Zodiac Symbols -Interpretation of the Planet Signs

The zodiac symbols represent the different celestial bodies in the universe. Each has distinct character traits from another. Also, the realm of astrology assigned zodiac sign meanings to each of them. The sun tops the zodiac list of symbols—the primary subject in astrology. The will power of a man and its nature as a person are embodied by the sun. A clear viewpoint of your life today and tomorrow is set. Like the sun’s luminosity, these traits are seen obviously in you. And in the first place, you are aware of them—it resides on your conscious state.

On the other hand, the subconscious state is controlled by the moon. It symbolizes man as an emotional being. The moon carries the responses and reactions of man to things. These traits were developed as the person is sharpened with the aid of education from personal experiences in life.

Ideas are the credits of the planet Mercury. The dissipation of ideas is its concern in proportion to its effect on your communication skill and learning ability. It justifies the way you accept things upon your quest on them.

When it comes on love matters, here is where Venus comes in play. This zodiac symbol deals on your interpersonal relation with other people. The sign is associated with the task of the goddess Venus in roman myth on beauty and love. Thus, love, sexuality, attraction and marriage are manipulated by the sign. Sun and Venus are zodiac symbols that are only about forty-five degrees in distance. This has great bearing on how they both produce a state of equilibrium when they complement each other. Otherwise, arguments take place.

The four energies in a person is represented by the planet Mars—physical, mental, practical and emotional energies. These energies are corresponding stimuli in man’s life. The sign opts for the energy needed on a particular situation.

The zodiac symbols of Jupiter affects your faculty of understanding and knowledge and its methods. This accounts on the person’s philosophy in life together with its norms in the society and religion. Since this planet resides on the same sign for a year, people born within the same year have similar Jupiter signs. Likewise, Saturn remains in the same sign for a longer period of about two and a half years. Saturn is responsible in the attainment of success. The spirit of fame, honor and respect is governed by this sign.

The distance of the planet from the sun signifies its period on the signs. Uranus last for seven years on each sign. The search for freedom is inert in people born during the reign of this planet. The fourteen-year stay of Neptune in each sign signifies no value on personality issues but for the deep imaginative and intuitive nature of person. New science discoveries find out that Pluto decreased in size. A suffice issue that excluded it from the planet list. Correspondingly, astrologers neglected its importance on the zodiac symbols

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

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