2019 Virgo Horoscope – Daily and Yearly

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Virgo Daily Horoscope

  • Virgo Horoscope for Tuesday, November 19, 2019

    If you`re overbooked, you`re probably on familiar ground. Check your arsenal of stress reduction techniques -- you may need a few of them today. Your quest for perfection could leave you isolated. Finish what you`ve already begun, and politely refuse anything new. The human factor may be uneven and annoying, but by excluding it you`ll end up starving yourself. Ask yourself if there isn`t someone whose company you can stand! You know how to get out of this trap, as much as you may dislike it. For now, fill your downtime with luminous escape fantasies.


Yearly Virgo Horoscope

For you virgo , 2017 will be a time of endings and beginnings. It may not seem that way as you’re living out each of the year’s days, but once you’re able to look back on it, you’ll recognise the pattern of development that not only benefits you now, but will bring you welcome results for some time to come.

As a Virgo, and an earth sign, you were born under one of the most practical signs of the Zodiac. Yet you sometimes stick to what’s familiar, because in addition to being practical, you’re cautious. What’s more, because you’ve a tendency to be self-critical, you’ll sometimes choose to stick with what you know instead of venturing out into the unfamiliar and taking chances on something that you regard as risky or anxiety-producing. You may not realise you’re doing this at the time. In fact, you’ll have other, good reasons for the decisions you’re making.
Yet, with the powerful Saturn in the most strategic angle of your chart all this year, there’s a great deal to be learned from situations in which either you have very little control or from those in which you must leave everything to others – or perhaps even to what seems like fate.

You’ll know what this means as early as mid-March, when the Virgo-eclipsed full moon, on the 14th, brings circumstances that shape your life and lives of others. But this is only the beginning of a cycle that is as unusual as it is important. There will be two new moons in your sign this year, the first on 23 August and the second, an eclipsed new moon, on 22 September. This alone would be an indication of a new beginning in your life, because the new moon indicates a fresh start. However, because the second new moon is also eclipsed, indicating that circumstances around you trigger changes, some dramatic, not only should you be prepared for a fresh start, but events will encourage you to break away from elements of the past that are restrictive, and to let go of what you do merely out of habit.
This is perfect timing, because on 22 July, Mars, the planet of courage, ego and energy, moves into Virgo, remaining there until 8 September. Mars’s presence in Virgo will give you good reason to focus on who and what you most enjoy, what you would like more of in your life – and what you wouldn’t. Knowing what you want and turning those insights into action are two different things, so you’ll be thankful to know that Mars in Virgo also endows you with the courage to stand up for yourself, perhaps in ways you don’t usually do.

In fact, it’s interesting to note that with the expansive Jupiter actually in the part of your chart that has to do with communication until the end of November, it’s as important that you talk about things frankly as that you be true to yourself and pursue your objectives. This could mean that you’ll need to think things through and it could also mean that the more effort you make to ensure that others understand your viewpoint, the more support you’ll be able to rely on from them.

If you’re to make the best of this remarkable year, therefore, you’ll need to do several things. First, you’ll need to think through who you want to be and what you want to achieve. Then you’ll want to work hard to reduce your tendency to take a cautious approach to life, instead making a deliberate decision to take chances. And you’ll want to talk with others about what you intend to do. Each of these provides one component in your progress.

Most of all, keep in mind that because this is a year of personal transition, there won’t be any single right decision for you to make. Rather, you’ll make a series of decisions, each of which will take you closer to what you could do, what you want to do and, ultimately, what you discover around the time of the two new moons in your sign, in August and September, when dramatic changes in circumstances are likely to shape your choices. From that point onward, the path ahead will be clearer.

View 2017 as a year of exploration and discovery. And not only will you learn a great deal about yourself, but you’ll learn more about what makes you happy, about your relationships, goals, and about those around you, those who you can rely on and those who you can’t. And, most of all, you’ll strip away those protective habits that may have kept you from being happy or fulfilled and will, instead, begin to discover the new and broader world that will be your life from 2017 onward.

2017 Virgo Love Horoscope

If you want love, give love.

Did you have marital and sentimental problems in 1999? Do not think of it any more. As from March, you will be blessed by Uranus, some person will bring so much happiness to you. You will know love from a friendship-based. The sky will send you the required assistance when you will need it. You are becoming wiser and more responsible again. The summer would be splendid for an engagement, a durable marriage, a satisfying union, and who knows, even a child! Think about it well there! The receipt of happiness is simple: If you want love, give love!

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