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Virgo Daily Horoscope


  • Virgo Horoscope for Thursday, November 26, 2020

    You`re clear on the mission. Even if this is professional, it feels personal. Already you feel the driving force settling into your bones and taking over your mood. Now you`re locked into this. The last few pieces are falling into place as you close in on your goal. Now what? Maybe it`s too soon to tell. Don`t distract yourself with plans for the next phase until you finish this one. You don`t think anything went wrong, but you want to stay around and troubleshoot just in case there`s a problem. You`re a credit to your job title, whatever it is.


2020 Virgo Yearly Horoscope


This promises to be a year of developments as exciting as they are worthwhile. It’s just that while they’re taking place, they could seem disruptive more than anything else. This means that from late January’s powerful aspect between Saturn and the planet of vision, Neptune, you’d be well advised to explore what seems impractical or even unappealing.

Not only are situations changing, so are your priorities. By mid-April, when the courageous Mars shifts to influence your working and domestic life, you’re making decisions about potentially far-reaching changes. However settled these seem, they’re but the first in a series of plans, each influenced by the shifting circumstances around you. September’s New Moon gives you a fresh view of plans, enough that you’re happily relinquishing old dreams in favour of new ones. Even then, by the year’s close you’re making new plans that once would have seemed more fantasy than reality.

Love & close relationships
You give more than you get. February’s discussions are illuminating; others don’t realise when you need support. Gradually you learn to ask for help, which is surprisingly challenging.

Finance & business
If you wait for guarantees you’ll never do anything. This is a year to take chances. You’re not alone in this. Joining in with others proves informative and spreads the risk.

Health & well-being
With so much else in disarray, you’ll need a regular routine. This boosts your energy, plus giving you the stamina needed for marathon investigations into new ideas or travel.

Virgo Love Horoscope


If you want love, give love.

Did you have marital and sentimental problems in 1999? Do not think of it any more. As from March, you will be blessed by Uranus, some person will bring so much happiness to you. You will know love from a friendship-based. The sky will send you the required assistance when you will need it. You are becoming wiser and more responsible again. The summer would be splendid for an engagement, a durable marriage, a satisfying union, and who knows, even a child! Think about it well there! The receipt of happiness is simple: If you want love, give love!

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