Daily Horoscope for Pisces

Daily Horoscope for Pisces

If you are feeling a bit bitter when it comes to a situation you really have no control of you need to get over it You know the rules of the game as well as anybody else and you tacitly agreed to them when you entered the arena The playing field is more level than you realize You can however turn the tables Play the game and give it your best shot While you may not finish the night standing atop the winners podium you can still have a little fun
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Pisces Horoscope- The Fishes

February 20th to March 20th

pisces HoroscopeThe Horoscope Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and its symbol are the two fishes in reversed directions. These two fish symbolize the choice that is given to Pisces: they can either swim to the top and reach their goals or swim down to the bottom never reaching those same goals.

This sign is ruled by the planet Neptune which is the planet of illusion, dreams, mysticism, intuition, magic and fantasies. Its influence comes through as psychic ability and a spiritual wisdom. It opens the door to things of a psychical nature and the transcendental.

It is a mutable sign which means they can adapt and change. They are the last of the water signs which makes them very emotional and sensitive. They are the more emotional than intellectual and rather than facing their problems head long, Pisceans will often wait for their problems to solve themselves. They believe in spiritual, intangible and psychical things. To them this is just as real and palpable as the ground they walk on but oftentimes They look to otherworldly aspects. Their inherent and innate belief is to unite with the spiritual world.

Pisces traits and Pisces Personality

Pisceans are dreamers and are gifted artistically and with mediumistic qualities. They are adroit, instinctive and innate and are open to all things that are new. They have a great love for the beauty in anything artistic and being ruled by the Ninth House, which is the House of Philosophies and Foreign Countries, they have a longing to travel to exotic places. They are also ruled by the Twelfth House which is the House of Secrets, Sorrows and Self Destruction.

Pisces accept people for what they are without making judgments or criticisms. They are more concerned with other peoples problems than with their own. They can live life wandering aimlessly through different careers trying to find themselves. They do not fit the nine to five mold like Capricorns and Taureans will.

There is nothing presumptuous about Pisceans in their personal relationships and will give more than what is asked of them. Because they are such dreamers Pisceans want and need partners who have their feet firmly planted on the ground like Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. Like Scorpios and Capricorns they are a difficult sign to get to know. It takes time to get to know a Pisces and for them to open up themselves but they are worth the wait because you’ll find them good, sensitive people who like to give love and affection. They can be very romantic but they tend to relate to others by feelings and they need to realize that others are not like them and verbal communication is even more important.

It is said because they they are the twelfth and last sign, that they are a melange of all the other signs before them. They have the inane sense of fun as well as the moodiness of Cancer; judgment as impartial and neutral as that of Libra; as extroverted and fun loving as Leo; they can coordinate and focus on details like that of Virgos; to think and talk with Gemini speed; be as calm, tranquil and slothful as Taurus; they have the proficient light banter and spiritual acumen Scorpio is known for but without the cruelty Scorpio can show; has an abundant amount of enthusiasm and idealism of Aries; likes to needle and scrutinize in an Aquarian manner; is devoted to duty like the disciplined Capricorn and just as keenly aware of social distinctions; and as generous and bluntly outspoken as Sagittarius.

Their sensitivity can make harsh realities unbearable and Pisceans must be careful to stay away from pseudo realities like alcohol and drugs. There is a higher than average percentage of Pisceans who are alcoholics. Neptune is the planet of deception, illusion and false appearances making it dangerously hard to see where deception starts.

Pisces Traits

These Neptunians have enormous pity and compassion for the sick and weak. They will go the extra mile to try and understand the hearts of those who are rejected by society. They respond with the greatest sympathy and care and are not critical. This caring attitude towards their fellow man often leads Pisceans to choose careers as doctors, nurses, teachers or social workers. Many become priests or monks. More psychics are born under this sign than any other.

Unlike Capricorns and Scorpios, money is not important to Pisces. Their greatest virtue is giving money to charitable causes. They enjoy spending money on helping others but they must take care not to be taken advantage of. The negative drawbacks in this sign are indecisiveness in important matters. They can be overemotional, unreliable, oversensitive, careless and impractical.

Famous Pisces Men / Famous Pisces Women

Bruce Willis (b. Mar 19, 1955) ~ Tea Leoni (b. Feb 25 1966) ~ Michael Caine (b. Mar 14, 1933) ~ Lauren Graham (b. Mar 16, 1967) ~ Eva Longoria Parker (b. Mar 15, 1975) ~ Ron Howard (b. Mar 1, 1954) ~ Drew Barrymore (b. Feb 22, 1975) ~ Kelsey Grammer (b. Feb 21, 1955) ~ Kurt Russell (b. Mar 17, 1951) ~ Josh Groban (b. Feb 27, 1981) ~ Freddie Prinze Jr. (b. Mar 8, 1976)

Pisces characteristics

Duality, Triplicity, Quadruplicity Feminine, Water, Mutable
Gemstones Aquamarine, Moonstone
Flowers Water Lily, Jonquil, Poppy
Ruling Planet Neptune, Named for the Ancient God of the Sea
Cities and Countries Jerusalem,Warsaw, Seville, Alexandria, Lisbon, Dublin, Portugal, Scandinavia, Gobi and Sahara Deserts
Colors Pale Green, Turquoise
Animals Fish, Mammels that like Water
Trees Fig, Willow, All Trees Growing Near Water
Part of the Body The Feet
Polarity Virgo
Lucky Day Friday
Lucky Numbers 2, 6
Dominate Phrase “I Believe”
Symbol The Two Fish
Herbs Lime, Chicory, Mosses, Saccharin
Metal Platinum, Tin
Tarot Cups
Vedic Sign and Symbol Meena, The Fishes


Pisces Birthstone / March Birthstone


Jen London


Piscean Suns are so receptive that they tend to soak up everything around them. Some or easily swayed, or even gullible. Out of love, they want to do what pleases others. They are willing to make sacrifices for those that they love, and will give up anything and everything for issues that pull on their heartstrings. These folks really feel the pain of other people, and they always are willing to help in anyway they can, but they are usually all but practical in their mode of providing relief.

A common problem with those with Sun in Pisces is abuse of substances like drugs and alcohol. They have such a need to escape reality, that they may try to use anything they can to intensify the dreamy feeling that is already present in their nature. Also, because Piscean Sun folks do spend time in their own reality, there can be a tendency to lie not only to themselves, but to others. Many do not even realize that their reality is not the same as everyone else’s, and that lying in some folk’s eyes (or embellishing reality) is an offense.

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libra rose

Who doesn’t love a Pisces? Nobody, that’s who. And I’ll tell you why: Pisces, as the last sign of the zodiac, is a bit of a grab-bag – they embody certain characteristics of all the other signs. They have an appreciation, though not necessarily the appetite, for adventure of Aries, the love of home life of Taurus and Cancer, the goofy Gemini sense of humor, an understanding and sympathy for Leo’s pride – you get the point. Pisces could – and does – love almost everybody.

And that’s their biggest problem, too – cutting themselves off from all of those different energies. You see, Pisces will absorb other people’s problems like a sponge. In some of them, this manifests as being very cold or cut-off from other people – they’re just trying to protect themselves – in others, it manifests as crying in previews for sad movies, or insurance commercials.

Pisces has an uncanny ability to go with the flow, to transform and shift as necessary in any given situation, which is lucky as they are also the most vulnerable of the signs. Treat them gently – they’ll feel it, even if they don’t necessarily show it.

Biggest Insult: You’re so cold.

Quickest Way to Get Pisces into Bed: mist up at a movie. Hint at a dark childhood/past/broken heart. Let’s be honest: it’s not that hard.

Most Likely to: not pick up the phone – they’ve lost it. Again.

Should Have Been Born: on a beach.

To Make Pisces Forgive You: oh, PLEASE. Like you need advice on this? It’s not hard. In fact, I’m almost certain that Pisces has ALREADY forgiven you. Even for things you haven’t done yet.


Those born under the symbol of the fish are considered to be the most sensitive of the Zodiac. They have an inability to make up their minds, and often also have a total lack of willpower, meaning they may often suffer in an unjust situation rather than stand up for what they desire.

People often view Pisces as shy, idealistic, dreamy and kind, but at the same time impractical, irresponsible and sometimes self-destructive. They are also very susceptible to the thoughts and feelings of those around them. This makes Pisces creative and resourceful in their tasks, but lacking the ambition to complete their goals.

People of the Pisces sign are very imaginative, but are often unable to get a handle on their creativeness. Due to their stubbornness and indecisiveness, they often unearth great ideas, but find themselves in situations where they are unable to make a decision. When they begin to think of others, it adds to these problems, throwing Pisces into a whirlwind of incomplete tasks.

As a lover, Pisces is faithful and loves to dabble in the art of sexual fantasy. They are unselfish, loveable and eager to help those with which they are involved. However, the end of a relationship usually also spells the end of the friendship, as Pisces becomes unable and unwilling to deal with the entire situation.


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