Spiritual Meanings of Numbers

Numerology is all about studying the spiritual meanings of numbers. There is a belief that states that all things possess vibrating frequencies. By studying these frequencies assigned to every single thing, you can depict what they are trying to tell or you can read their spiritual meaning. Numbers are considered to have one of the most powerful relationships with nature. This characteristic that all numbers share make them more than numerical mathematical values, they are also held as significant symbolic expressions.

There are two ways in which you can tell their meanings. First, you can look at the symbol the number represents. Second, you can study what a certain number has in connection to several universal principles. These two will allow you to read what the meaning of a certain number holds.

Each number holds several spiritual meanings or traits.

One typically exemplifies anyone who is creative, typically portrays a male, and one who is a leader, symbolized by Alpha.

Two typically portrays a female, one who is submissive and renders balance and harmony as important.

Three signifies different meanings such as being divided, the Holy Trinity, sensuality, hope, and charity.

Four signifies one who is a builder, who holds much power and possesses stability in life.

Five typifies one who is a visionary, who holds a vast imagination, and who values freedom.

Six signifies a protector, a healer, one who is nurturing and cares for children.

Seven exemplifies an analyst, a thinker, and one who values education and Science.

Eight symbolizes a man of wealth and riches. The number nine symbolizes one who is a humanitarian, a religious person, and one who values missionary work and listens to the calling of life.

Eleven portrays a master of enlightenment, one who can illuminate the way for others; a teacher and a model for all. Lastly, the number twenty-two portrays wisdom, dreams that are manifested, the future, and universal power.

Numerology or the depiction of their spiritual meanings is a complex art. There are more ways to interpret a certain number. There certainly is more value to numerology than just assigning meanings to numbers. It is by assigning and understanding spiritual meanings of numbers that you can move on to a higher and more complex art of numerology.

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Melissa Martinez

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