Latin Tarot: The Amazing Meanings and Mysteries of it’s Origins


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Latin Tarot – the link between the numeric significant of every card and the symbolic meanings of the trump cards have been masked in mystery for centuries. Around the 15th century, the first tarot deck was invented, becoming very popular in the European countries.

There’s little information available on the original significance of the tarot trump cars except for pictures that appeared to point in the direction of certain possible meanings. Some folks have tried guessing as to what the link is and what these symbolic pictures were intended to be. However, the majority of experts have pondered that the truth will never be uncovered.

The Origins Of  the Latin Cards

Of course, you can easily deduce its origins. Just look at the trump cards’ Latin names in a regular deck. Not long after the first  decks were developed, they were numbered and parallel connections were made, associating the 22 cards to their equivalent meanings in both Greek and Hebrew. However, these Latin names were never available to the public and a Latin system for tarot cards never came about.

Understanding The Latin Alphabet

It wasn’t until sometime later that several experts studied the Latin cards and found some interesting results. It looks like the first letter of every name matches with the Latin alphabet letters in A to Z order. According to the Latin alphabet, the letter Y was not introduced until later when Greek transcription was needed. Technically, there are just 22 letters in the Latin alphabet.

Interestingly enough, Latin deck  translations perfectly fit with today’s trump card meanings and with the alphabetical and numeric letter order. The High Priest card’s Latin name is Flamen. It’s the sixth card of 22 trump cards. And, its first letter is also the sixth letter of the alphabet.

For many centuries, people were under the impression that symbolic pictures of the tarot trump cards were designed to characterize the different Gods and Goddesses. Rather, these folks said the connections linking Latin letters and numbers were just a coincidence, as there was no real purpose behind them.

The Pythagorean Symbol

Other folks deduced that the connections found were really indicators to Pythagorean symbol, which represents the transcendent spirits of the counting (Natural) number. The Pythagorean beliefs, in regards to the structure of the universe, feel that the Natural number is the key to several important human and physical reality properties.

It’s really no surprise that free LT readings have gained a significant amount of popularity over time. It cannot be stressed enough that the significance and importance of the trump cards have made a real impact on the world. And, even though a link between the Latin cards will never be completely discovered, the cards readings are astonishingly precise even today. Still, the magical aura surrounding the tarot cards continues to capture the thoughts of anyone and everyone.

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