Psychic Abilities – what are they?

For many individuals visiting a psychic is frequently the answer to quite a few challenging decisions in life. Take as an example, a girlfriend who is unsure of the honesty of her boyfriend. Talking to one can frequently aid you make the proper option.

Maybe you would like to boost your psychic abilities, 1st off, you should remember that becoming intuned isn’t often “knowing” as it’s “feeling”. Mystics have a chance to “feel” thoughts, ideas, and emotions at the same time as “know” them. The challenging part is putting these feelings into words and trying to connect what we really feel to the physical globe.

Here are some types of abilities:


The most popular and well-known power is called clairvoyance. This is when a person uses their abilities that are beyond our five senses. They’re able to see images that may be presented to them as scenes, visualized images, or even as colors. This is considered an ability that is above our usual train of thought, and clairvoyants who have the ability to understand what they’re seeing are able to convey the message to you.


just like a clairvoyant is able to see messages that they visualize, a person with clairaudience is able to receive messages but audibly that arrive as sounds. These people are able to pick up sounds without actually hearing them being spoken. Think of it as your voice that you’re able to hear that helps you with your decision making or as most call it your inner voice.


this is the ability to feel things are going to happen in the future or in the future itself. You will many times hear people say that they predicted that was going to happen. There are a few people that predicted that 9/11 was going to happen before it actually did, and this was their clairsentience ability. Another example of this, is one person has a nightmare that a plane is going to crash and they wake up the next day and a plane has crashed. This is not what some people dismiss as a dream, it was their psychic powers shining through.


telepathy is the ability to be able to connect with another person’s mind and be able to read their thoughts. This is through a method that is not connected to our five human senses. There have been many psychic powers test or tests when it comes to this ability itself. More scientific research is needed in this field for psychic powers experiments dealing with telepathy.


precognition is the ability to see events that haven’t quite happened yet.


this is different than the other types of powers, as this ability is when a psychic is able to get messages from a physical iitem that is in their hands. For instance as an example there have been many cases where a person has come forth with an item from a past time, whether it be from the 21st century or even before that time, and the psychic was able to get messages or able to tell people the significance of what that item meant.

These  psychic powers might be difficult to bring out in yourself and might take quite a few years, in most cases its just not feasible at all. So for the majority of us its very best to view a professional medium. Finding the correct psychic might be a difficulty, not all of them are efficient.

The web has a chance to bring lots of people together, this may be advantageous for a whole array of groups and individuals, as a result of this Insightful Psychics have brought together a selection in the ideal psychics and mediums on the web.

It is possible to pick from a array of psychics and mediums all of which are experienced in matters for instance: Relationships, spiritualism, family, company & financial and several more typical aspects of life. There is also on the internet chat available where you’ll be able to talk to like minded men and women who share the same psychic interests.

These are just some of the many classic psychic powers that are available to world today. Some people might have the ability to have many of these psychic Powers at their disposal, but have not unlocked their potential when it comes to unleashing their abilities. The best thing to do is relax, open your mind, and meditate and see what abilities you have that shine through. Through constant practice you too can awaken the different types of psychic powers.

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.

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  1. Here is my additon to this post Melissa 🙂

    What are Psychic Abilities?

    Psychic Ability is the capability of perceiving information from normal senses with the help of ESP power. ESP is an acronym for Extrasensory Perception.

    There are different types of psychic abilities. Listed below are the common types of psychic abilities for which people approach the psychic:

    Channeling – Psychic with channeling ability will be associated with mediums and they act as a vessel or channel for spirits or for any form of outside intelligence.

    Divination – Divination is a psychic ability that is used to predict the future of any person. Divination includes prophesy, fortune telling and many other methods.

    Psychometry – Psychometry is an interesting psychic ability through which a psychic can inspect an object and reveal information about its owner. This is possible by studying the vibrations and psychic impressions left on that object.

    Telepathy – Telepathy is a common psychic ability that is found in many people, though it is left undeveloped. Telepathy is a psychic ability through which mind to mind communication can happen even between people who are located at far away distances.

    Aura Reading – The aura is an energy circle which covers and radiates around each and every human being. The aura around the head is read by the psychic to study the mental state of a person.

    The psychic abilities provide various uses to human beings. It is used to predict your future, to investigate crimes, to boost your energies and much more.

    love when we post our views

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