What birth dates mean in numerology

Each number has an association with each letter of the alphabet and also with the numbers of a birth date, from the birth date information can be derived from a numerical value for each the day, the month and the year of your birth, these are then totaled and this total is used to give direction to you life path and for each number there is a defining meanings:

  1. Born on the first, this person has a strong will, they know what they want and go after it, they will do well in their own business; they must however guard themselves from procrastinating.
  2. Born on the second is a person who craves harmony they will strive to please others however they are often a perfectionist, this person must also take care not to take on too much work; their home is a where the feel secure and as such the make it a pleasing place to live.
  3. Born in the third, is a happy-go-lucky type of person, they like to be with others and detest being alone, these people love life and thrive in jobs that they can use their playful and sociable nature.
  4. Born on the fourth, this person tends to be practical and like to stick to routine, they must be careful not to fall in a rut. These people thrive in employment fields such as construction, home building, landscaping and floristry as they love to work with their hands as well as their mind.
  5. Born on the fifth, they look for adventure and change in life; they tend to change jobs often looking for not only the right one but also one that will bring daily change. This person does well in sales, or promotion work and no matter what they choose in life others will find them charming.
  6. Born on the sixth, this person is naturally a loving person but can also be somewhat possessive, they take responsibilities very seriously. Family is extremely important to this person and should they have children they might consider home schooling as an option. The person with this number in their birth is a worrier especially where money is concerned.
  7. Born on the seventh, this person is naturally intuitive and has their own way of doing things. They need to learn patience rather than it being a natural part of their makeup and they need to avoid the urge to make risky investments. They would do well in any profession that allows them to work in solitude. Meditation is claiming to this person and they are better for it.
  8. Born on the eighth, is a person who will know how to climb the corporate ladder and strives to do this in their life. This person must take care they don’t step on too many toes on their climb to the top. They are always serious about money, however this person will need to work harder at their people skills.
  9. Born the ninth, is a person that has a need to make the world a better place. They are a person with many talents, who will do well in a creative or spiritual field. They excel in most things except for remembering small details and they also have a very intuitive nature.
  10. Born on the tenth, this person will seem to be one step ahead of everyone else. This person is often a pioneer and would do well in an innovative company or go into business for himself or herself.
  11. Born on the eleventh is a person who gives others inspirations, they have been born on a day that is a master number and therefore they are extra sensitive to what others think of them. This person trusts their intuition, however they must keep from second-guessing themselves.
  12. Born on the twelfth is a person has a winning personality, and their smile can take them places. This person is good with style and color, and would do well in any design field. They are a very good conversationalist and they look for people that will bring them excitement.
  13. Born on the thirteenth is a person that is practical yet not afraid to take on original ideas, they have a true love of land that places them in the perfect category to be a real estate agent, and should it be to restore properties that is all the better for them. The draw back for this date is the tenancy to keep things bottled up, so they must learn to express themselves with tact when angry.
  14. Born on the fourteenth this person might often find life has ups and downs, they must treat themselves well, leaving the past in the past. A travel related field is perfect for this person as they have little reservation about living out of their suitcase, they have a sensual nature and they make a good romantic partner.
  15. Born the fifteenth is a person who worries about most things, however most things work out to the good for this person and especially in money matters. Family makes this person complete and this includes friends, they truly enjoy beautifying their home.
  16. Born the sixteenth, is a person whose life is filled with surprises, and unusual strangers are often drawn to this person. This persons career and lifestyle are often different than most, the drawback of this birth date is to not procrastinate.
  17. Born the seventeenth is a person who was born for success, this person rises to the top in any field of their choosing. They must learn to play by the rules and respect those that work under them.
  18. Born the eighteenth is one who works better when they are doing something for others, they teeter between the spiritual and material desires of life. They are fortunate enough to be able to do both in life, and excel with it comes to organization and the artistic.
  19. Born the nineteenth, this person often feels they have a mission even when not sure what it is they know. They have often had to overcome hardships in life, and make excellent motivational speakers and writers.
  20. Born the twentieth, this is a person who cares about others; they worry about what others think of them and others feelings. They often seek out spiritual things in life and they are most comfortable at home.
  21. Born the twenty-first is a happy and optimistic person who is outgoing in all things in life, their drawback is in matters of the heart because they are impulsive. Because they have this outlook in life they do well in any type of sales.
  22. Born the twenty-second is a person who could not live with out the spiritual side in life, twenty-two is a master number for births. This is a person who is motivated to make the world a better place to live and their flaw is they do not always know their path in life.
  23. Born the twenty-third is this person is freethinking and does not like to be held hostage by their job or relationships. They are often charming but can also be fickle having left broken hearts in their path, and this is a person that must curb the tendency to lash out at others when they feel trapped.
  24. Born the twenty-fourth are people that feel it is important to surround themselves with family and this includes their friends, money and security are the most important thing in life to them. This is a person that strives to have financial freedom and often obtains it.
  25. Born the twenty-fifth is a person who must have spiritual influence in their lives and are intense in their feelings about this, while their emotional life may be rather rocky for this person.
  26. Born the twenty-sixth is a person of strong desires for the material things in life and have the ambition to go along with it, they are a person who works hard they are determined to accomplish what they set out to do. They are a person who while they want material success they also are able to balance this along with their family life.
  27. Born on the twenty-seventh are people that have a restless nature and must be patient though it is difficult to wait for the correct path through life. This person has many talents and these are strong giving them the capability to succeed, they also have an interest in spiritual things and are the perfect friend.
  28. Born the twenty-eight is a person that likes being the center of things they are born leaders and have the will to succeed, their flaw is not understanding not everyone can lived up to what they expect. This is a person who can do well in any situation and ones that require intense energy stimulates them.
  29. Born the twenty-ninth is a person whose birth date falls on what is called a master number, making this person one who has an interest in the spiritual, they are intuitive about the world and people they deal with. However this is a person who often feels depression unless they stay busy.
  30. Born on the thirtieth this is the person that others are drawn to, they enjoy the, they are a magnetic and are bound to flirt. They are a person that needs to remember using moderation in all parts of life.
  31. Born on the thirty-first is the person who is practical, they are a loving person and loyalty is important in all the relationships in their life, a personal relationship or business. The draw back for this person is that they like to make themselves the topic of conversation.


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