Capricorn relationships

Capricorn relationships

capricorn relationships


Capricorn In Relationships

How To Attract Capricorn

If you want to get the attention of a Capricorn, you must do what you can to make them laugh. The folks of this sign are usually melancholy so laughter is always appreciated. You can talk with them about most things – other than their emotions… although they have no issue with you talking about yours.

Capricorns who feel safe will start talking about things. The people born under this sign tend to be conventional and don’t generally do well with odd topics. Stick with more serious matters and connect with them on the intellectual level.

They do like to receive gifts – just nothing too expensive or gaudy. Be sure it’s a high-class gift since they don’t like second best. If you’re planning a date, be sure it’s to the theater, art gallery or anything classy and fancy. And, whatever you do, do not be late. This sign is all about punctuality and have schedules to handle their life. Waiting is not an option for these folks. To them, it is irresponsible to be kept waiting.

Of course, you need to show patience with the Capricorn. Although they come across as being aloof or indifferent, they are actually very passionate and loyal, which will express itself once proof has been given to them that they can do so.

What It’s Like To Date A Capricorn Man

The male Capricorn is passionate and physical but never shows emotion (on his exterior). Deep inside him, he longs to be loved. However, in reality, this takes a while since he doesn’t trust very easily. If you want to be with him, you must make him see that you admire him and earn his trust.

Of all zodiac signs, he is regarded as the most trustful and faithful. He may have a mysterious nature to him but he’s also a bit of a romantic with a powerful sensual side – usually hidden away beneath everything else. When it comes to being with the Capricorn male, trust and patience are the keys. Any woman waiting on this sign will find he has much to offer her.

What It’s Like To Date A Capricorn Woman

A Capricorn woman is rather loving and romantic… deep inside. However, only the right man will bring this out in her. When you look at her – skin deep – she appears not to care about love. Men who love a challenge will find this sign perfect for him. A man must have patience and time to get to the Capricorn woman. Rushed relationships are a bad thing for this sign so patience is a necessity.

Capricorn women are often classy, which means a potential mate will need to woo and court her. Be sure she is showed with gifts – just do it conservatively. She has a way to take control over the relationship but subtly. Allow her to do it and you’ll never be steered wrong. Since she is often practical and smart, the relationship is usually steered in the right direction. A long-lasting, loving and loyal relationship combined with the right ingredients ensures happiness.

Capricorn in Love

Capricorn can envision the perfect relationship from the moment they set eyes on that special someone. Some Capricorns can even envision this perfect relationship well beforehand – it’s an admirable talent. Like in every other aspect of their life, Capricorn has high expectations for their love lives.

Luckily, however, they’re able to give as good as they get. Incredibly reliable, Capricorn takes a lot of time, thinks things over before they’ll agree to go on a date with anyone – they want to make sure that the person can meet their expectations! Once in love, though, these people can and will stick around for years – sometimes to their detriment, as they never give up on anything.

What to look for in a partner: someone who’s worth not giving up on – a Cancer would be good. They’ll take good care of you while you’re out conquering the world.

Who is Capricorn Compatibile with?

Love Traits

The love trait of Capricorn is to be very romantic and marry only for true love. They are faithful to family and loved ones, are naturally humorous and ambitious yet inclined to be a little on the shy or reserved side. However, no challenge in life or career is too big for a Capricorn and that’s why so many of them end up as the boss! They have a strong will combined with an independent streak which can make them hard to handle. They are, though, conscientious and sincere with plenty of stamina to make things happen.

Capricorn Male  Love Traits:

This man needs a career – it’s one of the things that defines him. He is likely to be a success, though. The  male is quite a traditionalist in the home and also is not the quickest to show his emotions or affection. Sometimes can appear a little too serious but actually tends to have a good sense of humor – it’s just that he doesn’t show it readily as he doesn’t want to lose control.

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Capricorn Female Love Traits:

This female is strong-willed, hard-working and sincere. She is also cautious of new people and doesn’t take criticism well – my, she can be hard work! She isn’t interested in someone superficial, she wants a deep, hard-working person to share her life with. Someone who will be an achiever in their career just like she is. The Capricorn female is very demanding and will not accept anything but the best so you better have a good bank balance.

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