Rules to Follow when contacting your Spirit Guides

Rules to Follow when contacting your Spirit Guides

The following are guidelines and rules of thumb for us to follow in connecting with our Guides. These guidelines are ones which through experience personally have found to be more protective and creates a better connection with Guides.

What you feel from your Guides and their emanations will reflect the Spirit World itself. All are of Unconditional Love, and thats Love without conditions. Spirit sees no right or wrong, pain, suffering, joy and happiness are but lessons we each learn.

It is through understanding ourselves that we come to understand others and know the true meaning of compassion,forgiveness and Unconditional Lovewhich comes from our hearts.

Rule Of ThumbRegarding Guides & Protocol

Our Guides are in Spirit, and the Spirit World is where the Universal Energy Flows freely withUnconditional Love, peace and harmony.

They have absolutely no judgements period on right or wrong.

They won’torder you to do something or speak to you in anyway other than loving and kind.

Nor do they make us feel uneasy! We feel nothing but Pure Love from them, and a ‘secure’ feeling, one which we simply ‘know’ their intent is to help usin any way possible.

We also ‘feel’ a familiarity with them, although we may not know from what, theres a feeling of ‘knowing’ them and being comfortable with them.

Guideswill never say or do anything that goes against your free will or right of choice.

You may ask themabout something and they may advise you, but it will usually be worded so that you ‘have tomake a choice.’

Guides Do Not make decisions for you. Theymay ask you what you think and feelabout it, and by talking this out you will know what to do.

Once you see them, they won’t change the color of their hair or usually style of dress either. They will remain the sameway you first saw them. This offers you more security and familiarity with them.

They won’t awaken you night after night either. A time to contact you is usually done when you can connect easily, although there are exceptions to this, usually in the beginning ofyour connection this is the standard.

If a new Guide comes to you, ask them questions on who they are, what they wish to help you with.

Also ask if they have spoken with your Main Guide or Doorkeeper.

Whetherthey have, or havenotgone through either of those stop immediately, connect with your Main Guide and/or Doorkeeper and ask them if they know this Guide.Have them contact the Guide to come through them before you will connect with the new one.

After you have connected with several of your Guides, you will begin to see and feel them as a group. Often calling uponyour Guides as a whole.Your main Guide and Doorkeeperare always in direct contact with all your Guides. They are the ones you go to in asking questions about your other Guides, or any problems and help you need.

Your main Guide and Doorkeeper are always available to you, as are your other Guides, Angels and Teachers.

As you develop and make deeper connections you’ll find yourself sharing many things with your Guides throughout the day. Thinking about them and sending Love to them while your working or going about your daily living is something they enjoy.

Remember joy itself is also a big part of Love. Your Guides are very much like we are, and have a wonderful sense of humor. You may hear them laughing at times, sharing with you the joy that is being felt by all of you.

Enjoy this time of your developing, working with your Guides is one of the most happiest times in your life. It will also help you to connect to the higher aspects of yourself and planes above where we are presently.

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