What Is A Tarot Card Signifier

What Is A Tarot Card Signifier Many tarot readers do not use a signifier while other card readers prefer doing so. It is a issue of individual preference and you might rather to try both methods to see which system suits you the best. A signifier, also identified as a significator, is one card selected […]

Still Waters – 5 minute Meditation

Sit quietly and close your eyes. Allow your body to relax. Gently slow down the pace of your breathing and your thoughts. One by one, let each breath take you deeper into relaxation… Guide your concentration toward your heart. Pull all your awareness into your heart and see yourself emerging into the sunlight. You are […]

What is Stichomancy ? and how you do it

Stichomancy means literally, divination from lines. It is a method of divination in which the seeker opens a random book to a random page. The seeker then chooses a random passage on the page, usually by pointing with eyes closed, in order to receive a message from the spirit world. This method of divination has […]

How to do Mirror Gazing

Find a place to sit comfortably with a mirror positioned in front of you, within arm’s length. Begin by looking deeply into your own eyes. Allow your eyes to alternate their focus freely between the left and the right, until you find a comfortable spot. Take note of which eye you find most comfortable to […]

How to do Scrying with Fire

Scrying With Fire In many cultures, winter solstice is considered an ideal time for scrying with fire. If you want to strengthen your visualization skills or your clairvoyant abilities, scrying is an excellent method. Start in a relaxed state, preferably after prayer and/or meditation. Decide on a question you would like to have answered and […]

The Significance Of Reversed Tarot Cards

The Significance Of Reversed Cards Reversed cards are cards that face in different directions to the rest of the pack. This sometimes happens when the deck is shuffled. If this happens, one option is to just turn the cards around to face the right way. However reversed cards can also be worked with to help […]

How do you shuffle tarot cards?

How To Shuffle Tarot Cards There are a variety of different shuffling methods for the tarot. It does not matter which you use and you can even create your own method as is the case with the Cowie Push/Put Method noted below. The most important thing to realize is that shuffling is important and should […]

Mars in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Mars in the 1st house: Great activity going on now in your life. However it can cause difficulty with relationships during this time. Do as much work now as you can and keep busy. Forceful behavior, a need for motion and physical exercise, a coarse and unrefined style, crude, direct, energetic, vigorous, tireless, bossy, enjoy […]

Saturn in the Houses of the Natal Chart

  Saturn in the 1st house: Now you can “learn” internal growth. Your 14 year period since this planet has been in this house you were involved with others mainly about interaction. The more you can understand yourself and try to improve the better this transit will be for you. A strong sense of self, […]

Venus in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Venus in 1st house: Express yourself now and relate to others on a wonderful level of feeling. A friendly and genial personality; artistic demeanor, connoisseurs, chic, enjoy sensual pleasure and love, sociable, want to have good contact with others, conciliators, sometimes passive and yielding, diplomatic. Venus in 2nd house: Handle things well now and don’t […]

Jupiter in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Jupiter in the 1st house: Discover yourself now. You feel secure now..gain new experience and learn. People will love you now and be drawn to your magnetic self. The magnetism of Jupiter is strong now. An interest in travel and the search for knowledge; have a desire to learn about foreign countries, philosophy, languages and […]

Uranus in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Uranus in the 1st house: Radical definitions of your relationships are now eminent. Your old ways may not be accepted by others now. You feel change…but do not quite know what to expect. Clear your thought process at this period in your life and be receptive to new ideas. You need to consider all changes […]

Neptune in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Neptune in the 1st house: Learn who “you” are during this period of your life. This is the house of yourself and Neptune may cause you to imagine yourself as someone else. You may put on a “mask” to disguise yourself from other people…create an illusion. That is false. You must learn that you need […]

Mercury in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Mercury in 1st house: People will listen to your point of view now. So express yourself to the fullest! Intellectual personal style, thinkers, want to define themselves and their environment; a sensitive nervous system, dexterity, deftness, restlessness; researchers, bureaucrats; a strong need for self-expression. Mercury in the 2nd house: Great time to negotiate money matters […]

Moon in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Moon in 1st house: Personal things over rule. Sensitive to their surroundings, conservative behavior, friendly, genial, receptive, indecisive, passive, understanding, helpful, protective, caring, strong emotions. Moon in 2nd house: Material things mean more to you. Desire security, both emotionally and in the home; want to pursue practical affairs in daily life, e.g. business, finance; drawn […]

Sun in the Houses of the Natal Chart

┬áSun in 1st house: Project yourself forcefully more than usual now. Feel empowered and fulfilled by being independent, at the center of things or in positions of authority; egocentric, self-occupied, selfish, draw attention to themselves at the expense of others, want to take the initiative when making plans; leaders. Sun in 2nd house: Reflect on […]

Pluto in the Houses of the Natal Chart

Pluto in the 1st house: You may need to be a person who needs to learn more about yourself. Since this is the house of your “self”. Reserved, loners, domineering, always renewing and transforming themselves; extreme behavior, all or nothing, an interest in psychology/spiritual development, a talent for management. Pluto in 2nd house: Maybe you […]