see the clouding over I just see the images, but it may seem that there is white clouds or mist swirling inside the crystal so I have been told. The first time I tried scrying I saw very detailed images, like watching television of a number of different scenes. When I had finished my logical mind took over and I thought it was just my imagination and that I hadn’t really seen anything at all. That was a very strong lesson for me to trust in what I was being shown because for months afterwards I did not see a thing, no matter how hard I tried – logically I can assume that if it was my imagination (which is fairly vivid anyway) then my imagination would allow me to see something everytime I tried. If you see images they may be in colour or black and white. I have also seen a vision that appeared to be in sepia tones like an old photograph, only moving.

If you can achieve the ‘soft focus’ of your eyes and nothing else the first time you attempt scrying, that is a good result – don’t be disheartened, just keep trying. As hard as it may be, try limiting yourself to 10-15 minutes, particularly if you don’t see anything, because it can be a strain on your eyes and give you a headache. Even if you see quite vivid things, try to do it for only half an hour or so to prevent eye strain – you can always try again later.

Listen to your inner voice – most people expect to physically see images, but don’t forget it is your psychic mind that you are using with scrying so the images, thoughts, colours or symbols you see are just as likely to appear in your mind as in the crystal. The images might be still like a photograph or moving like a television screen. You may even experience feelings in answer to the question you asked – happiness, anger, fear, love. Often the thoughts or images will need to be interpreted – if the answer is not immediately obvious you could try reading a few dream interpretation books to see if you can get a better understanding of what they mean to you. I suggest that you keep a journal of your experiences to help you with this.

If you don’t feel like you have achieved anything, remember that the majority of people do have the inherent ability to ‘see’ into a crystal ball, it is just a matter of practice. And I must add that with practice, you will find that you can eventually scry in normal light without candles and dim lighting.

When you first start, you may not have much control over what you see, however with practice and a clear intent, you can learn to get the information that you are asking for (this is obviously important when it comes time to read for someone else).


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Tracy Roberts

Tracy Roberts

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  1. Spirit of Atlantis says:

    The other night during Meditation and Tarot study, I was making room for a Tarot spread. There was this small 3″ Lapis sphere a friend had given me. ( I think its Lapis) very dark blue with a few Gold Streaks, I needed to move. The light was very subdued, only two or three candles were lit. The moment I picked up the Sphere it just held my gaze. I remember Its feel was nice and solid, and had a nice energy about it. I remember relaxing my eyes and then started seeing this cloud inside the Sphere, and soon afterwards the images appeared. In my mind I struggled with my logical facilities because for a moment I could actually see my hand through the sphere and thinking to myself “This isn’t possible”. I relayed this story to a friend of mine and she told me that I was “Scrying”. Since then I’ve been obsessed with it.
    So now I’m looking for a larger sphere, at least 4″, and am studying up on different minerals and crystals …

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