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Keen was one of the first psychic networks available online. Overtime they also became one of the biggest psychic networks, offering the most readers online. At one time they were owned by AT&T and since then have gone through many owners. Within the last few years a new owner came around that was very interested in offering the best readings for the best pricing. They sat down and took a look at all the readers that were available on their Network. They realized that they had to make a purge of the readers that weren’t doing so well, and keep all the ones that were. They understood that the readers that weren’t doing so well were harming the reputation of the site. Since that time they’ve done everything they can to make sure that the site offers the best that they can.

With the new ownership they also brought in something that wasn’t there before which is a satisfaction guarantee. Their satisfaction guarantee isn’t your typical money back guarantee though. Unlike other top-tier networks, if you are not satisfied with the reading that you receive, they will credit your account instead of giving you money back. This however is better than a lot of other sites that won’t give you a money back guarantee period. For that we give them a thumbs up.


Price$1.99 For 10 Minutes
Phone PsychicsYes
Chat PsychicsYes
 Video ReadingsNo
 Email ReadingsNo
 Phone SupportNo
 Email SupportYes
 24/7 SupportNo
 Satisfaction GuarenteeYes 100%
(70%) 148 vote[s]

10 Minutes for $1.99 Special Offer

How to register


They make this a simple and easy process

Keen truly makes it very simple for you to sign up for their services. You need an email address that you have access to, and a password, that’s truly it and you’re all done. What would be a great addition here is if they added the ability to sign up through Facebook as well for one click sign up. 

It’s not until you’ve registered and signed in that you have the ability to load up your account or edit your credit card details into the system. We liked this because It made it feel more secure giving your payment information after being able to look around the site a little bit.

Here you also have the ability to add your phone number into the back. Which after sign up if you use their app makes it easier so you just have to login via your phone number instead of your email address.

They make it very easy when it comes to adding your credit information and Topping up your account. They take every major credit card as well accept PayPal. This makes it easier for people that don’t have a credit card available but can still use PayPal to fund their reading.

The way that they set up your account profile to is more robust than a lot of other different sites. In this section you’ll be able to see what transactions you’ve made, the remaining funds in your account and any free minutes that you received. Other things like seeing the contact history you’ve had with different readers, the day that you have had them and the customer order number available for it.

Their website


At one time their website was a mess, to be brutally honest with you. Though recently they did a huge overhaul and it is so much easier to work with. The new design and layout is beautiful, and it allows you to take a look at all the available psychics online and read and leave reviews for them as well. They have a very decent search function that allows you to look up readers based on reviews, pricing, the types of readings that they give, their skills and much more.

They also let you know how long the reader has been reading through the service. That way you can tell whether or not they’re a skilled veteran or a newbie. It also lets you know how many readings they have given over the course of their time with Keen.

This completely gives you the ability to find a reader that has a lot of experience in the situation or subject that you’re looking for.

Special offers


Keen does have a very spectacular first offer for new clients. You are able to get three free minutes with any psychic available with the purchase of additional minutes. Even after that they will send out emails with special offers and discounts.

It’s important for you though to figure out what psychics you like to try out first, due to the fact that there are thousands available. Take the time to figure out how many minutes you’re able to spend, and the price you’re willing to pay per minute. Narrow everything down and that will help you find the reader you looking for.

How We Took Advantage Of The Special Offer

there are two different options you can take when it comes to getting a reading from Keen, one is either doing a phone call chat reading or the other getting just a regular chat reading.

We decided to test out a phone reading.

But what we did first after signing up was start looking for readers that were in the price range that we were looking for. After sorting through those we went to their profile pages. We were looking for about $2 to $3 a minute.

On their profile page were able to see their Specialties, their skills, methods and the language that they do their readings in. We also paid some attention to their background in the industry, and how they go about doing the readings.

What we paid attention to the most though was the ratings or reviews that they had gotten.

How long have they been on the site? How many readings have they done for the site? These are two things that we took into consideration a lot. These are two things that are prominently placed at the very top of their profiles. We wanted to get a reading with a qualified reader. That had been an adviser with them for a long time, had a lot of experience and good reviews.

You have a choice of either getting an email reading done by them, the ability to call now if they are available for readings, or are you can even set it up to chat with them later if it’s one you’ve chosen to get a reading with. Luckily for us our reader was available online and we were connected right away.

The process was easy and simple and we like how it was set up. We also like the free introductory offer that we took on signing up for the account.

We got First 3 minutes free!

Paid $20.00 for 10 more minutes

got a 13 minute reading for 20.00



The psychic screening process


Mentioned above Keen recently did a complete overhaul to their website. They’ve also improve their screening process for psychic readers. Previously in the past they used to let anyone come on that had any ability to do a psychic reading. The good readers would get good reviews, and the bad readers, these people were usually weeded out by the bad reviews and lost their credibility on the site. That’s not the case anymore.

There’s still a few readers that have slipped through the cracks that have bad reviews, but we give thumbs up to Keen for doing everything they possibly can to keep the scammers away, and allow you to have a positive experience.

This increased scrutiny helps to keep the health of the site going.

Customer support


Their customer support has made Leaps and Bounds over the many years that they’ve been online. As with other networks they offer 24/7 email support where you can get a hold of them. They do also have telephone customer support Between normal business hours. This would be during the week Monday to Friday from about 6 a.m. To 6 p.m., And on the weekends between 8 a.m. And 4:30 p.m.

This phone option makes it a more attractive offer so that you can get somebody to address your concerns immediately during business hours. It would definitely be a lot better if they can move towards using a 24/7 model though for phone customer service.

Even so this is still a good option that they give you, because it’s always good to talk to a human being to get your issues resolved then through just a simple email.

Even though when I did have an issue at one point I did reach out to them through their email and my issue was resolved fairly quickly. I received an answer back to my query within a few hours. That should give you peace of mind knowing that you would only need to call them at customer service if you can’t come to an agreement through an email.

This is also good for people that have a hard time expressing themselves through email to get their point across.

Keen: What sets them apart from their competition


Customer Feedback Ranking

one thing that was implemented that is actually a really amazing idea is that they added customer feedback into the algorithm to rank their psychic readers. Best way to make sure that the cream of the crop Rises to the top, and the readers that are not doing so well are not ranked highly.

This way you can see in the various different categories that are available on the site, the best readers that are available for that type of reading, the ratings and reviews that they received. This can help you make a well-informed decision as to what psychic reader to have a reading with. You can also add to the crowd sourcing yourself and add a rating and review after your reading is completed to help others out.

Call back feature

Probably one of the best things that they’ve brought out, and I wish that a lot of other psychic sites would add, is that they have a call back feature. A lot of banks and businesses are starting to bring this into their systems. They all understand that everyone has a busy lifestyle and schedule they have to abide by. What this does is gives them the ability to still give a reading but at your leisure. Specially pretty cool if you’ve developed a bond with a certain reader that’s online and only want to get a reading from them.

So if you go online to get a reading and your reader is currently unavailable or offline, you’ll be able to schedule a call back at your convenience. All you have to do is click on the button beside the readers name, set the amount of time you’re willing to wait for a call back and you’re done.

To sum everything up


If you’re looking for a Network that has a lot of psychic readers, specializing in so many different types of divination then this is the network you’re looking for. Specially with the special offer that they give out at the beginning.

We are glad that they took the time to improve their customer service and their screening process for the psychics themselves.

Their customer service can help you if you feel as though you didn’t receive what you had paid for ,and as we have noticed the customer service did get back to us in a quick / professional manner.

Their website itself comes across as very professional and shows that they are very customer oriented, with excellent features.

So with that we say that overall would be a place that we would feel comfortable referring people to get psychic readings.

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