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    What are Psychic Abilities?

    Psychic Ability is the capability of perceiving information from normal senses with the help of ESP power. ESP is an acronym for Extrasensory Perception.

    There are different types of psychic abilities. Listed below are the common types of psychic abilities for which people approach the psychic:

    Channeling – Psychic with channeling ability will be associated with mediums and they act as a vessel or channel for spirits or for any form of outside intelligence.

    Divination – Divination is a psychic ability that is used to predict the future of any person. Divination includes prophesy, fortune telling and many other methods.

    Psychometry – Psychometry is an interesting psychic ability through which a psychic can inspect an object and reveal information about its owner. This is possible by studying the vibrations and psychic impressions left on that object.

    Telepathy – Telepathy is a common psychic ability that is found in many people, though it is left undeveloped. Telepathy is a psychic ability through which mind to mind communication can happen even between people who are located at far away distances.

    Aura Reading – The aura is an energy circle which covers and radiates around each and every human being. The aura around the head is read by the psychic to study the mental state of a person.

    The psychic abilities provide various uses to human beings. It is used to predict your future, to investigate crimes, to boost your energies and much more.

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