Pendulum Divination: How to Use it to Get Answers

What are the inner workings to using a pendulum?

The Pendulum itself amplifies the signal that your nervous system sends out when your body makes an involuntary muscle movement to make a recognizable response. It communicates with the higher perceptions and subconscious mind. Your nervous system is a dynamic, sensitive and delicate system of communication. Messages are sent to the pendulum by way of electrical impulses when it causes involuntary muscle responses that you perceive consciously within your own mind. This causes the pendulum to move. When the pendulum does move this shows a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious mind. In essence the nervous system sends these impulses and electrical signals. Remember that the subconcious mind controls 90% of our bodies motions and brain functions.

How do I learn pendulum dowsing?

Learning to use it is actually very easy and requires very little practice and time. The only things you really need is a quiet place to start your practice, and have the ability to relax whether you use meditation or not.

What kind should I have?

One of the most sought-after is a crystal pendulum, but also quartz is also a popular choice. Experts say it should be about 20 grams in weight and on a chain roughly 10 cm’s in length. For simple yes or no answers you can use string with a needle or key on it, but best to use something more sensitive ( object wise) for important questions.

First easy steps

-Start by consciously moving a pendulum forwards and backwards, and then side to side, all the while consciously stopping it.
-If you wish you may program your pendulum by letting it know that to you a backwards or forwards motion means a yes, whereas a side to side motion means no. Or if you choose you may allow the pendulum to choose what each distinct motion means for “yes” “no” and “stop”
-The next thing you have to do is prove to yourself that the pendulum is moving on its own accord and not by your assistance. To do this let the pendulum hang very still and think about the word yes. Repeat it in your mind and let your eyes look up and down the “yes” line. Do this until the pendulum swings up and down on its own, without any conscious help from you. Now repeat this procedure for “no” and “stop.” You are learning to make it move with just your mind.

Now on to the readings

Now that you have the basics down it is best to start testing your ability to use the pendulum by asking yes or no questions. In fact the best yes you questions to ask it out ones that you already know the answers to. This is so you as a person or reader will grasp the fact that the pendulum is moving on its own. When you start to ask questions is best that you ask specific ones to get the best possible answer to the questions you seek. An example of this would be if you asked the pendulum “will it snow tomorrow?”The answer would come back as a yes do the fact that it is actually snowing somewhere in this world or would be the next day. If you were to rephrase the question as “will it snow when we have to go away to the cottage tomorrow?”The answer will come back as a positive or negative response depending on the outcome.

The last thing you must consider when you start working with it, is to receive guidance from somebody that has your best interests at heart. Whether this might be your higher self or your spirit guides. Ask to speak to whoever you choose by saying “May I speak to…” this ensures that the answers that you are getting come from somebody that you can trust and believe in. Once you get the hang of it you’ll see that this kind of dowsing is very easy to grasp.

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