Past Position in a Tarot Reading

Past Position in a Tarot Reading

In each Tarot spread used to give a Tarot reading, there will be a Past position for one of the cards drawn. The only exception to this is the One card Yes or No reading. Some people may not understand why they are being shown, or given, information from the past, when they are asking a question about the future. However, the past is very relevant to the future for many reasons.

First of all, the past position may be used by the reader for connection purposes. It is safe to say that if the card in the Past position of a Tarot reading proves to give accurate information regarding the client, then the rest of the cards should also be accurate. In addition, the Past card can show any patterns in a client’s actions regarding the question asked. If this pattern is clearly harmful or holding the client back in some way, it is useful to know this information. It can be a way to guide the client in a better direction.

Another way the Past position can aid both the reader and the client is through seeing how an event in the past has affected the client’s life over time. This will set up the Tarot reading so that the reader can explain how this has held the client back or propelled her or him forward. Many times the client will have made a choice in the past that is still affecting the present, and will have an impact on future events.

If the client has attempted to build a foundation with something in the past, it will show the reader whether this was a solid foundation, or one built on sand. A solid foundation begun in the past will show the reader that this can continue to grow stronger in the future. The Tarot reading will explain how this is possible.

As a Tarot reader, you may be put in the position many times of having to explain just why the Past position card is such a vital part of the reading process. Most clients will understand what you are saying, while a very few others will be difficult and assume you are just wasting their time and money. If this is a problem, you may just want to use that information for yourself when interpreting the rest of the cards, without continuing to explain to the client how the past will affect the future.


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