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Kasamba excels in the world of chat psychic readings. Founded in 1995 it was originally known as live person before it was rebranded under the name kasamba. The reason for the rebranding was because live person at one point offered advice on a multitude of topics from Psychic advice to Tech advice. So what they just did was move it over to its own brand.

How to register

To start off you go to the registration page or hit the registration button, what you can then sign up using either your Facebook account or email account.

Also if you want to stay anonymous when you’re using the site instead of using your name you can use a username that the reader can refer to you as.

They also give you the option to receive special offers and coupons via email. We click this button for sure so that way we were able to get future offers after our original purchase.

The sign-up page is encrypted so your information is safe, even at this point in time they don’t ask you for any payment details. This is something that you can add later on. When you do ad your payment details they do accept all major credit cards and also PayPal. The addition of PayPal makes things so much easier.

You also have the option (and this isn’t mandatory), to opt-in to activate refills. What this will do is fill your account automatically before it hits a balance of zero, depending on how many minutes you set it to refill your account at. We personally made this something that we didn’t opt into just so we could control how much we were going to be spending at that time.

Price3 Free minutes with every new psychic online + 50% discount off your first reading
Phone PsychicsYes
Chat PsychicsYes
 Video ReadingsNo
 Email ReadingsYes
 Phone SupportNo
 Email SupportYes
 24/7 SupportNo
 Satisfaction GuarenteeYes Money back guarentee
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3 Free minutes with every new psychic online + 50% discount off your first reading

Their website

Their mobile website is one of the best online currently, the ability to get a psychic reading is only one click away. They have streamlined it to make it so much easier for anyone to get not only a chat psychic reading but also a phone one as well. All you have to do is click on the chat button and you will be connected to your psychic in real time.

When you log into kasamba in the back-end, you will be able to not only read over your previous chats you’ve had with other psychics or the same one, you will also be able to send messages and have the ability to see if your favourite psychic is online. They made it simple to use, very fast and efficient.

It is the same thing with their regular website but it is looking a little dated.

Even better than the mobile website is their app that’s available in the Google Play and the iPhone store. The best suggestion to do is to sign up through the link that we have here, then use your sign-in information to sign into the application on your phone. This way you get to use the special offer that isn’t available right through the app.

Special offers

Kasamba does have special offers available for first-time users of the service. You get 3 free minutes with any new reader that’s online. This currently is one of the best offers its available online as we speak, and is why we suggest kasamba as our favorites online. It’s an incredible deal that shouldn’t be passed over.

Every one of the readers can set their prices accordingly to what they believe they should be getting, so you can find readings anywhere from a $1 minute to $20 a minute. What is important is for you to budget your time and your money wisely.

How we took advantage of the special offer


Now when you start searching the website for the first time don’t be discouraged when you see some higher-priced readers. Psychics are able to price their abilities at whatever they feel they should charge. So you can see readings that are available for $1 a minute all the way up to $20 a minute. When you have the discount applied you will see that their prices cut in half.

The mobile app is pretty easy to use whereas the website itself is cluttered to a degree. Their main menu at the top will show you all the different types of reading Styles they have and the types of issues that people can look into. The secondary menu which is located after the header you’ll see that there is an ability to sort the readers by different criteria. Here you’re able to sort the readers by the highest ranking, low and high pricing, or even readers that charge $4 or $7 less respectively. This is quite an important function that you should use because you really need to budget based on what you can afford. There’s no point in getting a reading from a reader that’s charging $20 a minute if you don’t intend on doing that. What we did was we set an amount that we felt was what were you wanted to pay and look for readers in that price range. OUr range was around $2 to $3 a minute with the discount.

After filtering everything down you will see the remaining readers that are available, within the parameters that you set when you started the search. Now you’ll be able to look at what psychics are available for you to get a reading from. When you click on their thumbnail you’ll be able to take a look at their psychic reading profile page. Here you can take a look at their qualifications and experience, what types of readings they do, and most importantly their customer reviews they received.

What we chose to do in this situation was go through what readers we liked and you can tag them so they show up in your account easier. We took the time to go through the reviews to find ones that we wanted to get a reading from. That way in the future we wouldn’t have to go back and search for that reader again.


The offer we took

What we found out was after we signed up is that you have to actually purchase time to be able to use your 3 minutes.

 When we use the search function and drill down exactly what reader we wanted to use we then funded our account.

 It says to budget for 15 to 25 minutes for a reading depending on what the topic is. At this point in time it states that we were going to get 50% off whatever the price was originally and the extra 3 minutes free.

 You get to have three free minutes with each reader online, as long as you cancel the chat before the 3 minutes is up. If you’re not feeling any connection with that reader that you chose, don’t be afraid to cancel it before the three minutes is up and try another reader.  This is why the 3-minute offer is actually really good the way it’s set up.  It lets you make a valuable decision within the first three minutes.

Because we chose a reader that was at the $2 range we knew that we could put in anything from $25 to $50 to be able to cover our reading. $25 in total would give us 15 minutes with this reader if we continue to do it.  $50 would give us 28 minutes in total which was more than enough time.

What we chose to do was pay $25 and get the total of 15 minutes.

We started the chat session with the reader and we used the first 3 minutes of the conversation to see whether or not they could pick up on our situation. If you cancel any time within the first three minutes, you are still allowed to use those 3 minutes again with another reader as mentioned. If you don’t cancel before the 3 minutes up and it starts to Bill based on how much you had prepaid your account.

 As we started we felt very comfortable on the first three minutes so we continued our conversation with the psychic reader. What we did was finish up the 15 minutes in total,  then took a moment to take a break and reassess whether or not we wanted to continue on adding more time or leaving the situation as it was.

We were pretty happy with our reading at that point and felt as though received the answer that we needed to hear in detail.

We were very happy with the reading that we got for the three minutes free any additional $25 that we paid in total. this means  we actually got a 15 min private reading done for $1.67 per minute with the 3 free minutes.

When you have a 50% discount and 3 minutes free it’s a no-brainer.

The psychic screening process

Kasamba has what you would consider a screening process that’s on the minimal side. This doesn’t mean that just anybody can get on, but it’s a situation where it’s quantity over quality in some cases.

I personally wouldn’t consider that an overly negative thing, you just have to make sure that you are spending your money on a quality psychic advisor. The site itself makes it a little easier to do with the fact that there’s a rating system in place for their psychics. It gives you the opportunity to not only read whether or not they’re getting good ratings, but it also gives you the opportunity to take a look at how long they have been a reader on the website. What you should do is take into consideration how long they’ve been there with the website, and how their ratings have been over time. This will be a good barometer to figure out whether or not the reader is the one that you should put your time and money into.

Kasamba really stands out in the fact that they have a lot of readers available that are skilled in many different psychic Arts.

Customer support

kasamba has recently upgraded their customer support system. Their customer support at one time was lacking but that issue has been fixed over the last few years.

Kasamba will guarantee you that you’ll have a great reading. If you are not truly happy with the reading that you have received they will refund you up to $50 of your first reading that you received. From that point on if you have already received a reading before, and you get a reading from another psychic that you feel wasn’t up to par they will act as a mediator between you and the reader themselves to come up with a compromise.

Their new policy of 3 free minutes with every new reader, gives you the ability to test out the advisors first and find one that you connect with. This is an option that is lacking with a lot of service providers currently. this is something that we feel is necessary in this industry. You have to be able to feel a connection to the reader that you choose, and this gives you a way to do so.

Unfortunately at this current moment there’s no customer service number to get ahold of them if any issue does arises. They do currently only offer email support. This is something that we do have an issue with but we are hoping that they’ll figure out a solution to it as well. Even offering chat support would be a great thing. One thing that I should add to this statement is the fact that any issues that we had with them before were taken care of quickly.

Kasamba : What sets them apart from their competition



Something that they offer free of charge are horoscope readings. They have a few astrologists that do horoscope columns for the website. They seem to rotate them in and out, but they focus on daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes. And at the beginning of every year they offer a new horoscope for the yearly horoscope.

Presto State Of The Art Chat

They also are one of the first sites to put out an app that you can get readings on using what’s called “Presto Chat”. What this is, is that instead of waiting for the psychic to type out everything that they are going to say, it types it out by the word so you get it faster. It also streamlines the reading right to your phone so much easier than going to the website. Best thing you can do is sign up through our site then use that information to sign up with the app so you get the benefit of the bonus time instead of no bonus at all.

Different reading Niches and Topics

They really brought it up a notch more than other sites with all the available readings that you can get online. This is one of the first times I’ve ever seen a website that offers pet psychics even. So it’s pretty much guaranteed any type of reading that you’re looking for they would have a reader that could do it. What we really liked was that it’s broken down into categories depending on what kind of situation you’re facing. So if your question deals with love and relationship you’re pretty much covered, because they have Psychics and tarot readers that are devoted strictly to divorce and breakups, or others that deal with is he or she or they the one Etc.

 To sum everything up


If you’re looking to receive a chat reading, you can do no wrong with kasamba psychics. This is something that they excel at very well. In the last few years they branched out to phone readings, some of the readers do you use the phones but some don’t.  So in some cases if you’re looking for a reading done over the phone you might have a little searching to do.

They do have one of the largest networks of psychic readers, but you have to do your homework by reading their profiles and their reviews to make sure that you are getting one that is worth your time.  This isn’t a huge problem because you have to do that at any site you go to anyways.

The ability to have a chat reading done is good if you’re in a situation where you need answers but can’t talk over the phone, like if you were at a social Gathering or at work. Being that the chat is also saved for you to look back at in the future, it gives you an ability to read over what was said after the reading. So that means that you don’t have to digest things as you are asking the questions, you can go over them and over them afterwards.

Depending on the psychic that you choose, the price can be anywhere from cheap to expensive. So make sure you take into consideration your budget before you get a reading. There’d be absolutely no point getting 3 free minutes with a reader that charges $20 a minute if you’re not going to go and continue getting a reading from them. So the best thing that you can do is take the time to figure out what your budget is and then find a reader that’s within your budget. 

Take into consideration what we did by  getting the 3-minute free offer and then purchasing  $25 more credit time to put towards a reading which gave us 15 minutes for the reader. We were very happy with the outcome.

 To know how we did the actual reading go up and read the section called “the offer we took”

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