Author: Tracy Roberts


Quiz: Are you a psychic?

Are you a psychic? Answer the following questions as truthfully and accurately as possible and discover your level of psychic power. QUESTIONS 1. Have you ever walked into a room and been introduced to someone (whom you have never met before) and felt like you already knew them? Yes      No      Sometimes      Not

How To Become Psychic

  People wonder how to become psychic when they feel as if they have undeveloped power. This usually happens after someone realizes that unusual and inexplicable occurrences keep happening that reveal predictive information. People are fascinated with the thought they might have psychic power and the best way to find out is to spend some

Psychic Kids – Children Living With Abilities

When you spend time around children a lot it is hard not to notice if they have a special gift when it comes to the psychic life adults don’t usually give children credit for being aware of their surroundings, even when they are in fact very aware. People talk about children having the ability

Choosing The Dark side or the light side as a psychic reader

There are three different facets of your human identity: the physical being, the mental being, and the spiritual being. All three work as one to represent a person’s visible being and his character. There are certain laws of attraction that help a person in his psychic development. Using these psychic development techniques, one can tap into great

Biorhythms : What are they?

Biorhythm Cycle Biorhythms – Your biorhythm cycle started on the day you were born. Understanding how these cycles work in your life will help you better understand when to try new things or when you should put certain matters on hold. Your biorhythm chart will flow at different speeds as our energy rises and lowers

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