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Cancer Daily Horoscope


  • Cancer Horoscope for Thursday, October 01, 2020

    Everyone has a different opinion about how the events of the day are supposed to unfold, which can make your job or home life extremely difficult. Keep in mind that your coworkers and friends are all coming from different backgrounds and experience levels, and then try to make everyone feel at ease with some of those very differences. Bringing a large group of people together is a difficult task with these Stars, but one that you`re up to when you`re at your best. Start with small groups of people that have just one thing in common and work from there. Even a little bit of forward progress gets you moving in the right direction.


2020 Cancer Yearly Horoscope


Because late December’s eclipsed Cancer Full Moon will have raised serious questions about your future, personally and in terms of close relationships, you begin 2002 unsettled. Ironically, nothing could be better. For with the planet of growth and opportunity, Jupiter, in your sign until mid-year, this is a time of change, excitement and breakthroughs. True, with unsettling changes taking place in circumstances around you, it’s tempting to cling to the familiar.

But offers are too good to resist. And your instincts correctly tell you that you’d regret not taking chances – even on what seem risky propositions. Consider no decisions final until July’s close, however, when the emphasis shifts to the financial and practical side of arrangements. Here, too, you’re encouraged to explore everything and meet everyone.

Surprise developments require frequent changes in plan. But since each is an improvement, you gradually become more sure of yourself, personally, professionally and romantically.

Love & close relationships
Letting go isn’t easy. But whether it’s children, close colleagues or partners, you’re beginning a new chapter of your life. Some relationships are born anew, others replaced by something better.

Finance & business
You’re unsettled by decisions being made on your behalf, in many cases with no guarantees. However, once the expansive Jupiter shifts signs in August your future security is clear.

Health & well-being
Either you’re celebrating or worrying; whatever the case, you can easily overdo. Cut back when you can. This eliminates worries about there being too much of you by the year’s close.


Cancer Love Horoscope


You can make the Stars lie.

In January it’s happiness, then suddenly the things become more complicated in the conjugal life. Too many obligations and extra work, moves you away from one to the other. There might be a conflict between the professional and the private life. You can avoid this state of being, by doubling your presence when you are together. The summer will bring you closer. If you make concessions and you love passionately, you can make the Stars lie and avoid falling into that trap. Some CANCER will separate, some will divorce, but it will be a minority. For sure, it is not time to engage yourself in marriage, but luckily, the affection of parents and friends will warm your heart with heat.

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