2018 Taurus Horoscope – Daily and Yearly

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Taurus  Daily Horoscope

  • Taurus Horoscope for Tuesday, July 16, 2019

    If you are married with children, you and your mate may not agree on how to discipline your child(ren). Taurus people are known for their easygoing nature, but you also realize that little ones need a firm hand. If you punish your child, make sure that you also show affection and approval afterwards. If you are planning to entertain this evening you can do it in style even if you have limited funds at this time. Be creative and improvise. The evening will still be a grand event. […]



Yearly Taurus Horoscope

If there’s one theme to 2017 for you, as a determined Taurus, it’s discovering what are realistic objectives and what aren’t. You’ll also be giving serious thought to what you want to do and what is no longer of interest to you. This might seem obvious. But the fact is that as a Taurus, and what is termed a fixed sign, one of your strengths is your ability to organise your life based on your ideals combined with practical requirements and, having done so, to work hard to turn those objectives into reality. This single-mindedness endows you with a unique ability to focus on your goals, persisting even when faced with the most challenging obstacles.

While that resolve may enable you to achieve a great deal, it also means that you’ll run into difficulties when you need to alter those plans, either because circumstances shift or there have been changes in your own life. You value stability so much that you’ll sometimes even refuse offers because of the reorganisation they’d require.
Yet, with the powerful Mars having been in your sign for most of the last half of 2016 and remaining in Taurus until mid-February 2017, you’ve been in a process of questioning. You’ve had to examine exactly what you want to do and acknowledge that certain existing arrangements no longer serve or suit you.

This process continues as January begins and, in fact, with Mars powerfully aspecting the expansive Jupiter, and Neptune, the planet of both vision and illusion, in mid-January, what you learn could help you make important decisions. You’ll also be examining arrangements that haven’t gone as expected or disappointed you. With your ruling planet, Venus, retrograde, from 24 December 2005 until 3 February, minor reversals, surprises and personal insights force you to acknowledge various situations in which, previously, you’d insisted there was no problem.

Consequently, once you’ve ended the first two months of the year, you’ll not only have plenty to think about, you may even have an entirely new list of objectives, goals you’d like to achieve and experiences you’d like to make part of your life. Similarly, you’ll realise that there are arrangements – and certain individuals, you could well do without.

This makes sense since with Saturn, the planet of focus, the most practical planet of them all, actually accenting the structure of your life for all of 2017, you’re in a period of review. This raises questions about those areas of your life that you thought you’d never change: how you live, arrangements with family members. This also indicates a period during which you examine whether any habits developed in your childhood or any family attitudes influence or hamper you.

This process of asking questions won’t necessarily be a comfortable one. But what you learn will provide profound insights, particularly around the time of Taurus new moon on 27 April. Ideally, by then, you’ll have enough ideas and new objectives on your list of things you want to do that you’ll be looking ahead to the months to come – and even to the inevitable changes – with a certain amount of eagerness.

This sense of anticipation is wonderful. However, it’s important that you keep in mind that because 2017 is a year of analysis more than it is one of dynamic action, you may sometimes be frustrated. It might seem that every time you make any progress, you’re forced to pause and examine what you’ve done.

This particularly applies to achieving those long-term goals you’ve had in mind. While there will be no denying how much you’ve achieved, you won’t necessarily get as far as you had hoped. However, what you learn will be hugely valuable. These insights could even prevent you from making decisions that would cause you problems in the years to come. In fact, if there’s any one thing to keep in mind when you run into obstacles during 2017, it’s that they’re opportunities to learn in disguise.

Tempting as it is to force issues, then, view this as a year when you’ll not only learn from experience, but will spend time with those who can teach you – with loved ones, with colleagues and with partners. You will both benefit from what you learn during 2017 and strengthen your bonds with those who are most important in your life.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Love: Chance to meet the ideal person.

This year, you will meet the ideal person who will agree with your tastes while stimulating in you, the desire to always do better. If you have such a treasure in your current life, treat it well. Otherwise he or she is likely to leave and not return. Your masochist side harms your loves. Do not punish yourselves, and benefit from the single chance that the destiny puts on your road. This summer will be good for a marriage, a free union, a honeymoon, a pleasant divorce, and children plans. Avoid the periods of Eclipses, but that simply leaves you latitude to seal the union in favorable time.


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