What Is A Tarot Card Signifier

What Is A Tarot Card Signifier Many tarot readers do not use a signifier while other card readers prefer doing so. It is a issue of individual preference and you might rather to try both methods to see which system suits you the best. A signifier, also identified as a significator, is one card selected […]

Still Waters – 5 minute Meditation

Sit quietly and close your eyes. Allow your body to relax. Gently slow down the pace of your breathing and your thoughts. One by one, let each breath take you deeper into relaxation… Guide your concentration toward your heart. Pull all your awareness into your heart and see yourself emerging into the sunlight. You are […]

What is Stichomancy ? and how you do it

Stichomancy means literally, divination from lines. It is a method of divination in which the seeker opens a random book to a random page. The seeker then chooses a random passage on the page, usually by pointing with eyes closed, in order to receive a message from the spirit world. This method of divination has […]

How to do Mirror Gazing

Find a place to sit comfortably with a mirror positioned in front of you, within arm’s length. Begin by looking deeply into your own eyes. Allow your eyes to alternate their focus freely between the left and the right, until you find a comfortable spot. Take note of which eye you find most comfortable to […]

How to do Scrying with Fire

Scrying With Fire In many cultures, winter solstice is considered an ideal time for scrying with fire. If you want to strengthen your visualization skills or your clairvoyant abilities, scrying is an excellent method. Start in a relaxed state, preferably after prayer and/or meditation. Decide on a question you would like to have answered and […]