How to Memorize the Tarot Card Meanings

How to Memorize the Tarot Card Meanings

How do I commit the Tarot card meanings to memory?

Unless you have a photographic memory, you probably not going to memorize tarot, plus there is more to it than mere memorization. A good start is learning some keywords, but without fully understanding the card or how cards connect in combo, that will only take you so far. The way you learn tarot is with study and practice–lots and lots of practice. You make connection to cards, personal experiences, songs, movie scenes, journal, and the more you work with them and connect, the clearer it becomes. I will say with tarot though, there is always something new to learn, but in the beginning start with the basics foundation pieces: structure of the deck, the hero’s journey, what each suit means, what the numbers mean, what the number and suite means together for each card, symbols, colors, etc. I suspect because we come to tarot for different reasons, our journeys are personal as well. You will find the meanings and your way to work with tarot, just keep at it.

  • howey kenny says:

    Choose ONE word to represent each card. Memorize that word associated with that card. Should take a few hours of concentrated effort. All meanings follow from that word. Intuition follows. Not to mention, you may see a card in a spread, have it “memorized”” as meaning __fill in___ however intuitively you just *know* that its to be interpreted differently than those memorized definitions. One card can have so many different meanings, ideas, aspects ( etc ) depending on the question, its placement in a spread, the cards around it, as well as your own intuitive slant. Welcome to the wonder that is the Tarot!

  • zollie j says:

    The same card in two different decks can have different meanings so if you go the memorizing route, you will have to do that for each deck

  • Malanie says:

    Mnemonics, patience studying astrology & divinations for many years, and using different decks to learn different nuances from different practitioners.

  • Jewell C. says:

    I really dont…ive learned to take what comes into my head or that old gut feeling. I also do more numerology with it. But the one thing that has truely helped, daily readings for myself and journal it. Then you see first hand what works for you.

  • Catherine Meyers says:

    If depended only on memory for the card meanings I’d been dead in the water a long time ago. I forget what I’m supposed to remember! I don’t believe that would even work for those with a photographic memory if you don’t have a direct relationship with the cards that comes with regular practice.

    I concentrate on using one deck now that I love and keeps me focused to really dig in to the meanings of the cards. A daily draw really works for me, and reading for others when ever I can.

    This is an important point you make for anyone starting out, as there is so much information. It would be easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged for some without knowing memorization of cards is not the point. Thanks for the post Melissa.:)

    Catherine Meyers

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