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Psychic Source is considered one of the best psychic networks online today. They can also boast being one of the longest since they have been in business for over 30 years. Founded in 1989, they started by doing phone only readings because this business predates the internet.

This is a company that you can tell cares about their clientele. Not only do they excel at customer service, but they also seem to boast some of the best and most affordable readings online.

Sometimes they are in fact so busy that you might have to schedule an appointment with one of their most popular psychics. Due to their popularity it might take a little bit of time to get them, but even with that, we didn’t have to wait too long to set something up.

With their popularity it is pretty safe to say that there are a lot of comments and reviews to read through.

One of the bonuses that they bring to the table is that you prepay for your minutes. This is quite important because sometimes you can get wrapped up in a conversation. You might have budgeted for 20 minutes but ended up having a 30-minute reading . By prepaying for your minutes ahead of time you don’t have to worry about that whatsoever.

Price90% OFF First reading + 3 free minutes
Phone PsychicsYes
Chat PsychicsYes
 Video ReadingsNo
 Email ReadingsYes
 Phone SupportYes
 Email SupportYes
 24/7 SupportNo
 Satisfaction GuarenteeYes Money back guarentee
(90%) 362 vote[s]
  • 90% OFF your 1st reading +3 minutes Free
  • $10 for 10 minutes , can stack that up to 30 mins for $30

How to register


We definitely didn’t have any issues when it came to signing up for their services. It didn’t take very long to be able to become a member of this site. They do ask for a little bit more information on their sign-up page, like your name and birth date,as well as the usual email address and password. You can also enter to receive their free membership Rewards program and get a bonus $5.

They have the video that shows you how everything works.

They also asked you what offer you are interested in taking. Now this is a low introductory special offer that’s available for new sign-ups only. They have three packages that you can take advantage of one for 10 minutes, one for 20 minutes, and one for 30 minutes.The smallest package they have is $10 for 10 minutes which is an absolute steal of a deal. Obviously the more minutes you buy the better discount you get. The best part about this is your prepaying for the minutes ahead of time so you know exactly how much you’re going to be charged for your reading.

Plus on top of that you get three free minutes anyways.

The sign-up page is secure and safe.

After you have signed up you’ll be taken to a payment page where they take all major credit cards. In order to complete the registration process you will be sent an e-mail verification that you must verify in order to complete the transaction.

Their website


Their website really is very easy to use. It is not confusing in any way, and offers a great user experience. They have a search function that allows you to take a look at the different readers that are online. You can search based on the ratings that they get, what psychic gift they have to offer, and if they’re currently available online or coming up. The sites usability shows that they are serious about making sure that you find the reader that’s right for you.

They even allow you to be able to schedule a reading with a reader for a future date if they’re not currently online. This for me was a total plus because I hate waiting around for things. This way I knew I could set things up and then move on my way.

You are able to go and take a look at their feedback system which will show you the readers rating currently at that time, as well as any comments that any customers have left. This is obviously a great option to have because you can weed out which readers you don’t want to get a reading from. The best part about it is that you can look from a quality standpoint to see whether or not their abilities have started to get better or worse overtime based on the feedback. Look back over 3 months.

Besides being able to search for them via their name, you can also search for them via their extension number since it is a phone system as well.

Special offers


Psychic Source has one of the best first time offers of any network that’s out there. First off to start you get 3 free minutes. Which is definitely a great thing when you are trying to find the right psychic. This is only available once per account.

The second thing that is pretty awesome about it is your first time purchase. For a first time user you can get 10 minutes for $10. Not only can you get that but you can take it to a multiple of 3. So if you are interested you can get 30 minutes for $30. As far as we know there is no other Psychic Network online that can feature that kind of special first time offer.

If you sign up for the email list afterwards you’ll get coupons for future readings and special discounts at different times of the year.

How We Took Advantage Of The Special Offer


The best part about the site is even before you sign up for it you can see exactly what you’re getting into. You are free to be able to browse all of the readers is that are online and even ones that are off. They have a pretty good search system where you can sort the readers based on if they are available or not, their pricing, their availability, their rating and activity on the site. You can also set the filters based on what kind of reading style they do, what they specialize in, what tools that used to do the readings, and their expertise.

How we did things this is we bought the 30-minute package for $30. This ended up giving us 33 minutes in total at a rate of 91 cents a minute. There is nowhere on the internet that I can think of that has a better offer than that. This way you know for a fact that you have 33 minutes with the reader and you can take advantage of every moment that you have. You also don’t have to worry about going over your time limit and paying more because it’s all prepaid. There’s nothing better than doing a reading knowing that you are getting what you’re paying for not paying extra in case you go over time. We knew that if we needed more time in 33 minutes it would be easy enough to add more time to our account. No hidden fees, no suprises.

The first thing that we did was we started to look at readers that we were interested in getting a reading from. Best way to do that is to go take a look at their profile page.

Their profile pages are full of information, which will make it easy for you to make a decision. including what their upcoming schedule was going to be which also has a drop-down so you can put it into the time zone that you currently are in.

The first thing on their profile page that we did was we took a look at the Specialties and tools that the psychic would use to get the answers we needed to find out. We also took a look at the type of reading style that they do. The one that we ended up choosing had a reading style that was thoughtful. Meaning that she was going to deliver the information that we needed to know in a very thoughtful way so that we got the point of what she was saying but it didn’t come across as blunt.

The most important part though is you really need to pay attention to their ratings and reviews. What we like to do is go back and take a look at a few months worth of reviews to see what we’re getting ourselves into. The reader that we chose had a lot of five and four star reviews so we understood that that was going to give us what exactly we needed in terms of a good reading.

Something else we took into consideration to, was even though we knew for the first time we were getting a package deal, we took a look at what the reader charges regularly for a reading. We knew with our package deal we were getting a reader at 90 cents a minute for our first time, but her regular pricing was $8.75 a minute. The reason why we took this into consideration is if we find a reader that we felt was really good, is her regular pricing a price that we be willing to pay if we needed to go back?

We had a good feeling about this reader so even though the regular rate was going to be $8.75 a minute, we knew that we got 33 minutes with her without having to pay more. I can tell you that we were not disappointed with the reading that we got and felt like we got our money’s worth for $30

that’s why we can fully endorse Psychic Source as a psychic reading source.

Offer we chose: 30 mins for $30.00 with a bonus 3.

The psychic screening process


The screening process at Psychic Source is one of the most intense online. It has been said that they only accept 5% (1 in 20) of all of the psychics that apply to read for them. Their method of screening is what we used to do here on insightful psychics which is, they test their abilities against one of their own psychics. This worked well for us when we use to do it.

With their abilities being tested, they make sure that only the best are hired. This helps to guarantee that when you do receive a reading from one of them you are receiving one from a professional.

Customer support


Their customer support channel is done through the phone. We have tested this out and found out that they are very polite and courteous when discussing topics with them. Their customer service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Even with a minor issue that came up they were able to take care of it quickly.

Bar None one of the best parts of customer service when it comes to them is that they’re quite knowledgeable. They were knowledgeable about the different psychic gifts, and even gave away a few suggestions as to readers that could be of service for our particular topic of questions.

They also have in place a special satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee makes sure that you’re 100% satisfied. If at any point there’s a problem with any reading that you receive, all you have to do is contact them and they will work on a solution which could be trying a different psychic for free, or a refund of your purchase.

Their customer service is based out of the United States.

Psychic Source: What sets them apart from their competition


Only 5% Accepted

First and foremost one of the best things that they have that sets them apart from their competition is the evaluation of their psychics before they’re even hired. Like we mentioned before only 5% of Psychics make it onto the site. With them testing everyone that comes along it guarantees that they have people that know what they’re doing.

Find a Psychic Tool

Also there find a psychic tool is pretty impressive as well. It really cuts down on the searching you need to do to find the right one for you. It helps people out that might not have experienced finding what exactly they’re looking for in a psychic reader. By choosing different options as you go along ( almost like a survey) it will help you find the right reader for your situation.

Video Readings

Other than the phone readings that they have, they also offer video readings as well. They are one of the first companies to offer them online in this way. Most people like to have more interaction with their reader, then not having any interaction at all. Email readings and chat readings are great, so that way you can read them over again, but nothing beats seeing your advisor face to face or the other option of the phone reading. Psychic source brings you the two best methods.

To sum everything up


We have to give them a total thumbs up!. If you give them a chance we feel as though you will completely agree with our review that we have made here on the site.

We felt very confident and safe in the reader that we chose to test out. We based it on their feedback and comments that were left buy previous clients. There wasn’t any moment that we were disappointed at all.

They definitely get a passing grade when it comes to their customer service. They helped us figure out what reader would be the best for our situation, We even tried out their patience a little bit by asking how their payment system worked even though it’s clear as day on their website. They happily explain the answer to us even though we knew the answer already. When customer service goes above and beyond do you know you’re working with a good company.

See for yourself and try it out

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