BY Tracy Roberts

Are you a psychic?

Answer the following questions as truthfully and accurately as possible and discover your level of psychic power.


1. Have you ever walked into a room and been introduced to someone (whom you have never met before) and felt like you already knew them?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

2. Have you ever met a new person and for an unknown reason disliked them immediately?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

3. Have you ever experienced déjà vu?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

4. Have you ever felt the presence of something or someone around you yet could not say definitely what or who it was?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

5. Do you dream of situations/events that actually occur in your waking life?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

6. Do you ever get flashes or pictures of objects or brief sightings of strange people from the corner of your eye, yet cannot explain what it exactly was?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

7. Do you sense an event coming up before it is going to happen?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

8. Do you remember your dreams?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

9. Do you know or understand what your “intuitions” or “gut feelings” are trying to tell you?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

10. Have you ever seen what you thought was a “ghost”, a “vision” or a conscious precognitive flash?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

11. Have you ever walked into a room and felt either a “good vibe” or “bad vibe” about it?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

12. Do you finish sentences for people close to you?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

13. Do you hear from people or bump into someone you have not seen for a long time, but just happened to think about a few days previously?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

14. Have you ever tried to meditate?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

15. Do you find it difficult to focus on certain tasks?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

16. Do you ever feel that something or someone is around you even though you are on you own? Have you detected a presence in a room, place or house?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

17. Do you hear voices around you even though no one is there?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

18. Do you ever find yourself writing down sentences and then not remembering why you wrote it?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

19. Are you oversensitive and react to certain situations when there wasn’t a real reason to?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

20. Have you ever had a psychic reading eg. Palm, tarot, mediumship, channelling etc)
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure

21. Do you feel that you are “psychic” or intuitive most of the time?
Yes      No      Sometimes      Not sure


Read on to assess your score. There are no prizes if you received a high score. A high score merely indicates that you already have an open awareness of your own abilities and maybe are looking to develop them further.

Score 4 points for each YES answer.
Score 3 points for each SOMETIMES answer.
Score 2 points for each NOT SURE answer.
Score 1 point for each NO answer.

WOW, you are already very aware of your own psychic abilities but maybe you are looking for other ways to express them. You have a highly developed level of intuition but maybe you are looking to diversify and put into practice some of your knowledge. You should think about a psychic development program to strengthen and give you some practical structure to share your skills with others.

OKAY, you have a well developed awareness and openness to your psychic abilities, but maybe you are not sure about how to listen to them properly. You get strong “gut feelings” and follow what you feel is right but you could look at developing your skills and learning other ways to channel your creativity and intuition.

WELL, you certainly get flashes of insight and different perceptions that show you what is going on, but sometimes you might ignore them. Naughty you, when your intuition speaks, you should listen. Maybe you feel a bit of a road block to your subconscious and now is the time to do something about removing those obstacles.

DON’T WORRY, you need to do some serious psychic tuning though. Why have you been ignoring your intuitions, they will not bite you, they have been trying to tell you a thing or two but you have been ignoring them. You get the occasional odd flash of intuition but discount it immediately. You definitely need to work on unleashing the amazing intuitions and psychic abilities you have buried inside.

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