Advice Card Position in a Tarot Reading

The fourth card in a Five Card Spread is known as the Advice Card. By the time you reach this Tarot card, you have seen the Past, Present, and Hidden Influences of your client’s question or situation. The Tarot meaning of the Advice card position will show the client how any obstacles turning up in the Hidden Influences card should be handled. It can also show how to keep something positive from the Hidden Influences heading in the right direction. When in this position does just what its position implies: offers advice.

When there are problems that turn up with the card in the Hidden Influences position, this card will show the client what can be done to counteract, or change these factors. Depending on the Tarot meaning in this position, the  card can show you how to either alter events, or show how to simply move past them. For example, a client has come to you for a reading about his or her job. Your client has been in line for a promotion for some time, yet continues to get passed over in favor of co-workers with less experience or seniority. The Hidden Influences card shows that someone has been secretly bad mouthing your client. As a result, your client keeps being denied the deserved promotion. This may suggest that your client should confront the boss and ask outright what the problem is. Or it may indicate that resigning from that job and finding a new one is a better idea.

The Tarot  meaning for the Advice Card will guide your client in what the next, or even final, step should be regarding a given situation. If the information from the Hidden Influences card was positive rather than an obstacle, the card in the Advice position will show how to make the circumstances even better. As you can see, it works both ways.

Suggestions offered by this placement are usually ones that your client would do well to heed. However, you are only the Tarot reader, and cannot force your clients to do anything they don’t wish to do. In most instances, clients who choose not to pay attention to the Advice Card are most likely soon back at your door wondering what went wrong. This time they may be ready to listen to what this particular Tarot card meaning has to say, and follow it accordingly.


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Tracy Roberts

Tracy Roberts

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