2017 Gemini Horoscope – Daily and Yearly

2017 Gemini Horoscope – Daily and Yearly

You can prepare for something specific, but make sure you`re ready for anything to happen. Unplanned events are much more likely to take place than something that was scheduled hours or even days in advance. Gemini has a hard time caring about the big picture when his or her own personal view happens to be so interesting. When dealing with money issues, remember that temporary wealth is better than none at all.
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2017 Gemini Yearly Horoscope

The coming year, especially its first two-thirds, promise to be informative for you. During much of the last half of 2016, and the first month of 2017, you’ll have struggled with restrictions, some unfair. Or you’ll have been cornered either by circumstances or concerns of your own that prevent you from speaking and doing as you like. Not surprisingly, this is a hugely frustrating period. However, what you learn more than compensates for the emotional turmoil you experience.

This is all about the powerful Mars, planet of ego and energy, which has been in the most vulnerable and reflective angle of your chart, raising questions about situations you find difficult to face and issues you’ve been unaware of. While this process won’t necessarily have been an easy one, what you learned late last year and during early 2017 promises to equip you for the powerful and decisive period that begins on 17 February, when Mars moves into Gemini. It remains there until 14 April, and during this period you’ll spend a great deal of time reviewing what you have in your life. You’ll consider what makes you happy and, equally, think about what you could do without. And in some cases, you’ll make plans to change those arrangements. Keep in mind that this is as much a time of exploration as it is of action, so it’s about what you could do. Consequently, you won’t necessarily need to make those changes during this period.
It’s also worth keeping in mind that with the eclipsed full moon, on 14 March, crossing the angles of your chart that have to do with the structure of your life, with your domestic set-up, activities out in the world and career, changes around you could also influence both what you want to do and what you’re actually able to do.

Consequently, during this period you’ll find yourself considering ideas, offers and options that you simply wouldn’t have imagined or thought of before. It will be as if a whole new world is opening up in front of you. Knowing this, therefore, focus on making the best of your Gemini inquisitiveness; ask questions and explore opportunities or offers you wouldn’t have thought possible.

Others may insist that you’re being foolhardy or taking chances, but there is a safeguard built into the situations you’re facing. This is the powerfully positioned Saturn, which is in Leo all year. While Leo is one of the most creative signs, it’s also what’s termed a fixed sign – which indicates enormous stability. Therefore, you can count on Saturn to help you conduct an in-depth investigation of the ideas you’ve come up with and those you encounter.

Similarly, with the expansive Jupiter in the equally determined and stable Scorpio until late in the year, unexpected offers or opportunities will be worth your while, and could lead to something far more worthwhile than you would have expected.

While the whole of 2017 is rich with such developments, those that take place in September – when the year’s second set of eclipses bring events that accent how and where you live and work – will provide yet more opportunities to rearrange things, if not make substantial changes. It may sound as though you’ll be facing a great deal of disruption. But the fact is, each of these events promises to open the door to something new, something that will enable you to turn the ideas you came up with early in the year – when Mars was in your sign, from February to mid-April – into something lasting.

Therefore, the wise Gemini will focus on broadening your horizons in every way possible. This means meeting people, even if it’s merely for fun, going places simply because they interest you and perhaps even taking up a course of study.

Whatever it is you do, you need not have a specific objective attached to it. Rather, your focus should be on learning as much as you can and broadening your circle of friends and acquaintances, knowing that some will turn into very special friendships – and some into something more lasting. And it is through this process that what’s best about the year will emerge.

Most of all, therefore, keep in mind that simply by being your friendly and inquisitive Gemini self, not only will you make the best of 2017, you’ll also enjoy every minute of it

About Gemini

Gemini Horoscope- The Twins

May 22nd To June 21st

gemini horoscopeThe horoscope Gemini is the Third Sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by the Twins. The Twins symbolize duality and it governs all the pairs of opposites in all of the zodiac. Keeping their alluring and charismatic interactions with one another and ever changing so they will eventually ease into transforming from two and becoming whole as One.

In mythology, Castor and Pollux were twin heroes called the Dioscuri. Castor was the son of Leda and Tyndareus and Pollux was the son of Leda and Zeus. Castor was an excellent horseman and Pollux excelled at being a boxer. The twins were very devoted to one another. When Castor was killed by Lynceus, Pollux could not be consoled. Because Pollux was immortal he begged Zeus to allow Castor to share his immortality. Zeus saw what despair Pollux was in and so allowed the twins to divide their time evenly between Hades and heaven. In their honor he created the constellation Gemini.

Gemini Traits and Gemini Personality

Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury represents all rational thoughts, common sense, and all communications (written and verbal). Mercury is also known as the planet of youth and childhood and you’ll find all Geminians young at heart. They are the communicators in the zodiac and they make the most of this talent. Mercury also symbolizes our comprehension and reason all expressed through communication. It governs both physical and mental transportation. One of the Mutable Signs, they are inconstant, changeable, and ever changing. They are known as the peacemakers of all the signs. They are in constant motion and are forever rushing through everything they experience. Their debating skills are second to no one and in a battle of wits everyone else is unarmed. They can easily juggle several things at once but they lack staying power. They get bored very easy and are off to find something else.

Looking at their duality, one side of Gemini is elusive, complicated and antithesis; however the other side is adaptable, witty and very articulate. Gemini is governed by the Third House, which is the House of Communication. This House stands for how we grasp and discern what is being said to us, understand what is being said and then to give the appropriate responses.

It is also governed by the Sixth House, which is the House of Health. This House governs our day to day responsibilities, our jobs, our work environment, daily routine, employees, and physical fitness. This House also deals with a fulfillment of duty and the conscious mind.

Because of their dual natures, Gemini’s with their gift of eloquent speech and the art of conversation are quite capable of misleading and misinforming information to those around them causing a great deal of distress. They are just as easily capable of just the opposite with inspirational orations doing great good among people.

Geminians have quick minds and are quick learners. They seem to know a little bit about everything. They are outgoing, sociable and very clever. With their natural curiosity they love exploring new concepts using their keen analytical and scientific approach until they have absorbed everything they possibly can from it. Being so proficient in communications of any kind, you can expect to find most Geminians in journalism, radio and tv, as diplomats, politician, promoters and even law. Their analytical and logical minds make them exceptional at astronomy or as mathematicians. If they are not careful they could be drawn into illicit kinds of work. They can be mercurial and unstable making dependability and loyalty to them strained. They could be possibly shallow and insincere.

Material wealth is not something Geminis actively seek or strive for. They have no problem earning money are quite versatile and flexible in many ways. Gemini is the first of the Air Signs which means these people are creative, innovative and clever communicators who can never stand still. They can adjust to any situation. Some Geminians are known for their not being scrupulous and upright and are only interested in themselves. They can resort to using any methods to get what they want, whether it be lying and cheating and if found out will seek to lay the blame on someone else. They can be the most charming liars and are not above throwing tantrums. If they are forced to struggle they become morose, gloomy and surly.

Geminians can be born entertainers, amusing everyone, and you can find them animated, breezy, happy, affectionate, and courteous. In love, because of their basic nature, Gemini’s are inconstant to the point of almost being amoral. Geminis are not romantic and the person in love with them may feel Gemini is too reticent and aloof.They believe love should be fun but the first sign of any constraints you will see Gemini run as fast as they can and not look back. It’s not that Geminis don’t have their ardent moments because they do, but they are fickle in love. Because they can be so superficial they make better friends than lovers. They love the chase but quickly lose interest when they catch their prey.

They can however be quite generous with those they love. They like their partners to be well educated because they prefer an intellectual type of relationship otherwise they will lose interest fast. They like their homes to be meticulously clean and neat and you will find the Geminians home to be cozy and warm and pleasant. They are great with children, being the sign of youth and childhood, and they know how to communicate with children.

Famous Gemini Men/ Famous Genini Women

Johnny Depp (b. June 9, 1963) ~ Nicole Kidman (b. June 20, 1967) ~ Angelina Jolie (b. June 4, 1975) ~ Annette Bening (b.May 29, 1958) ~ Kylie Minogue (b. May 28, 1968) ~ Heidi Klum (b. June 1, 1973) ~ Peter Wentz (b. Jun 5, 1979) ~ Lenny Kravitz (b. May 26, 1964) ~ Steffi Graf (b. Jun 14, 1969) ~ Clint Eastwood (b. May 31 1930) ~ Brooke Shields (b. May 31, 1965) ~ Courteney Cox (b. June 15, 1964) ~ Anna Kournikova (b. June 7, 1981) ~ Ice Cube (b. June 15, 1969)

Gemini characteristics

Duality, Triplicity, Quadruplicity Masculine, Air, Mutable
Gemstones Agate, Emerald
Flowers Lavender, Myrtle, Fern
Ruling Planet Mercury, Named for the Messenger of the Gods
Cities and Countries London, Plymouth, San Francisco, Melbourne,Wales, Belgium, USA, Lower Egypt, Armenia
Colors Yellow
Animals Brightly Colored Talking Birds, Butterflies, Monkeys
Trees All Nut Bearing Trees
Part of the Body Hands, Arms, Lungs
Polarity Sagittarius
Lucky Day Wednesday
Lucky Numbers 5, 9
Dominate Phrase “I Think”
Symbol The Twins, Castor and Pollux
Herbs Aniseed, Caraway, Marjoram
Metal Mercury
Tarot Swords
Vedic Sign and Symbol Mithuna, The Couple

Gemini Birthstone / June Birthstone


Jen London


With Sun in Gemini, there is a tendency to become bored quickly. These folks sometimes just scratch the surface of a subject when they already moving onto the next. Though this can set the individual up for being a “jack of all trades, master of none”, it also makes for an ability to be a great conversationalist. Gemini Suns have a lot of energy, so naturally this can become nervous energy if not kept in check. As a result, it is common for someone with Sun in Gemini to not do very well under pressure or in an emergency situation. They can find themselves, torn and not able to make a decision on what to do next. If the person can reign in this tendency, and it is possible, it is much easier to make choices and be effective when in the mist of an urgent situation.

One of the hardest and most distracting common problem with Gemini Sun is the predisposition towards fickle behavior. A person, idea, or situation can only last as long as their attention captivated. While a Gemini Sun can learn to be in a long term relationship or career, it is from long years of learning and experience that make this possible. If the Gemini Sun is lucky enough to learn the lessons and repercussions for inconsistency early in life, they will do much better as adults. It is therefore important for the parent of a Gemini Sun child to let them change their minds and make mistakes, to ultimately instill in them what happens when they do. For a Gemini Sun, a long life of practice with concentration is necessary so to work on the penchant towards superficiality. Once that is accomplished, folks with Gemini Sun are generally well liked, quick to learn, and open minded to new adventures

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libra rose

You know when you’re super caffeinated? Not enough to make you jittery, just enough that you feel chatty and energized and more than a little high strung? Welcome to the world of Gemini. The best way to understand Gemini is to imagine him or her as a thoroughbred – high energy, fine form, easily spooked.

If you’ve ever had a friend who all of a sudden reveals a working knowledge of the finer points of astrophysics (even though he’s a poet) or scampered out of the room towards something shiny while your back was turned, chances are they were a Gemini. Incredibly bright, incredibly interested as well as interesting, Gemini must have variety. NOW.

And if you’re not providing it? No worries.


Geminis also are amazing at doing accents. I don’t know why this is, but it’s almost invariably true.

Biggest Insult: What are you, dumb or something?

Quickest Way to Get Gemini into Bed: Impress them with a palindrome. Tell them a riddle. Pull out some incredibly obscure fact – but make sure it’s true.

Most Likely to: be a surprisingly good singer. Again, I don’t know why.

Should Have Been Born: in the Beat Generation.

To Make Gemini Forgive You: just keep talking. They won’t forget (this isn’t Aries we’re talking about here), but I promise you they’ll get distracted enough to find you endearing again.


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