What Gift to Purchase for A Cancer

The keynote for shopping for a Cancer is meaningfulness. Items that you really put some thought into are far more appreciated than grabbing a gift certificate or pre-bundled goodie basket. Also hand made items are nearly always a hit! As you’re pondering and shopping remember that most Cancers love silver hues and tasty beverages. Maybe […]

What Gift to Purchase for A Libra

What to buy for Christmas / Holidays or Birthdays: If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out what to get the ever-metered Libra in your life, music is one great option. Nearly all Libras treasure music. Choose a CD that they can use in the car or office on more stressful days. Or if […]

Wish Divination Using Playing cards

Wish Divination Using play cards or Cartomancy. This divination will tell you about your wishes, plans and future. You will need a 36 card deck. Concentrate. Shuffle the deck. Start putting cards on the table one-by-one saying “Six!”, “Seven!”, “Eight!”, “Nine!”, “Ten!”, “Jack!”, “Queen!”, “King!”, “Ace!”. If the called card equals the card put on […]

Hello Kitty Tarot Deck Review


Based on Hello Kitty cartoon characters and Rider-Waite imagery, this deck is as cute as the cover card claims! I am not that familiar with the cartoon, but the meanings are obvious enough to anyone. Cute or not, these would still be very easy to read with. The entire deck is done in black and […]