Wish Divination Using Playing cards

Wish Divination Using play cards or Cartomancy. This divination will tell you about your wishes, plans and future. You will need a 36 card deck. Concentrate. Shuffle the deck. Start putting cards on the table one-by-one saying “Six!”, “Seven!”, “Eight!”, “Nine!”, “Ten!”, “Jack!”, “Queen!”, “King!”, “Ace!”. If the called card equals the card put on […]

Hello Kitty Tarot Deck Review


Based on Hello Kitty cartoon characters and Rider-Waite imagery, this deck is as cute as the cover card claims! I am not that familiar with the cartoon, but the meanings are obvious enough to anyone. Cute or not, these would still be very easy to read with. The entire deck is done in black and […]

What A Cold Reading Is

By: Jackie

Much has been made of “Cold Reading” – a way of producing character readings by making educated guesses and trickery to lead the subject into providing information to the reader which is then supplied back to them later. Cold reading does in fact take a lot of skill, and the study of it in itself […]

Solar Return: What does it symbolize?

Solar Return: What does it symbolize?

Wouldn’t it be great to know where the emphasis of your life will be from birthday to birthday? How useful would it be to know where the focus of the year will be in terms of growth and recognition? There is a powerful astrological tool, the solar return, that tells this information and more. The […]