What Are The Top 6 Most Discussed Topics In A Psychic Tarot Reading?

What are the top 6 most discussed topics in a Psychic Tarot Reading?


When people get readings there tend to be lots of different types of questions that are asked but this will help explain what the most discussed topics are. In order most of the time, first is a person’s Love Life, then Career, Health and Family. In that order. Love Life being the most asked about.

The most commonly asked questions are:

Will I meet my ideal mate?

This is probably one of the most common questions that I have come across when it comes to readings. Love is is the most important topic a person wants to talk about when it comes to getting answers. Only financial questions come second. Everyone wants to be loved and for the people that haven’t found that perfect love yet this question is something that they are longing to get the answer for.

Will I be rich?

Now this is the second biggest question that we come across on a daily basis. Lots of people want to know if there ever can become rich or well-off. As a reader we can tell them whether or not we see financial stability in the future or having creature comforts that we all want to have. The one thing that most readers will not answer is what are the lottery numbers for the upcoming lottery going to be.

Will I have a long healthy life?

This question can also come up quite often. Now most readers will not take the time to answer questions that deal with health. The reason is not because they are not equipped to answer those questions, in most cases it’s a personal preference not to answer these types of questions. In most cases the readers themselves would rather that you go and get health-related and medical questions done by certified medical professionals. That is not to say that some readers wont answer these questions for you, there are a few that specialize in it.

Will I be happy?

Will I be happy is one that also comes up quite often. In life we go through many triumphs and tribulations and everyone wants to know whether or not happiness is coming their way.

Will I be successful in my career choice?

Will I myself be successful in the career or the job profession that I choose. This question seems to come up a lot more from people that are just entering into the workforce from college or university. At that time in your life sometimes you can be very insecure with the choices you’ve made for your schooling. A reader can help you figure out whether or not you are on the right path.

How many children will I have? 1,2,3 etc?

Now this is a specific question that you hear a lot from lovebirds. How many little Rugrats will be running around the house? A reader can help you find this out. Do note that a lot of readers will technically not tell you whether you’re pregnant or not at the time if you don’t know, or if you are pregnant they will not tell you what the gender of the baby will be. These again are questions that should be brought up to the medical professionals.

What are the least discussed topics in a reading session?

Here are a few examples of different questions that have popped up:

Will I have bad luck if I have a Tarot reading?

Getting a tarot reading itself is not bad. There is no evil spirits hanging over you or bad luck coming your way if you get one. If the reader ever tells you these things, or tells you that there is a black cloud hanging over your head or somebody has put a hex on you do yourself a favor and run away as fast as you can. An ethical honest reader will not tell you these things.

Will I die young?

This is a question you yourself wouldn’t want to know the answers to. I kind of find questions of this type very morbid. Honestly a lot of times you will not hear people ask morbid questions. People need to stop obsessing over this type question and just live life.

Will the Tarot cards possess me?

Tarot cards themselves cannot possess you. As far as I’m concerned there’s really nothing that can possess you that is a tool of divination. The only tool that I would consider a no-no to use would be that of the Ouija board only due to the fact that you invoke spirits around you to get answers. I personally wouldn’t touch anything that can bring you in contact with evil spirits.

Is there a heaven for pets?

I think that most cases when we have lost a furry pet we all know that they go to heaven. This is the same heaven that we go to what we pass on.

Hopefully this is been helpful to you to see what questions are the most asked. If you have a question that you feel scared to ask or you feel in your own mind it’s stupid, don’t worry about that because every question that you have in your heart and in your mind is important. So take the time to write down the questions that you need answers for to help you put your mind at ease with the situation that you’re dealing with at the present time.

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Melissa Martinez

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