Clairvoyance: What Is This Psychic Power?

The word clairvoyance stems from two French root words that together mean ‘clear sight’, but is more commonly known by such terms as second sight, sixth sense, or, simply, the gift. While those raised in oppressive upbringings may be taught to restrain their clairvoyance, those that are taught to embrace their special talent can often cultivate startling accuracy and control.

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyant people are just like everyone else in that they have individual strengths and weaknesses. Generally, those with second sight can see events and people irrespective of time. For example, they may be able to see a location across town in the present at one moment and another venue two hundred years ago the next. While some clairvoyants enter a trance state to exercise this gift, others must simply concentrate. Most people with this ability state that it began as a child, but puberty, a traumatic event, or random clairvoyance have all been reported.

Additionally, there are other clairsenses, such as clairsentience (clear touching) and clairalience (clear sense of smell), that are often lumped under the term of clairvoyance. To further cloud the subject, some people are gifted with several clairsenses! To simplify, many of the gifted simply use ‘clairvoyant’ as a blanket term to describe their abilities.

What Clairvoyance is Not

Having a sixth sense is not tied to witchcraft, satanism, or any other ‘dark’ purpose. In fact, some clairvoyants have been quite benevolent in using their talents to help locate missing children or by assisting law enforcement to gather hidden evidence. Fear of the unknown and fear of people who have different abilities are the primary reasons for the negative opinions of some towards clairvoyants. Just like being double-jointed or left-handed, clairvoyance is neither good or bad but simply different. Just like having a beautiful singing voice or a good eye for photography, it is also a talent some are born with.

Where Does It Come From?

In short, no one has a definitive answer. Some believe it can be passed down like a genetic feature, but there is no evidence that genes play a role. Others postulate that it is within the ability of all humans and that it is simply stronger in some or unlocked by a meaningful event. Brain scans performed on clairvoyant people range from completely normal to high levels of unusual activity, just like the brain scans of a random sample of those who self-identify as non-clairvoyant. The human brain is still largely a mystery, and no real cause has been determined.

What has been determined is that it is not harmful. Clairvoyants have no greater instances of mental illness, physical disease, brain tumors, or violent tendencies than the non-clairvoyant population. While what someone with second sight sees may disturb them, many people learn to process images quickly and ‘blunt’ offensive or frightening visions. Others with such control can use their gift to see uplifting images such as weddings or beautiful scenery which could help them feel better. Many clairvoyants have their talent from the time they begin to form memories as young children. Clairvoyance is a natural state for them, which makes it normal and not usually distressing.

Can I Seek a Clairvoyant’s Help?

As with any talent, some people are willing to share it with the world. Others may feel more private or were raised to be ashamed of their gift. They might not want to help you. Fortunately, those willing to assist you often list their services online or in the advertisements. You can arrange an in-person meeting or consult someone over the telephone. If you have questions, why not give it a try?


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Tracy Roberts

Tracy Roberts

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  1. Heidi Post says:

    Clairvoyance is, like stated, connected to sight. It is always good to work with your chakras (as long as you try to keep them on a fairly similar level in relation to each other) and the brow chakra is the chakra that is mainly connected to sight so that is the chakra you should work with.
    The brow chakra is located about in-between your two physical eyes, the ‘third eye’. You need to open this third eye, and it can be done in different ways. If you are a good with visualisation, visualise an actual eye in-between your physical eyes. Imagine it opening up and blinking. Practice with this every day and be patient. After a while you can start trying to actually see with your third eye after using this exercise.
    If you are not much of a visualiser, you can use the same technique with just a few small differences. Instead of imagining your third eye, try to feel it. If you put a finger and put some very slight pressure at the spot where your inner eye is located, you will most probably experience a pulsating sensation. Try to be able to experience this sensation without touching your brow chakra. When you can do that, you can use the same technique as the visualisation one, just feel your third eye open up instead rather than see it. Some people claim that this is good to do while taking a shower: let the water drops hit your eye and imagine they are drops of energy. However, this presents certain medical risks and is not necessarily advisable.

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