Hidden Influences Position in a Tarot Reading

Hidden Influences Position in a Tarot Reading

The Tarot card appearing in the Hidden Influences Position within a Tarot spread is a very important card. The Tarot card meaning of what appears in this position can show some vital parts of what is going on in the life of a client. These are usually things that are not known, but the client needs to be aware of. It is your job, as the Tarot reader, to explain what this means to your client.

Hidden influences affect every part of a client’s life. These are events or circumstances that are going on around the client without her or him realizing it. A negative Tarot card meaning that shows up in this position will show the client what obstacles are being presented. Suppose someone comes to you for a relationship reading. Your client has done everything possible to make the relationship work, yet there still seem to be problems. The card in the Hidden Influences position may show that there is a third person involved in this relationship, as in an affair. The client’s partner is only pretending to work on the relationship, when, in reality, he or she has already made the choice to leave it.

You can see how the impact of that particular Hidden Influence will affect the overall relationship. The client did not know that this third person was involved, therefore, making all efforts to revive the relationship pointless. This can be true of work related issues, as well. There may be a hidden reason for why the client is not getting a promotion or a raise, depending on the Tarot card meaning.

In a positive reading, the card falling in the Hidden Influence position can show what has brought something wonderful into the client’s life. Some people seem to just need to know why something good has happened to them. It’s almost as if they feel they don’t deserve the good fortune that has come to them, so they want to know why it happened. These are the easy readings, however.

Whether the Tarot reading is a positive one or a negative one, having the knowledge contained in the Hidden Influences card will help the client understand why things are going the way they are. The information gained from this card will help in guiding the client to knowing what the next step should be. You, as the Tarot reader, will need to be able to assist the client in taking the proper action.

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