World Tarot Card Meanings

World Tarot Card Meanings

The World Tarot card meaning

Card Number: XXI the World Arcana (21)

The World Upright

Admiration of others, Attachment, Capability, Completion, Eternal life, Fulfillment, Perfection, Success, Synthesis, The end result of all efforts, The rewards that come from hard work, Triumph in undertakings, Ultimate change

The World Reversed

Disappointment, Failure to complete the task one starts, Imperfection, Lack of vision


The World card basically represents a successful conclusion and that all aspects have been accounted for and taken into consideration.  This is an encouraging card, which suggests that the end to a long term project to which the Querent has been working hard on, will come to an end soon. Well-earned praise will also be made. Basically, this is a card of wholeness, perfection and satisfaction.

Tarot Symbol

There is a dancing woman, two wands, a cherub, an eagle, a lion and a bull.

Tarot Story

world tarotThe Fool takes a final step along the path and is amused that he is right back to where he has started on his journey. He is back at the edge of the very same cliff where he had almost fell over from. Those were the days when he was young and foolish. Back at the same place now, however, he has a different interpretation of his position. Initially, he had thought that he could separate his body and mind. However, through his spiritual journey, he realizes that the self, mind, body, past and future are all inter-linked. With a knowing smile and armed with this realization, the Fool takes that final step off the cliff and he….soars higher and higher. He can now see the whole of the world and he dances. The world turns and the Fool’s journey is complete.

Tarot Meaning

The World is basically a blissful card and there’s this joy element in this card. It suggests reward for hard work that has been put in and that all your efforts have reaped and been recognized. So, it is a card of fulfillment and the knowledge that you have finally been recognized in your work.

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Card Description:

A woman is dancing in the center of the World card. She has blonde hair that
flows behind her, she also has blue ribbons in her hair, at the front. The woman
is naked except for a purple sash. This sash crosses her body from left shoulder
to right thigh, the ends billow out behind her shoulders and ankles. Her breasts
and stomach are exposed. The woman’s body faces us, her head is bent slightly to
her right. Her arms are partially extended outwards, in each hand she holds a
white wand. The woman is standing on the toes of her right foot. Her left leg is
bent at the knee, her left foot is behind her right leg.

The woman is encircled by a green wreath. A red sash binds the ends of the
wreath together at the top and bottom.

In each corner of the card, in a swirl of clouds are the heads of four signs of
the zodiac. In the top left corner is the blonde head of a man, he is facing
left, looking the head of the eagle in the right corner. He in turn is looking
back at the man. In the bottom left corner is the head of an ox, the last corner
has the head of a lion.

World Tarot Card in the upright position:

LBW:- Attachment, completion, perfection, ultimate change, the end result of
all efforts, success, synthesis, fulfilment, capability, triumph in
undertakings, the reward that comes from hard work, eternal life, admiration of

World Card Reversed:

Reversed:- Imperfection, failure to complete the task one starts, lack of
vision, disappointment.

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