2017 Scorpio Horoscope – Daily and Yearly

2017 Scorpio Horoscope – Daily and Yearly

Scorpio Horoscope Daily

It`s time for you to share your feelings, no matter how uncomfortable it may make you. Share what you love with a person you admire and your gifts will be appreciated. Honesty is the theme of the day, so give until it hurts! Your friends and family members are both surprised and happy to see the softer side of your personality. Tonight, romance may be in the cards. Go with your instincts when it comes to attraction, and you may be pleasantly surprised.
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Yearly Scorpio Horoscope

One of your greatest strengths, as a Scorpio, is your perfectionistic streak. This ability to not only focus on what you want to achieve, but also to aim high and stick to those goals, whatever the opposition or obstacles you encounter may be, is what enables you to achieve far more than others do under similar circumstances.

In fact, Scorpios are able to persist in the face of all manner of practical difficulties, and where others would give up, you won’t even falter. Yet that also means that once you settle on a goal or focus on one particular kind of achievement, you can become obsessive. You will never give up, even when faced with evidence that you should.
During 2017, your greatest challenge will be, first, to recognise when situations have changed and second, when they have, to relax that focus. This could mean letting go of certain goals, and doing what’s very difficult for you, which is allowing life to come to you – allowing events to shape what you do and even restructure long-standing goals and objectives. Not only is this important, if you’re to take advantage of the influence of the planet of expansion and good fortune, Jupiter, which is in your sign – it’s absolutely vital.

Jupiter moved into Scorpio in late October 2016 and remains there until 24 November 2017. During this period of growth, opportunity and unexpected change, a series of ideas, events, encounters and offers will come your way. They’ll give you an opportunity to reshape your life, not merely influencing it during this year, but during the years to come.

But what comes your way won’t necessarily fit in with your plans or even your vision of the future. In fact, frequently, what arises will be surprising, a shock – or even unwelcome. This is simply because events are part of a future of which you’re not yet aware. And as a Scorpio, you can be intensely intuitive. Yet during a cycle such as this, when events sometimes take a huge leap over what you know to be true, you won’t always recognise what’s in your best interests right away. In fact, initially, you may reject golden opportunities because they’re so distant from anything you had on your mind.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that the planetary activity during 2017 indicates changing circumstances that influence everybody. These won’t appear as one giant change of a dramatic nature, but as subtle shifts over the year; these allow what seemed rigid circumstances to change, develop and, most of all, to improve. Consequently, you may have to do what you find most difficult, which is adopt an uncharacteristically flexible approach to events.

You’ll know exactly what this means by the time of the Scorpio full moon, on 13 May, when you must make important decisions about arrangements. These may be personal, involve romantic partnerships or perhaps business interests. Whatever the case, during this period it’s vital that you consider ideas that seem impractical or disruptive – or even completely outrageous. What appears to be nothing but a nuisance at the time could actually benefit you enormously in the future.

Once you’ve made a decision, you like to stick with it. So you won’t be thrilled to learn that you may need to keep your options open until late in the year. As the year begins, this may sound impossible. But as situations change, as one offer follows the other, and as you begin to become more intrigued by what arises, you’ll forget about getting everything organised and about making lists, as you usually do. You could even find that you actually enjoy going with the flow. In fact, it may not be until after 23 October, when the planet of ego, Mars, enters your sign, to remain there until 6 December, that you’ll be able to focus on your own interests and will know enough to make commitments.

This process of exploration marks 2017 as a year ruled by Jupiter; it is a year of expansion. Consequently, you may find that events take you to new places, that they lead you to study, perhaps at home or even some place far away. You may find yourself in a new group of people.

If there’s anything challenging, it’s likely to be that these decisions will not have been made on your own, but will seem to have been thrust on you, something that is always difficult for a Scorpio to deal with.

So if there are enforced changes, instead of battling them, make an attempt to work with them, whatever the setting – your personal life, relationships, activities, career or domestic set-up. In every case, it’s about the discoveries that the new, unfamiliar and sometimes seemingly unrealistic can bring you. If in doubt, keep in mind that, as Jupiter takes 12 years to go around the Zodiac, it will be a very long time before the next cycle of opportunity that it brings with it comes your way. Therefore, the more inquisitive you are, the more open you are, the better results you’ll get from this dynamic year. If in doubt what to do, just keep in mind that, during 2017, you’re more likely to regret what you didn’t do than what you did.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

You will be protected by Stars.

This year you will be vibrating with passion; you are sensual and demanding in love. You are promised by the stars to be protected in your loves and relations if you act wisely and correctly. If you wish to get engaged, choose the first 15 days of January or wait later in the springtime. This spring will be rich in emotions and will place you in the spotlight, all that contributing a lot for your love life, relations with friends and the family. Avoid engaging this summer because of the potential eclipses. These weeks will be difficult. It will be necessary to avoid saying more than what you have to do. The year will finish quiet well.


Jen London


the Scorpio Sun person seeks perfection in themselves and in others. The Scorpio Sun, however, takes perfection to a personal level and carries his or her calling out with extraordinary intensity. Failure equals weakness to someone with this placement, and they can become very focused on getting whatever results they are looking for. You do not want to incite anger in the Scorpio Sun, especially if the Moon is in a harder placement, as a scorned Scorpio Sun picks his or her moment for retaliation carefully and plottingly. Even the most evolved Scorpio will remember any slight to them for the rest of their lives, even if they forgive the action. Yes, contrary to popular opinion, Scorpio Sun people do and will forgive people who have hurt them if the person admits what they have done and asks for forgiveness. They just will never forget, and your indiscretion will forever be stored in the back of their mind when dealing with you.

The things to watch out for with this placement are intense jealousy and pride. The Scorpio Sun, in all its power, can become underhanded and vengeful when hurt or angered. Their words or action can become as sharp as knives. To be aware of this when dealing with this placement and the ability for Scorpio to transform a negative into a positive, can make this focus a great thing when working toward the greater good. While most Scorpio Sun people do not take this intensity to an evil degree, the possibility does still exist when the person becomes a victim of their own tunnel vision.

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libra rose

Oh, Scorpio. Does anybody in the zodiac get a worse rap? In my humble opinion (spoke the Scorpio), no. Sure, we’re forceful. Yes, our eyes are penetrating, our gaze discerning. Sure, we’d rather have sex than food. But other than that, could you please stop generalizing?

Scorpio personalities, more so than with any other sign, are dependent upon the rest of their chart. The only common trait you can really name among Scorpios is intensity. If you have a Scorpio with a Pisces moon, you will have an intensely sensitive and artistic person. A Scorpio with an Aries moon might be intensely fun and judgmental. A Scorpio with a Taurus moon will almost certainly be intensely stubborn (a great resource for casting charts is – just saying).

Hannibal Lecter is Scorpionic in his obsession with life and death (the particular ways in which he manifests this obsession have nothing to do with the sign – at least, that’s what I tell myself). Penelope Cruz’s character in Vicky Cristina Barcelona is Scorpionic in her obsession with her ex-husband and her passion for life; Picasso was a Scorpio, and so was Grace Kelly. You’ve got the spectrum of personalities represented here, with one thing pulling them together: intensity.

Biggest Insult: Ha. You think you want to insult a Scorpio? Sure, you CAN – but why on earth would you ever want to open yourself up to the wrath that will inevitably follow?

Quickest Way to Get Scorpio into Bed: Stare at them. Be way too young or way too old for them. Wait.

Most Likely to: Surprise you by being pretty incredibly oversensitive.

Should Have Been Born: as Machiavelli. As Henry Kissinger. As anybody, pulling the strings behind the scenes, anywhere. In a position of (secret) power.

To Make Scorpio Forgive You: pray.


The Scorpio is viewed as the sign of powerful emotional desire, and Scorpios are generally quite strong and willful, enjoying control and preferring seriousness over light-hearted conversation. They rarely take matters lightly, and tend to be perfectionists in their own right.

Scorpios are also very just people, and look for ways to benefit society rather than simply their own needs. They tend to hide their weaknesses, and look down upon the weaknesses of others. They can easily shy away from diplomacy, and tend to look for ways to get what they desire. They can also be quite manipulative, often running away from situations in which the blame gets placed on them, leaving others to face the consequences of their actions.

Despite these sometimes negative tendencies, Scorpios are generally loyal and honest people. Scorpios are usually quite strong and confident, though some Scorpios tend to bury their insecurities rather than confront them, and become introverted as a result. People may want to dislike a Scorpio, but their personality draws people in whether they want to be or not. Others may find the Scorpio to be secretive and shocking at times, and they enjoy giving people this impression – even though it is often far from the truth.

Relationships are difficult to find for Scorpio as, in order to be happy with their partner, a great deal of respect must be created first. Though not very affectionate, Scorpios often portray the illusion of bearing a high sex drive, even though this may not be the case.


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