Future Card Position in a Tarot Reading

Future Card Position in a Tarot Reading

The most impatiently awaited card as well as the most popular in any tarot reading is the outcome or future position card. It is this card in particular the most clients want to fast-forward to and get annoyed with the tarot reader that doesn’t get right to the point of reading that particular card. The point of the matter is you have to go through all the other cards to get to the future position in order they were dealt. For anyone that is in patient and looking for a direct answer go with a one card yes or no spread, or three card tarot spread. They will tell you quickly whether not what you want to have happen will happen or not.

This card is exactly what it is stated as… The future. It will show the given path that client or persons future is headed. As many people will say “your future is not set in stone”. If you’re not currently happy in the place or position your in life, simply change your present situation. Doing so will then change your future outcome. An example of this would be if someone told you that you would never be able to have kids in the future within a tarot reading. Well if you stop having sexual intercourse you will in fact make sure that that is your future outcome. But with practice as they say you can change your future outcome by working at it. This is a prime example as to why the other four cards in a five card tarot spread are just as important as the card that shows up in the future position.

Having taken the information from the cards in the Past, Present, Hidden Influences, Advice positions, the Future tarot card meaning is revealed last. If you were to fast-track the reading and skip over the first four cards and go straight to the outcome or future card it would simply confuse the client or person that your reading. If the outcome that the card shows is not what the client or the person is hoping for the next question they are will ask is “why?” This is a very good reason as to why the reading must be completed, and why the cards have to be explained in order due to their positioning. The rest of the cards will explain why the outcome is predicted.

The important thing that people need to understand is that the card that shows up in the future position does not have to become their final outcome. This card is simply visually explaining to the person where things are currently heading at that point in time. If the future that you have shown to them is not what they are hoping for then show the person you’re reading for what they can change to alter their current situation. An example of this would be a young man coming to you for a tarot reading. He has plans to be married to his fiancée within the next year and he is happier than he ever has been with any other girl before. The only thing is that the cards show something completely different. The outcome or the future card explains that this marriage will be heading towards disaster within a short period of time. After hearing this he admits that he has had doubts but that others have said that he should do it because it’s the right thing to do. By simply taking control of his life once again, he can decide what he truly wants, and avoid whatever he needs to, to make sure that his life will not be unhappy.

This is what the tarot card in the future position is really truly all about. It is to show you where you are currently headed as of today you do not make any changes towards the future. The biggest point to take away from this, is that the future can be changed as long as the person being read or the client pays attention to the rest of the cards within the reading.


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