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Daily Horoscope for Virgo

Money is a big factor right now whether it is yours someone else or just a plan Shared endeavors are more profitable than solo ventures Others may not appreciate it if you act alone even though the temptation to do so may be very strong The wise move however may be to talk things through with partners -- be they business or romantic -- and let the idea sit in the back of your brain for a day or two This will simultaneously give your subconscious a chance to mull over the ramifications and give you more perspective on what seems like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
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August 24th To September 23rd

virgo horoscopeThe horoscope Virgo sign is the Sixth Sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by a woman. She is viewed by some as a very young woman but most often she is thought of as an old maid.

In mythology, Virgo symbolized Astraea, the goddess of justice. She was so beautiful and everyone on Earth worshipped and loved her. When mankind’s inhumanity towards itself was too overwhelming for her and she could find no peace here on Earth, Astraea went to live in the sky, taking with her a stalk of wheat which she broke and scattered the grains across the sky, thus making the stars in the heavens.

Virgo Traits and Virgo Personality

Virgo stands for work and responsibility, constantly striving for perfection, seeing to all details with an obsession for efficiency. They also have a great need to help the indigent and the sick. Virgos put order in the world. Their deepest need is be useful and productive. They stand for purity and innocence, ejecting all impurities that will cause disorder and unhappiness.

Virgo is an Earth Sign ruled by Mercury which is the planet for rational thought and intellect, giving Virgos their keen analytical ability with an attention to details second to no one. Because they are the second Earth Sign they are dependable and responsible. Having a Mutable quality keeps Virgos matter of fact, precise and very accurate. Their strong points are their sharp mental powers. Virgos are ruled by the Third House, which is the House of Communication, verbal and written, weighing and evaluating all the details and then solving the matter at hand. They are also ruled by the Sixth House which is the House of Compassion and Health. Virgos are very health conscious and with their quiet, reserved and sympathetic nature and inherent understanding of good health, make them great doctors, nurses, healers, etc.

While Virgos are quick with their criticisms and their nitpicking which can drive most people over the wall, they seem to be blind to their own faults, but Virgo innately seeks out order for without order there is confusion and disorder and this Virgo will not tolerate.

Besides putting things in order they have a meticulous love of cleanliness and hygiene. They cannot feel comfortable in a room full of dissaray. It goes against their very nature.

On the whole Virgos are shy and unassuming. their critical and perfectionist outlook can be hard for others to take. Money is very important to them and they don’t mind working hard for it, even to the point of putting theirs and their families emotional needs second to work. They have a hard time relaxing and add to that they don’t have much of a sense of humor makes it very hard for loved ones to get close to them. They can be quite charming but they lack confidence in themselves. You will never find a Virgo who throws away money carelessly and their fear of growing old and depending upon anyone is why they are so miserly.

In love Virgos are not passionate but they show their love by taking care of their families and loved ones. They don’t waste time on impractical romantic gestures. They need partners who are open minded and easy to get along with since with their nitpicking could cause friction.

Famous Virgo Men/ Famous Virgo Women

Cameron Diaz (b. Aug 30, 1972) ~ Beyonce (b. Sept 4, 1981) ~ Mark Ronson (b. Sept 4, 1975) ~ Salma Hayek (b. Sept 2, 1966) ~ Macauley Culkin (b. Aug 26, 1980) ~ Keanu Reeves (b. Sept 2 1964) ~ Hugh Grant (b. Sept 9, 1960) ~ Adam Sandler (b. Sept 9, 1966) ~ Richard Gere (b. Aug 31, 1949) ~ David Arquette (b. Sept 8, 1971) ~ Carla Gugino (b. Aug 29, 1971) ~ Gloria Estefan (b. Sept 1, 1957) ~ Jason Statham (b. Sept 12, 1972) ~ Mark Harmon (b. Sept 2, 1951) ~ Sean Connery (b. Aug 25, 1930) ~ Michael Jackson (b. Aug 29, 1958) ~ Nicole Ritchie (b. Sept 21, 1981) ~ Guy Ritchie (b. Sept 19, 1968) ~ Marc Anthony (b. Sept 16, 1968)

Virgo characteristics

Duality, Triplicity, Quadruplicity Feminine, Earth, Mutable
Gemstones Sardonyx, Sapphire, Agate
Flowers All Brightly Colored Small Flowers
Ruling Planet Mercury, Named for the Messenger of the Gods
Cities and Countries Paris, Boston, Heidelberg, Strasbourg,Turkey, Greece, Crete, West Indies
Colors Green, Navy Blue, Brown
Animals All Domestic Pets, in Particular Cats and Dogs
Trees All Nut Bearing trees
Part of the Body Nervous System, Intestines
Polarity Pisces
Lucky Day Wednesday
Lucky Numbers 5, 3
Dominate Phrase “I Analyze”
Symbol The Virgin
Herbs Cardamom, Marjoram
Metal Mercury, Nickel
Tarot Pentacles
Vedic Sign and Symbol Kanya, The Virgin/Daughter

Virgo Birthstone / September Birthstone


Jen London


Sun in Virgo identifies ego with the need to serve and perfect the world. Virgo Suns are exacting, methodical, and critical. Virgo often bares a bad reputation for being naggy and hypercritical, however, be rest assured that they are no harder on anyone than they are on themselves. Actually, Virgo Suns are usually quite tough on their own quest for self-improvement, and often make martyrs out of themselves while looking to better themselves through the service of others. Virgo Suns have an amazing ability to adapt to any situation that comes upon them, and are willing to hold responsibility for their lives and choices. Virgo rules health, so not only do they understand the ways to keep the body humming under stress, but many keep themselves in excellent fitness to keep up with the rigorous routine they build for themselves. Virgo Sun tends to be quite practical, and will often go to the most logical solution for any given problem. They have clear thinking in a crisis situation, and are the people you go to if you need a job done right.

It is the Virgo Sun’s very nature to worry. It takes a great amount of character to overcome this, so when dealing with someone who has this placement, it is best to not trivialize their concerns, but rather to help them find a positive way of viewing the situation. They will worry anyway, just maybe not quite as much. Virgo Sun folks tend to be picky eaters, and would rather have you at their house than go to yours for a dinner engagement. To Virgo, compromising on this issue means letting them pick a restaurant. The Virgo Sun likes good food, nice clothing, and admires beautiful architecture. Their preferences are not set in stone, however, and if introduced to something new, they can change and adapt their preferences to new things that they learn. Virgo Sun loves to learn, the more information they can amass in a lifetime, the happier they are.

While the Virgo Sun has great qualities when it comes to function and practicality, they can be terrible tough and critical on themselves. When a Virgo Sun is unhappy with themselves, they have the inclination to be very critical and picky of everyone and everything around them. It is important for the Virgo Sun to keep in mind that while intelligent, they have to remember other people and how they contribute to their lives. When a Virgo Sun loses him or herself in critical thinking or work, they can often be completely unaware that their sharp words effect others in a very negative way. In an effort to perfect all that is around them, some will lose patience for others who are not working as hard. Also, Virgo Suns can ruin their own health through caring for and worrying about other people or their job. The consummate workaholic, sometimes they just do not know where to draw the line.

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libra rose

To really understand Virgo, think about one word: Monk. Or monk. Either way, it applies. That TV show – I have no idea if it’s still on – had a great preview a while back where the OCD detective – Monk – is being chased by bad guys down the street, and yet he has to stop and touch every parking meter as he’s being chased. That, my friends, is the downside of Virgo – an obsessive need for control.

But the upside? Well, think about a regular monk. Monks have this serene life, very pure, full of order and control and light, learning and philosophy. It’s pretty great, right?

By nature analytical, refined, and modest, Virgo might come off as kind of a cold fish sometimes – but hold your judgment, please. Virgos are sensitive souls who tend to build up controls around themselves to deal with all of their emotions, which they actually do feel deeply.

Biggest Insult: You’re so impractical.

Quickest Way to Get Virgo into Bed: Make sure you’re clean. Very clean. Maybe too clean.

Most Likely to: Do your taxes for you.

Should Have Been Born: in a vacuum-sealed bubble. In the woods. This might seem contradictory – and yeah, you know what? It is. Doesn’t make it any less true, though.

To Make Virgo Forgive You: write them a very reasoned letter detailing the mistakes you’ve made, and outlining exactly what you plan to do to remedy said situation in the future. Possibly get it notaraized.


People born under the sign of Virgo are perfectionists, and work hard in any area of life to achieve their goals, of which they are extremely proud. They are cautious, self-reliant, and discriminating, making it difficult for them to seek help from others. They are perfectionists, and are often intelligent and quick to pick up on new concepts and ideas.

Virgos do not enjoy waiting for things to happen, but they aren’t like Aries in that they understand how much they are able to handle. The projects in which they invest their time are always well done due to their exceptional organizational skills and perfectionist qualities. They are quick to appreciate the work of others, especially when it is of high quality. When not working, a Virgo will tend to explore new avenues in the attempt to gain a greater understanding of what surrounds them.

Because of their perfectionist nature, Virgos are often wearing personalities. They enjoy having things done their own way, and will often go into an extensive amount of detail, no matter what situation they enter. They are great friends, putting the needs of others before themselves – although this is sometimes too much so. On a personal level, Virgos do not exhibit “touchy feely” tendencies, and may appear distant at first. Many Virgos search lifelong to find their soulmate – but their standards are often too high for anyone to fill this need.

Virgos are authoritative people, and make exceptionally good leaders at home. However, they are also often impulsive spenders, and will find it difficult to balance needs versus desires in a very materialistic world.


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