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pisces horoscope

Travel and education is on your mind today. If you have been thinking about going back to school, in order to boost up that resume, this is the perfect time for you. Determine what your priorities are for this period and push them through with vigor and decisive action. You are intellectually sharp and able to talk yourself into and out of just about anything now. This is an excellent time for setting up a time-in-motion study. You can improve your efficiency by applying logic and reason to the way you do things, especially at work.
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Pisces Horoscope- The Fishes

February 20th to March 20th

pisces HoroscopeThe Horoscope Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and its symbol are the two fishes in reversed directions. These two fish symbolize the choice that is given to Pisces: they can either swim to the top and reach their goals or swim down to the bottom never reaching those same goals.

This sign is ruled by the planet Neptune which is the planet of illusion, dreams, mysticism, intuition, magic and fantasies. Its influence comes through as psychic ability and a spiritual wisdom. It opens the door to things of a psychical nature and the transcendental.

It is a mutable sign which means they can adapt and change. They are the last of the water signs which makes them very emotional and sensitive. They are the more emotional than intellectual and rather than facing their problems head long, Pisceans will often wait for their problems to solve themselves. They believe in spiritual, intangible and psychical things. To them this is just as real and palpable as the ground they walk on but oftentimes They look to otherworldly aspects. Their inherent and innate belief is to unite with the spiritual world.

Pisces Birthstone / March Birthstone

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  1. Astrobabe says

    Those born under the symbol of the fish are considered to be the most sensitive of the Zodiac. They have an inability to make up their minds, and often also have a total lack of willpower, meaning they may often suffer in an unjust situation rather than stand up for what they desire.

    People often view Pisces as shy, idealistic, dreamy and kind, but at the same time impractical, irresponsible and sometimes self-destructive. They are also very susceptible to the thoughts and feelings of those around them. This makes Pisces creative and resourceful in their tasks, but lacking the ambition to complete their goals.

    People of the Pisces sign are very imaginative, but are often unable to get a handle on their creativeness. Due to their stubbornness and indecisiveness, they often unearth great ideas, but find themselves in situations where they are unable to make a decision. When they begin to think of others, it adds to these problems, throwing Pisces into a whirlwind of incomplete tasks.

    As a lover, Pisces is faithful and loves to dabble in the art of sexual fantasy. They are unselfish, loveable and eager to help those with which they are involved. However, the end of a relationship usually also spells the end of the friendship, as Pisces becomes unable and unwilling to deal with the entire situation.

  2. libra rose says

    Who doesn’t love a Pisces? Nobody, that’s who. And I’ll tell you why: Pisces, as the last sign of the zodiac, is a bit of a grab-bag – they embody certain characteristics of all the other signs. They have an appreciation, though not necessarily the appetite, for adventure of Aries, the love of home life of Taurus and Cancer, the goofy Gemini sense of humor, an understanding and sympathy for Leo’s pride – you get the point. Pisces could – and does – love almost everybody.

    And that’s their biggest problem, too – cutting themselves off from all of those different energies. You see, Pisces will absorb other people’s problems like a sponge. In some of them, this manifests as being very cold or cut-off from other people – they’re just trying to protect themselves – in others, it manifests as crying in previews for sad movies, or insurance commercials.

    Pisces has an uncanny ability to go with the flow, to transform and shift as necessary in any given situation, which is lucky as they are also the most vulnerable of the signs. Treat them gently – they’ll feel it, even if they don’t necessarily show it.

    Biggest Insult: You’re so cold.

    Quickest Way to Get Pisces into Bed: mist up at a movie. Hint at a dark childhood/past/broken heart. Let’s be honest: it’s not that hard.

    Most Likely to: not pick up the phone – they’ve lost it. Again.

    Should Have Been Born: on a beach.

    To Make Pisces Forgive You: oh, PLEASE. Like you need advice on this? It’s not hard. In fact, I’m almost certain that Pisces has ALREADY forgiven you. Even for things you haven’t done yet.

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