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  1. Heidi Post says:

    Clairvoyance is, like stated, connected to sight. It is always good to work with your chakras (as long as you try to keep them on a fairly similar level in relation to each other) and the brow chakra is the chakra that is mainly connected to sight so that is the chakra you should work with.
    The brow chakra is located about in-between your two physical eyes, the ‘third eye’. You need to open this third eye, and it can be done in different ways. If you are a good with visualisation, visualise an actual eye in-between your physical eyes. Imagine it opening up and blinking. Practice with this every day and be patient. After a while you can start trying to actually see with your third eye after using this exercise.
    If you are not much of a visualiser, you can use the same technique with just a few small differences. Instead of imagining your third eye, try to feel it. If you put a finger and put some very slight pressure at the spot where your inner eye is located, you will most probably experience a pulsating sensation. Try to be able to experience this sensation without touching your brow chakra. When you can do that, you can use the same technique as the visualisation one, just feel your third eye open up instead rather than see it. Some people claim that this is good to do while taking a shower: let the water drops hit your eye and imagine they are drops of energy. However, this presents certain medical risks and is not necessarily advisable.

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