Oranum Psychics Review


Oranum before offering readings to the entire world, started small focusing on the country of Poland. In 2010 they expanded to a worldwide audience.

This is a network that is in a class of its own being that it offers webcam based reading, also known as video chat. The awesome part about that is that instead of just hearing your readers voice over the phone or doing a chat reading you can see their facial expressions when they’re reading to you. You also have the opportunity to turn your camera on as well so that you can be face to face. This gives you a sense of intimacy just like as if you were getting a reading done right in person.

You can still chat with them typing into the chat box, but if you have the availability of a microphone and a camera it will speed things up and make things easier for you in the long run. This is cool technology that should actually be commonplace now within all psychic reading sites.

The weird and interesting part is that this is how it was done in the first years of online readings. There used to be many websites that had chat rooms and video readings. That’s what makes this network so interesting. As others change their model of business they stayed the same.

How to register


Oranum makes it quite easy to sign up for their services.

You can literally sign up for the site within seconds. On the sign-up page all they ask for is a username, an email and a password. Also if you have a promo code available you can use it on that page as well. If you go through any of the links that are on this page already they have the promo code attached to your account when you sign in or sign up.

This is another site that doesn’t ask you for the your payment details right away. We approve of that personally because we don’t like to give out our information without knowing more about the site and how it works inside. It gives you a chance to see whether or not this site is the right one for you.

When you sign up with them you get $9.99 in credits that you were able to use with any of the readers that are online. Keep in mind that each reader charges differently, so how those credits are used are dependent on the per minute charge the reader sets. So you might have one reader that charges one credit per minute and another one charges 5 credits per minute. Keep that in mind before you set up a reading.

They also have other packages that are available for purchase when you first sign up.

PriceFree live video chat sample readings, 9.99 in credits towards a private reading for first time.
Phone PsychicsNo
Chat PsychicsYes
 Video ReadingsYes
 Email ReadingsNo
 Phone SupportNo
 Email SupportYes
 24/7 SupportYes
 Satisfaction GuarenteeUnsure
(80%) 48 vote[s]

$9.99 FREE Credits on Your 1st Reading!

Their Website


Their website is right up there with the majority of the networks. You can tell that they’ve spent money to make sure that the customer is able to find what they need. The navigation was quite easy, and they give you a simple way to be able to search and sort out the psychics. This is quite important when you’re looking for a psychic that does have a certain ability.

When you’re looking through the list of Psychics you are able to actually see a video of the psychic before you go into their chat room. This is something that they do well since video is exploding on the internet, it gives you a chance to get to know who the psychic is before you go into their chat room.

You also have the ability to not only read the reviews that the psychic has received, but you can also take a look and see the schedule that they are on. This way if you find a psychic that you’re interested in connecting with, you’ll know what time to go into their chat room and what time they’re available till.

They even give you a way to be able to schedule a reading with a reader at a future time. This will make things easier for you in the long run as everything will be done on your time frame.

Special offers


Currently right now they are offering 9.99 credits towards your first private reading. This is a pretty good offer that they have. There’s only one caveat to it. Unlike other websites they have their readers charging credits instead of dollar amounts. So you might find some readers that charge one credit per minute, and other readers might charge 6 credits per minute. Take this into consideration when you’re thinking of using your free credits with one of those readers. it could be the difference of getting one free minute with them to 5 free minutes with another. Also take note that when these free credits are up it will start charging you unless you cancel the chat ( if you have added funds already).

Like mentioned previously they do have a free chat feature where you are able to be in a chat room with a multitude of other clients. Everyone gets a chance to get a reading done ( if time permits) but don’t expect too much from this reading. This might be like getting a simple question answered, or in a lot of cases they might draw a tarot card for you and explain what the meaning of it is to your question. The only benefit to this chat room is that you get to see how the reader works before you get them into a private situation.

How we took advantage of the special offer


Just like we did with the other reviews we did research on the readers that we were planning on choosing first. We went to their bio pages to read their bios, to review their ratings and reviews, and see what their area of Specialties are.

Reviewing the ratings and reviews is of the utmost importance. Check to see how they have been over the course of a few months. We personally looked for experienced readers, that’s not to say new readers aren’t any good, it’s just we wanted to have a track record of Excellence.

The other cool thing about their profile page is that you were able to see when they’re scheduled next for live chat.

Our method to getting a reading on this site was that we went to different chat rooms to see the camaraderie that the reader had with the clientele. When we found the kind of reader that we are interested in getting a reading from we started what was called a private show.

When you’re in the private show or the private chat the reader is still on webcam and doing the reading for you. It is at this moment that you can choose to also turn your webcam and microphone on to join in the conversation. This is exactly what we did because we wanted to make sure that we are able to talk to them pretty much microphone to microphone just like you would do over the phone. This was good for us and probably for others that are not fast typers.

The offer we took:

We took their offer of  FREE 9.99 credits but also added the indepth reading package for 27.99 ( plus 2 extra credits free!) as well to make sure that we had a real rounded reading. The Reading we had was good and it seemed like they were pretty knowledgeable on what they’re talking about.

The psychic screening process


They do seem to have a pretty decent screening process in place for readers. From what we were told the psychic’s do seem to go under a pretty intense screening process. There are some quality and good readers on their site, but we did notice a few that might have slipped through the cracks. This shows us that the screening process might not be as strict.

With that in mind make sure that you read all the readers reviews and take the time to get a sense of the reader when you go into their free chat.

They do seem to have a big list of readers, that are available with very good ratings. We also noticed that they have a lot of new readers available all the time. There are a lot of readers on Oranum that are indeed good, but there seems to be a lot of turnover as well. Do your due diligence and only connect with readers you feel have a good connection with you as well as good ratings.

We personally would try and stay away from any reader that specialized in curses or spells.

Customer support


Oranum does offer the industry-widely used email support system. When we reached out to customer support we were surprised when we got an answer quite quickly.

Even though this was something that was done quickly, we are hoping that in the future they offer phone support. It would just give them a more human touch when it comes to their clients needs. Also in some cases some people have difficulty explaining their situation via email, and might do better over the phone.

Oranum: What sets them apart from their competition

Niche specialties

One of the things that they do well is they really break things down into specialty offerings that other sites may not have. For instance you might go to a site that specializes in just tarot readings and psychic readings. Oranum has those offerings as well, but they also dip into different divination that might not be on other sites like I ching, or Reiki and Chakra healing. So they do really well with bringing specialty items to the web.

webcam to webcam readings

The one thing that truly separates them from their competition is their webcam chat room. As mentioned previously this used to be a staple years ago, but not a lot of sites do it anymore. The readers that are in chat will do one card readings and stuff like that, so that you get a free demonstration of what they’re able to do. It also gives you the amazing ability to get to know the reader first, kind of in a social setting. You get to see their demeanour and how they act towards other people. The social aspect gives you the idea that the psychic is really just an everyday person like you and I. As you watch them in the chat room you can also get an idea of what you’re going to get from them as a psychic, which gives you the ability to have a more informed psychic reading.

To sum everything up


The technology that they use to bring the psychics to your computer or phone is impressive. Besides the fact of providing live webcam readings, they also have email readings, and chat readings as well. The only thing missing from the equation is telephone readings. This might not be something that they implement anytime soon due to their location or the logistics of setting up a phone network for it. Things like that usually need to be implemented when the site goes live.

There is quite the selection of qualified readers, but they need to really go through and remove some of the not so great ones. They have to put quality over quantity.

That is why we really like the fact that they have the free chat in place so you can get a feeling for the reader before you possibly get a reading from them. You will be able to engage with them and also see how they engage with others. Take the time to watch to see what other peoples feedback to them is.

The customer service that we received was adequate to our email question, but the addition of a 1-800 number for customer service would be a great thing to have. I wouldn’t let that discourage you from getting a reading, but we are hoping in the future that they will bring that technology into their system.

Overall though we like Oranum for the fact that you can get the video readings done face to face unlike other networks, and the chat room to be able to see them do readings in a public setting. The 10 free credits help, and when we got a reading we added the in depth reading package for 27.99 and got 2 more credits free, so that we were able to take advantage of in a good offer.

Available Readings

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