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We have been online for 10 years and have helped countless people find their way in life. Here are just a few of the testimonials from members we have gotten through out the years that we have been online.

For over two years now, the Insightful psychics web site has been a secondary home for me – a community that I go to multiple times per week to be recharged with laughter and love.
In the past two years, my life has gone through significant changes – struggles, break ups, death of loved ones, tragedies… it’s been a rough two years – but Insightful Psychics.com has held my hand through each of these experiences through the readings, through the forum, through laughing and through late-night discussions that have literally pulled me out from some of my darkest emotional moments. Each of these tragic and heartbreaking experiences have transformed me for the better, and attribute so much of that to the caring accuracy, honesty and gentle strength of the site’s creators and its readers.
Just like a really great friend who is going to love you and accept you as you are, but also tell you when there’s a “bat in the cave”, InsightfulPsychics.com doesn’t hold back and has my highest good at heart. I’m actually cared for here… it’s not just a site with some typed chatter… it’s a portal in a lot of ways. A space for healing. A space for growth. A place for connection. True friendships have been formed with other members and with the readers. They tell me like it is, and cheer me on the entire way!
Between all of us is literal distance – countries, time zones, etc. – yet this site and these people have helped me experience that we are truly all one. I am never alone, and this site and its people… their accessibility and compassion, are a presence in my life that goes beyond an anonymous screen name.
I make it through each of my days and nights with an invisible imprint of a palm on the small of my back, supporting me gently but firmly. Urging me forward confidently and assured. This is more than just a site, this is a presence in my life.

Insightful Psychics is in my opinion the best site around. It’s informative, helpful and most importantly humane. The site is compiled of psychics who actually care about the users and aren’t just there to take your money. I’ve been going to the site for about three years now and I feel like it’s my second home. Everyone has a story to tell and we’ve all overcome many of life hurdles together and supported each other in our time of need. The users and psychics alike have become like family throughout the four years it’s been in service. Insightful Psychics is definitely the real deal, don’t waste your time anywhere else because you won’t find anything as real as this.

I’ve been to many psychic related websites, but I haven’t stayed too long on any one until I came here to Insightful Psychics. This site offers a seeker so much. These offerings range from a dynamic chat room, to an active discussion board, to articles that are added frequently and much much more.
The Chat Room is a dynamic place. Chatters are frequently in discussing serious matters or just hanging out having fun. The readers stop in too, so that you can get to know them and find out who you connect the best. Some nights the opportunity exists to ask the readers a question and receive an answers. My experience has been that the answers offer a lot of insight into an existing situation and offers some guidance on where to go. If you want a more in depth reading that is available in the chat, then you can call one of the readers for a very reasonable rate.
The Forum is a perfect place to ask all those questions that you been dying to ask. There the discussions ranging from tarot, to dreams, any else that is psychic related. When you have that question that is just burning a hole in your brain, fire it up on the board…the question that is, not your brain…and someone will give you an answer. Often times you’ll discover someone else has been searching for the same answer or has been dealing with the same issue as you. This forum has helped me learn so much about not only tarot, but about myself that has help my psychic growth tremendously.
Articles are updated so frequently that it can sometimes be overwhelming. The articles are perfect to guide you along in you growth. They offer glimmers into the paranormal that sometimes you just don’t think about. The admin is open to suggestions as to what articles users like me are interested, and often times, once you suggest a topic…there it is in the next few days, an article on exactly what you were looking for.
I just can’t say enough good things about the site. The administration and readers are a wonderful group of people that make you feel welcome from the time that you enter the site. If your looking for a place that offers you a little bit of everything, Insightful Psychics is definitely the place to be.

I don’t remember how I found Insightful…I’m pretty sure a friend showed me the way, and introduced me around..she’s still here too!
Now it has become HOME..a place to come to visit friends, to share everyday snippets of lives..to ask for help..to lean on shoulders..to show others the way..laughing through the fun times..gaining strength needed to carry on when the everyday load becomes too much.
A “Safe” place..kind of our own haven , where everybody knows your name..lol
It is the only site I know of where Readers are so easily accessible!
They are Open..Caring..Compassionate “REAL” People ..it’s not just a job…they too become one of your family..the wise ones…wonderful!
Here you can Meet and chat..with readers too..so you can find whom you meld with best!
Privates are to the point..precise and exactly what you need ..when the going gets tough or those big questions weigh heavy.
I have recommended often and will continue to do so!!
Thank you again for all your hard work!!
Another 4 plus years coming!  WOO HOOO!!

I can honestly say coming to Insightful Psychics is like coming to my family where I know I am loved cared about any time I come into the site.
There is so much positive energy for me it’s great, the lay out of the site is awesome, and a lot of time and energy has gone into this to make it this way.
The colours, are so relaxing and welcoming no matter what state of mind one is in, it’s reassuring to know you can come here and feel wanted when your at your lowest point. Believe me I have been there a few time’s and this is where I come to feel better again, and never once have I left the site feeling glum.
The people here are so welcoming and really do make you feel like your in a family of love and caring.
I got tears just thinking of my low day’s remembering how welcoming everyone was.
The site has so much to offer, if you take the time to look around you will find many thing’s of interest and thing’s that will help you emotionally, without even realising it, till you leave and start thinking hey I got that from IP that’s awesome I need to go back and join these wonderful people again some time soon.
For me it’s my second home and family and love it to bits along with all the new friends I have made there.
Well done to a wonderful site and I just know your going to do very well with it all.
Kind Regards

“Insightful psychics has allowed me to meet so many different people.  When I am not on the site for a while, it is like coming home to family and friends who are glad to see me!  The staff and people are warm, inviting and a lot of fun to chat with.  In addition, the psychics are very helpful to those who need assistance and remarkably accurate in their readings.”

At a time when I was ready to give up I was sitting in a chat room on your site when one of the readers gave me a sample reading that changed my outlook. She gave me hope when I had none. I was so intrigued at what she had told me that I got a paid private Reading to hear more. She did not tell me what I wanted to hear, but she was honest. I was so in love with a man from my past and wanted nothing but to be back with him. She told me it would not happen and that there was someone better for me coming into my life.  She described the new man from the color of his eyes to the brand of jeans he would be wearing. In July I will be celebrating the two year anniversary of my first date with this wonderful guy. Had it not been for the hope that was given to me that night here I would have never even given him a chance but she said there was something better coming and I took her advise and left myself open to the possibility. Thank you so much, my life has never been better.
Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.

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