Using a Dream Journal to Log Your Nightly Dreams


Dream journals are a great way to track your psychic connections. Keep a journal of your dreams, put it by your bed so you can write them in before you forget them as they often slip away as the early morning fog clears. Often we have prophetic dreams and by writing them in our journals we can see the different types of dreams we have, how they correlate with the Moon cycles, and as dreams become more powerful during the Full moon, a great time to dream your future. Use anything like a notepad, or buy a pretty journal to keep track of dreams, you will see themes and patterns as you review these entries later on. Use dreams to help you with energy work, if you are trying to send good thoughts to your lover, use the dream state to do this. Before falling asleep clear your mind of the daily clutter, then focus on your message to your love. As you fall asleep continue sending your message, track your progress through your dream journal as you will find waking results as well!

IPhone app that will help you record your dreams in a journal digitally

Morpheus Dreams was designed to give users all the tools to easily build a dream journal, whilst exploring the meaning of the dreams. There are many Dream apps out there, but Morpheus Dreams is the first App to offer a comprehensive set of features from journal entry – you type complete journals, not just key words – to an integrated dictionary, interpretation tools, Share, Sync and Export functions, and much much more.

This wouldn’t have even been an option years ago before technology increased in the cell phone sector.

For those people like me who do not have an IPhone to use that application on we have to do it the old school way. Here is a video that helps to explain the process of how to set up your dreaming journal and what to include in it.

As many people know when it comes to dreaming if you don’t write down your dreams as soon as you wake up you’ll end up forgetting parts of the dream which could be small in nature, but could be big in meaning when it comes to interpreting your dreams. So make sure first thing when you wake up you take the time to write out what your dream was.

One thing that she does mention in this video, is to write down what happened to you during the day before you end up going to sleep and dreaming. The reason for this step is to see whether or not this influences your dream state. For instance if you had an emotionally charged day that was draining on you in a negative aspect, this could in fact influence what happens in your dream. Or as many can attest to, sometimes you end up dreaming about a place that you were earlier that day.

An important thing to mention also is to make sure that you write down the date that your dream took place. This is so you can analyze it at a later date and also see if that dream becomes reoccurring, as well as see how often the dream pops up ( is it something you have dreamed about monthly, yearly?). When it comes to writing it down you should keep the journal beside your bed, just in case you wake up in the middle of the night. If this does happen take a moment before you go back to sleep to jot down all that you remember of that dream. Anything that you feel was significant to you within the dream, as well as things that might not have been significant, or possibly anything you found was weird or out of place. Take the time to notice everything around you in the dream. Was it winter or summer? Was the air fresh or stale? Does the location play a significant role in your life? These are just a few ideas of what things to look for within the dream itself. In a nutshell write your dream down in detail as much as you possibly can.

Dreams can tell a lot about what is currently going on in your life based on the symbolism within it. As a child I was a very prolific dreamer, with many reoccurring dreams that were either positive or negative in nature. I wish I could go back to that time and be able to journalize those dreams and see by way of dream interpretation what their significance to my life at that time was. Personally my dream journal is always beside my bed to make sure i know exactly what my dream was to recall it at a later date to interpret its meaning.

Whether you do it by creating a dream diary, or even online starting a dream blog, take the time to analyze those dreams as they might be telling you something that you need to know.

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