Present Position in a Tarot Reading

Present Position in a Tarot Reading

All Tarot readings, other than the One card Yes or No spread, will contain a Present position, along with a Tarot card meaning. This is a very important position to consider in the reading. The Present position offers information regarding what is going on currently in the client’s life. It shows the path the client is traveling presently, and how it will likely affect a future outcome regarding the question asked.

Explaining the meaning of the Present position is meant to help the client know if the path currently being followed should remain the same, or change. As nothing is truly set in stone, if the present path is not a positive one, the client can change it, thus changing the future outcome. The Tarot card meaning of this position is something that should be explained to the client very carefully, so that it is understood.

If the client is currently having issues regarding the question or situation asked about, the Present position card can give some clues as to what the Future outcome may be if these issues are not corrected. For example, if the client is unhappy in a present job and feels unappreciated, the tarot card in the Present should show this. It may also show the main reason for the discontent, and how the client is affecting the way she or he is viewed at work. If it is a negative Tarot card meaning, this will indicate that the client is most likely bringing this situation about in some way.

The next part of your job as the Tarot reader is to help guide the client away from a troublesome path that could likely reach into future. If the card in the Present position of the Tarot reading is a negative one, you will need to explain why this is so, and what can be done to change things into more positive energy. If this Present card is already a positive one, then you only need to elaborate on what a great job the client is doing currently, and that it should continue.

Many people will take your advice and guidance to heart, and will act on what the Tarot card meaning is, as explained by you. Encourage them to do things to change the negative and enhance the positive in order to have their future turn out the way they hope. Changing or building on the Present card can make all the difference in the future outcome.


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