Moon Sign Astrology – How The Moon Influences your life

when it comes to astrology, moon signs take a back seat to what is called your Sun sign. The easiest way to understand what role it plays within your astrological forecast is to know that your Sun sign is all of those things that affect you externally, whereas your moon sign are the things that effect you internally. These things are like your character traits, the feelings you possess, and how you personally respond to external forces. One very famous scientist by the name of Sigmund Freud published a paper on the theory of the ego and the ID in human personalities. The ego which is symbolized in astrology as a Sun sign is considered a person’s consciousness, whereas the ID in astrology is symbolized as the moon sign or is considered the persons internal instincts.

The Moon’s placement in your chart effects not just your feelings and emotions but also, your five senses smell, touch, hearing, taste and sight.

Love under the moon – moon sign compatibility

everybody loves to be in a relationship with the compatibility between the two is unmatched. It’s like that moment in a relationship we start to determine whether or not the person you are with is the one you are meant to be with. When you start to think about it you either come up with a decision that he or she is the one, or that they are so difficult to live with you feel like you want to move on.

What a lot of people do as they like to take a look at what is called their sign compatibility between themselves and their mate. This in itself is a good way to determine the compatibility between the two of you, but to even get a deeper understanding of your compatibility take a look at both of your moon signs. Since the moon controls the emotions it is an important factor in love relationships. A lasting bond that is strong and has the greatest chances of survival is when the female has the same sign in her moon, as the male in the relationship has the corresponding sign in his Sun signs. An example would be if the gentleman was born in July as a cancer, then the perfect female for him would have her moon in Cancer. With this combination they will have a deep understanding of each other and all the tools to make this a long-lasting relationship.

Hey what is my moon sign?

Your moon sign is calculated in a different way than how you calculate your Sun sign. Your Sun sign is determined by your date of birth (day/month/year) and where it falls within the 12 zodiac’s. Your moon sign is determined in the different way in that your sign is determined by the position of the moon in its predetermined zodiac sign. As an example someone that is born on July 11, 1978 they would have their moon in Libra.

Check out the following resource online to help you calculate moon sign :

Following items are what the moon represents


  • Your mood and intuition, your inner and emotional self
  • your automatic reactions to outer stimuli, the habits you formed through life, and your internal instincts
  • how you react to things, and how you personally respond to them, as well as your feelings
  • your upbringing throughout life within your family unit, your family’s heritage,
  • the concerns you may have in your private life as well as your current living arrangements
  • qualities that you developed in the first years of your life within your relationship to your mother or another maternal figure
  • the way you relate to your family whether positive or negative or how you may view friends that you feel close enough to that they are like family


The Moon itself

Scientists and astrologists have been studying the moon for many years to determine what power it has over our lives, and what power it has within the universe. It has been known to incite more criminal activity when it is in a full moon status. It has been worshipped by some (Romans) and feared by others (Victorians). As an example of this research would be how scientists have been trying to determine the moon’s role in the ocean tides. As many people do know the ocean tides are at their lowest during the daytime, and they are at their highest during the night. A situation that happened recently in 2012 was that of super storm Sandy that destroyed most of the New Jersey ocean front area and reaked havoc over New York. One thing that was discovered at that moment in time was that the earth was perfectly aligned with the Sun on one side and the moon on the other. They refer to this as a celestial lineup which can cause higher than normal high tides. To be exact it has been stated that the high tides will rise to a level almost 20% above normal during a full moon. Which is what exactly happened during that time, the alignment of these three super celestial bodies created stronger tides on Earth due to the gravitational pull of both the Sun and the Moon. As you can see we are still as a society learning what power the moon has over us. It will take many more years if we ever do find out what exactly the moon controls over our destinies and lives.

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