Astrology gifts – What To Give, By Zodiac Sign

Throughout the year, and particularly during the holidays or birthdays, everyone is looking for that perfect gift to leave their friends, partners or workmates . This post will help you do just that, using astrological traits as a guide. Let’s begin with Aries.

Astrology gifts

 The Aries Woman

They loves gifts that are bold and bright – the very traditional ram loves big gemstone jewelry that glimmers and shines. You also can’t go wrong by giving them new barbecue sauces – anything hot and spicy that she can cook with. A great gift would be a new barbecue grill.

The Aries Man

He loves gifts that are bold, bright and hot! He’d love to see you in some sexy lingerie, or maybe even just with a big red bow around your neck. That would be the ideal gift to give him! Many of this signs me also have a great attraction to fire: they love to camp, barbecue or even keep a fire in the fireplace at home. Gifts about fire will be a big hit for the Aries guy.

The Taurus Woman

This woman collects things, so whatever you give her needs to be special enough that she’ll put it in her collection. Think of what she collects – from dolls, books or even vintage hats. A unique special collectable is an ideal items. MThese women would love to receive a beautiful antique to add to their home. The secret to giving a bull a gift is something that is beautiful that they’ll fall in love with at first sight

The Taurus Man

This man wants the gift that will fit in with his collection. Now what does the he collect? Just about everything? He loves beauty and knows a great deal about antiques and collectables. Even if he keeps his place like a pigsty, he knows quality when he sees it. A package of top-quality t-bone steaks can be a great choice, as every Taurian loves a good meal.

The Gemini Woman

To give These woman a gift you need to first understand something: they love everything!!! The She loves variety and you literally cannot keep up with her interests. One week she is taking pottery lessons and the next week she’s learning Arabic. Gift cards to stores can be a safe move because then she can pick out something that she likes. A gift certificate for a class is always appreciated, as the Gemini loves to engage with others and learn new things.

The Gemini Man

They can be funny about gifts. He loves to celebrate holidays and occasions because it is a chance to get together with people, but he is not so attached to people giving him things. He is more interested in socializing and interacting with people. Gifts that connect him with people and appeal to his gift of gab will be big winners. A cashmere scarf for his throat, to keep it save in the winter could be an excellent choice. A membership to a club or association that he would enjoy is also a great choice.

The Cancer Woman

These woman loves gifts that celebrate her love of home and family. When you give a gift to a Crab, the best thing to do is to actually give something to her children or her husband – she’ll like that even more than when you give her something. They also have a great affinity for water and the ocean, being crabs that they are. So any gifts that celebrate the ocean are ideal.

The Cancer Man

The men like gifts that have to do with the home the very best. The crabby man is a true do-it-yourself type of guy. he’s always got a project going on! This is a guy who you could give a gift card to your local home improvement store and he’d be thrilled. He wants to improve his home to make it the very best it can be. They also love gifts that connect them with their children, so games and toys that they can play with their children are great choices too.

The Leo Woman

She loves not just the gift, but the way it is given. When you give a gift to them you need to give it to her with lots of flair and special attention. Gift wrap it beautifully and give it with a special presentation. She’ll notice the presentation of the gift just as much as the presentation of the gift. All of them love gifts that have to do with the creative arts. Music is a big favorite. So are folk arts.

The Leo Man

He is one that truly likes a bit of a fuss when he’s given a gift. Actually a bit more than a fuss, more like a spectacle! Gift giving needs to be truly an occasion. When you give any gift to him it needs to be gift-wrapped beautifully and it needs to be presented dramatically and with a flourish. You also need to give them the best. Now this does not mean you need to spend boatloads of cash, you just need to figure out what “the best” means to them. It could be their favorite drink, their favorite breed of dog or their favorite comic book character. Everyone has a best.

The Virgo Woman

She is very misunderstood when it comes to gifts. Some people think because the Virgo woman is humble and kind that she won’t want or appreciate a gift – not so! This loves a great gift, but it needs to be the right gift. When you give a gift to a Virgo woman, you need to put a lot of thought into what you give her. Handmade gifts are a big pleasure for the Virgo woman. She’ll know you put so much care and thought into what you gave her, and that is gift enough

The Virgo Man

Giving a gift to a man of this sign is not the typical thing.These men do everything they do for other people with the idea that they are in service to you. So when you give a gift, you need to think that you too, are in service to them. The gift for a Virgo that is best is a homemade gift as this is one where you’ll put lots of time and care into this for them. It needs to be something quite personalized especially for them.

The Libra Man

Can be given so many different type of gifts – some would think he is very easy to please. And he is, because the Libra man has so much charm, that many think he is happy with any gift he receives. The real secret to giving a Libra a gift is to discover what makes them happy and to give this to them. So often they push themselves to the side, and put others first. When you give a gift, make them first for a little while!

The Libra Woman

When you give a gift to this gal, remember that she loves the graceful art of gift giving. A wonderful thing to do when you give a gift to a Libra woman is to give a little speech about how special she is, or to write a little love note to her with the gift. She’ll treasure that even more than the actual gift. Manners really count the most with the Libra woman. They love the arts, theatre, crafts, fine arts and films. A museum membership is a wonderful gift they’d enjoy.

The Scorpio Woman

This woman is one many people have trouble giving exactly the right gift to. Many Scorp women are just a bit secretive – and unless you know her really well, you don’t know what she likes. This is a sign you need to know her better to give her a gift. These gals love gifts that solve things. They have a secret love of useful gadgets: why she actually would appreciate a vacuum cleaner for a gift, as long as it was a top-model vacuum cleaner. Why not a full-size robot to clean the house?

The Scorpio Man

They love a gift that has to do with intrigue, mystery and passion. Many of them love mystery and crime novels with a great intensity. Many of these guys love unusual colors, so things that are metallic or deep purple or turquoise are great choices too.

The Sagittarius Woman

These woman has a great passion for travel. Gifts that appeal to her sense of wanderlust are the ones that will get her attention quickly. Even the ones that consider themselves armchair travelers, still love gifts that bring foreign lands into their homes. International cookbooks or music from other countries are ideal gifts.

The Sagittarius Man

They can be happy with many types of gifts. Your typical Sag man continues to learn long after the school bell has rung. A subscription to a journal or a latest New York Times bestseller can be a great choice. Or even a set of lectures on audiotapes are a great gift for a Sag man. Sag men love travel, so gifts related to travel are all big hits – especially to “unknown” places people rarely go.

The Aquarius Woman

They are unusual about gifts. They like gifts but they seem sort of absent minded about celebrating holidays, this is just their nature – they are a little distant. That’s because they are always having original thoughts and are often coming up with their next invention. So you’ll have to forgive them if they aren’t totally focused on opening that birthday gift! For some reason they love stained glass and body lotion. Gifts that help them relax are great, because this sign rarely unwinds

The Aquarius Man

With This man you’ll need to be original and inventive. These men love gifts that are a little different and unique – just like them. They are quite passionate about robots, almost to the point of embarrassment. They also love gadgets of every kind – PDAs, Mp3 players and others are great hits. Things from vintage stores or collectables are also very unique and different, though some smell a little weird. That’s fine with them!

The Pisces Woman

This woman is a soft, compassionate soul. You could give a gift to charity in her name and she’d be thrilled. Gifts that pamper their pets are also a great choice. For some reason they also really like photography, so cameras, albums and picture frames are perfect options also.

The Pisces Man

This man especially likes gifts related to the ocean and water. He is often an enthusiastic swimmer, so a trip to the ocean or a remote land to swim can be a great gift. They don’t care how much you spend, just the thought you put into your gift. You could give a Pisces a couple of seashells and they’d be happy. They also love cameras though no one completely knows why.needs to be something quite personalized especially for them.

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